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Skilling Up Monster Hunter Cards


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and with it comes the special Skill Leveling Dungeon. This dungeon enables players to enter with their newly acquired rolls to skill them up for the low price of 50 stamina.

Generally speaking, this is an amazing medium as it can potentially allow for 5 skill ups for 50 stamina (1 per card) and is the most stamina efficient place to do so.

With that being said, players should NOT be skilling up all Monster Hunter cards, especially those being used as a dedicated Weapon Assist .

Video commentary

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Skill Leveling Dungeon

Skill Leveling Dungeons are one of the best parts of a Collaboration as it enables players to efficiently Skill Up their newly acquired cards. In essence, players check the levels available and simply populate their team with those respective cards. Continue reading Skilling Up Monster Hunter Cards