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Current Super Godfest is Nothing Special (Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2021)


Super Godfests are special 10-Stone events where players will have at least a 1/3 or 33% chance of acquiring any Godfest Exclusive. For the sake of value, I will always lump in the Samurai 3 series into the pool of “good” (aka GFE) pool as their Weapon Assists are some of the best.

As such, the current Super Godfest running from January 31 – February 2 is entirely average and is nearly 10% lower chances for acquiring a GFE or Samurai 3 card compared to the recent Player’s Choice Godfest.

With this in mind, I would be most inclined to skip this event as it is nothing special and we will have essentially a similar event featuring a tiny bit above 1/3 GFE rates on a regular basis.

On a different note, I miss the days of when GHNA named their Super Godfests.

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Rolling pool

A Super Godfest will always feature at least 1/3 chance for any Godfest Exclusive for 10 Magic Stones per roll and this should be used as a baseline to determine the value of a given event. Continue reading Current Super Godfest is Nothing Special (Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2021)

10 Magic Stone Super Godfest + Sophie Debut Nov 30 – Dec 2


Monday features yet another 10 Magic Stone Super Godfest that features the brand new Godfest Exclusive, Sophie along with all the cards who gained new evolutions in the past Update.

This means the Legendary Heroes who have received Pixels forms  such as Pixel Napoleon will be available for the first time in over a year. As such, players have the opportunity to acquire tremendously powerful Killer solutions that may have been otherwise missing from their Monster Box.

With that being said, this Super Godfest features the base 33% chance of rolling any Godfest Exclusive along with two Samurai 3 cards at 1.5% each. As such, if you already have the Legendary Heroes, this Super Godfest may be less appealing.

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Rolling line up

7* GFE (1.5% each, 16.5% total)
6* GFE (1.5% each, 16.5% total)
3370 3414 3416 3268
Samurai 3 (1.5% each, 3% total) (icon shows Weapon)
Legendary Heroes (2% each, 10% total)
Pantheon cards (1.54% each, 53.9% total)

Base Sophie

Continue reading 10 Magic Stone Super Godfest + Sophie Debut Nov 30 – Dec 2

10 Magic Stone Seasonal Super Godfest Oct. 30 – Nov. 5


Today marks the debut of an exciting Seasonal Super Godfest that features both Academy Valeria and the highly coveted Valentine’s Ideal .

What makes Seasonal Super Godfets special is the inclusion of top rarity Seasonal cards alongside Godfest Exclusives with Pantheon cards comprising the bottom rarity. While the Magic Stone cost is doubled compared to rolling in a Seasonal event, the odds are more in your favour here. This is because you have around a 1/3 chance to acquire any top rarity Seasonal or Godfest Exclusive along with a modest chance for 7* Seasonals and finally Pantheons rounding out the rest of the rolls.

This is significantly better compared to rolling a 5-star Halloween card that has essentially no value and this Seasonal Super Godfest can also snag some Trade Fodder or valuable cards overall.

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Rolling line up

9* Seasonal (1.5% each, 3% total)

Continue reading 10 Magic Stone Seasonal Super Godfest Oct. 30 – Nov. 5

10 Magic Stone Super Godfest Sept. 11 – 13


Today marks the debut of another 10 Magic Stone Super Godfest which features a healthy roster of desirable 7-star Godfest Exclusives. Like the past few Super Godfests, this event will feature a 33% GFE rate while also including 2 Samurai 3 Pantheon cards to bring the total of “desirable” rolls to 36%.

This has become the norm for Super Godfests as most feature at least a 1/3 chance for GFE and it now becomes a matter of lining up as many desirable cards as possible in a single event.

As such, the value of any Super Godfest will hinge on how much you value the featured GFE as it will return on a regular basis.

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Rolling line up

7* GFE (1.5% each, 16.5% total)
6* GFE (1.5% each, 16.5% total)
Blue Sonia Green Sonia 3414 3416 Dark Kali Eschamali **
Samurai 3 (1.5% each, 3% total)
Other Pantheon cards (1.6% each, 64% total)

*Note, Cotton comes in one of her 5 Evolved forms but the total chance of rolling any Cotton is 1.5%.

To roll or not to roll

Generally speaking, Super Godfests cost 10 Magic Stones and feature at worst, 1/3 chance for any Godfest Exclusive. As such, it is most advantageous to try and line up as many key cards for your Monster Box as possible before shaking the REM’s hand.

In the case of this Super Godfest, it features the same rolling odds as a standard Super Godfest while also including a modest array of the newer 7-star GFEs which in turn may make it more appealing. Cards such as Menoa , Remu , Norza , along with Shelling Ford and Fagan Rai for their Weapons are all currently powerful cards to own. With that being said, this can still be seen as a relatively generic Super Godfest as there are no Seasonal cards featured nor exceptionally high rates for GFE.

As such, the decision of whether or not to roll will come down to your own individual Monster Box and goals. Building upon that, it is important to determine whether or not you are rolling to advance your position or the concept of Need over Greed.

What I mean by this is determining whether or not rolling here will actually help you clear more content compared to what you can right now. For example, if you are currently stuck on Arena 5, you need to determine what is holding you back: is it a lack of experience and active skill management or is it because you are using a team with many holes in it?

If you are failing due to issues stemming from your own orb matching skills or active skill management, rolling may not actually help, especially if you have a solid team already. On the flip side, if you have hit a metaphorical wall and are currently being held back by the depth of your Monster Box, rolling can be advantageous assuming the featured cards can help you.

If you would like further reading on this Need over Greed topic, feel free to check out my Though Process for Rolling or Monster Exchanging article HERE.


