Skilling Up Monster Hunter Cards


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and with it comes the special Skill Leveling Dungeon. This dungeon enables players to enter with their newly acquired rolls to skill them up for the low price of 50 stamina.

Generally speaking, this is an amazing medium as it can potentially allow for 5 skill ups for 50 stamina (1 per card) and is the most stamina efficient place to do so.

With that being said, players should NOT be skilling up all Monster Hunter cards, especially those being used as a dedicated Weapon Assist .

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Skill Leveling Dungeon

Skill Leveling Dungeons are one of the best parts of a Collaboration as it enables players to efficiently Skill Up their newly acquired cards. In essence, players check the levels available and simply populate their team with those respective cards.

After completing the dungeon, each matched monster will gain +1 skill and players can bring up to 5 monsters (repeats are okay). Unfortunately, choosing your own leader instead of a friend will not allow for a 6th card to be skilled up.

Compared to other mediums, nothing is more efficient than Skill Leveling Dungeons but one should not be skilling up all cards from the Monster Hunter Collab.

Weapon Assists

Weapon Assists are a special evolution for select cards that will be used exclusively as inherits. This form retains the same base stats as the original form but will also transfer over all awakenings on the Weapon Assist card and this occurs if the Awoken Assist  is present.

This type of evolution is permanent and cannot be reversed; however, during the card’s respective event, it is possible to Monster Exchange them to reverse them back to the original form. Doing this will forfeit all pluses, skill ups, and awakenings.

As such, players need to determine for what reason/purpose a Weapon Assist will be used on a given team. Are they going to be used exclusively for the awakening transfer or for their active skill?

If the card is being used for their active skill, they will need to be skilled up as it is generally best to use abilities right away. On the other hand, if the card is going to be only used for their awakenings, it is best to leave them unskilled.

Unskilled cards take longer to charge up which means they can act as a stronger skill delay buffer but also give a larger window to use the base skill. In the case for many Monster Hunter weapons, players may not actually want the inherited skill so leaving those untouched is important for preserving useful actives.

In the case where players have numerous dupes of key Weapon Assists (eg. Rathian, Paolumu), it would be beneficial to have one skilled up in the case where the active may come in handy but leaving other unskilled may often be best.


Think carefully for which cards you want to skill up from the Monster Hunter Collab, especially those being used as dedicated inherits. Leaving cards unskilled will grant a larger window to use base actives and is often best for Weapon Assists with non-synergistic actives.

Let me know how you are enjoying the Monster Hunter Collab in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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10 thoughts on “Skilling Up Monster Hunter Cards”

  1. Hey Mantastic!
    I got my Fatalis and the big question is: Akuma or Cotton as FUA?
    Anyway he is a great leader and is interesting and fun to play. Something different (Akuma/Sensui 7c/VDP in the last time).
    I start to hope to get a new blue leader in future. :’-D


  2. Qilin should be a priority to skill up since the dungeon for some days ends sooner than monster hunter and the dungeon takes a while before returning for a day just my opinion though :p


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