The current Super Godfest features a 64% Pantheon rolling rate along with a healthy spread of newer 7-star GFE or those that have significant value. While this does sound appealing, one must remember that this is a relatively standard Super Godfest due to no Sasonals nor stronger rolling rates.

As such, the decision of whether or not to roll will come down to your own Monster Box and goals for PAD. With that being said, it is never a “bad” thing to roll in Super Godfests as they always feature 1/3 chance to acquire a GFE which are either tremendously powerful or used as Trade Fodder.

With that being said, let me know what you think about this event in the comments below and whether or not you plan on rolling. If you did roll, let me know how it went.

Happy Puzzling!

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10 Magic Stone Super Godfest Aug 31 – Sept 6


Another Super Godfest has descended upon North America not even 2 weeks after Remu’s debut that shares the same rolling rates and distribution of Godest Exclusives and Pantheons.

As a whole, Super Godfests have become the norm with at least 1/3 chance to acquire any Godfest Exclusive (6 or 7-star) for the price of 10 Magic Stones per roll. This has become the current baseline in which we measure the potential value of a Super Godfest with better events featuring any combination of higher rolling rates, rarer non-GFE cards such as the Samurai 3 Pantheon, or featuring high rarity Seasonal cards like Valentine’s Ideal .

In the case of this current Super Godfest, it features essentially 1/3 GFE rates along with two Samurai 3 cards which brings the total chance for acquiring any other Pantheon card at 64%.

As such, this is not an exceptional Godfest from a rolling point of view and at least from my own point of view, a weaker roster of Godfest Exclusives as many of the 7-stars featured are Redeemable from an Event Medal or older.

With that being said, the featured line up may be exceptionally valuable for your own individual needs which in turn can give justification to roll. Furthermore, newer accounts can almost always benefit from rolling in a Super Godfest as many of the Pantheon cards can at least function as transitional cards for your current teams.

On a side note, I miss having actual names for Super Godfests.

Video commentary

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Remu has only been in North America for 10 days or so and I am just including the same copy-paste breakdown of her from my previous Godfest article:

Continue reading 10 Magic Stone Super Godfest Aug 31 – Sept 6

GungHo Collab Godfest Featuring Dark Evolutions Review & Analysis – May 2019


The GungHo Collab is finally making a return to North America after several months. Following the trend in January, the 6 and 7-star cards will be available during a Super Godfest. What makes this Godfest more exciting is the debut of the Dark evolutions which grant significantly more power to four of the 7* GungHo cards.

Due to the Super Godfest, the total chance of acquiring something of value is higher, but each roll will cost 10 Magic Stones. Thankfully, all cards come out +297, max Awoken, and max Level along with the rolling rates being around 33% to acquire a 6/7* GFE or 7* GungHo Collab card.

This article will outline the strengths and weaknesses of the GungHo cards to give players an idea of what each card has to offer and whether or not it is worth their Magic Stones.

Video commentary

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GungHo Collab Super Godfest Pros & Cons – May 29, 2019
  • Super Godfest
    • Around 33% for GFE/Top rarity card
  • All rolls come with lucrative benefits
    • +297
    • Max Awoken
    • Max level
  • New Dark evolutions
  • Skill leveling dungeon is available
    • Note that Dark evos have a different active
  • 7* GFE should have a 1.5% roll chance
  • Strong chance no 5* GH Collab cards
  • 10 Magic Stones per pull
  • No Monster Exchange available
  • Mostly older 5* Pantheon cards as filler
GungHo Collab Lineup
 7 Star base  
 6 Star base
 5 Star base
GungHo Collab Rankings – May 29, 2019

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

Continue reading GungHo Collab Godfest Featuring Dark Evolutions Review & Analysis – May 2019

10-Magic Stone Godfest Featuring Great Witch Hats Review


The upcoming 10-Magic Stone Super Godfest is arguably the best Godfest to date. This is because it features an incredibly high rolling rates for rare cards along with the most collateral benefits thus far as all cards come out at 8-stars, level 88, fully awoken, and +297. As such, 5-star Pantheon cards will come out Reincarnated and have a large chunk of their 16 million EXP curve already finished.

All of this almost demands players to liberally spend their Magic Stones as it will be hard for a Super Godfest to top this; however, North American players have the advantage of being 2 months behind the JP server and know what is on the near horizon.

From my 7-year Anniversary Stream recap post, we now know that Monster Hunter and YYH Collabs will be returning with Monster Hunter being one of the best events of all time. This is because the 5-star cards hold incredibly powerful Weapon Assists that can provide 60% coverage against Blind Blind Resist, Poison Poison resist, or Jammers Jammer Resist. Furthermore, a return of any event promises various buffs that should improve the viability of the higher rarity cards. Despite not knowing what will be improved, Monster Hunter is worth rolling in just for the Weapon Assists.

With this in mind, players will have to make a tough decision as to where their Magic Stones should be spent as both the Super Godfest and Monster Hunter are 10-stone events.

Official GH NA post can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Super Godfest overview

Super Godfest Pros & Cons – Feb 22, 2019
  • High Rolling rates
    • 1% Hats and Samurai 3
    • 2% Featured Seasonals
    • 0.75% 6-star GFE
      • 38.5% for any of the above
  • Strong line up of GFE
    • Many have received Mega Awokens recently in JP
  • Strongest collateral benefits to date
    • Comes out 8-star (Reincarnated if possible)
    • Level 88
    • Fully awoken
    • +297
  • Can exchange Witch Hats for base card
    • Limited time offer
  • Only 5-star Pantheons featured
  • No Saline or Veroh
  • Monster Hunter Collab is coming soon
1% chance each (8% total)

Continue reading 10-Magic Stone Godfest Featuring Great Witch Hats Review