November 25 New Evolutions – MA Raijin, Fujin, & More


One wonderful aspect of PAD is how older cards receive new evolutions that can completely overhaul their kit and allows them to become top-tier monsters.

As such, players should never sell or Trade away their only copy of a given card because there is always the chance it will receive a new and powerful evolution in the future.

This holds true for the latest batch of new evolutions as Raijin has now become a tremendously valuable card due to her potent Leader Skill and personal damage. While Raijin is one of the stars of this new wave of cards, there are several others worth pursuing and this article will highlight the strengths and weaknesses for the new Evolutions found within this update.

Official GHNA post can be found HERE.

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New Evolutions


  • Significant personal damage
    • 3 7c 45 & 3 TPA TPA
    • Huge ATK stat
    • Can use Zaerog Weapon
  • Low cooldown active
    • Unlocks board
    • Board changer
    • ATK debuff overwriter
  • Powerful Leader Skill
    • High Effective HP
    • Easy to activate
    • High damage output
  • Favourable Fasca pairing
    • 3 / 288 / 4/  43.75% / FUA / 7×6
  • Restricted to Attackers
    • Offset by strong pool available
  • 18 SB Skill Boost needed to Transform Fasca

Raijin is a perfect example of a card that has gone from zero to hero overnight through her new Mega Awoken Evolution. This evolution grants her massive personal damage due to her 4,084 ATK, triple 7 Combo 45, and three TPA TPA awakenings. This can be further supplemented by a Zaerog Core Weapon for an additional 2 TPA or 2.25x personal damage. This enables her to function as a prime candidate to carry the VDP latent as her other Killer selection is not the best.

In addition to this, Raijin features a 5 turn active that is able to Unlock the board, create all 6 elements, and a 0.5x ATK Debuff for Dark cards. This debuff only impacts her sub attribute and can be used to overwrite any existing debuff.

On top of all this, Raijin is a fantastically strong leader when paired with Fasca as they form a 3x HP / 288x ATK / 4x RCV /  43.75% Damage Reduction team with Auto Follow Up Attack and 7×6 when matching 4 colours, a Light TPA, and 8 total combos. All of these are quite easy to do on the larger 7×6 board.

What is so appealing about this team is how amazingly durable it is as you can withstand essentially any non-execute attack in the game along with the ability to always return to full health. This kind of durability has tremendous value in current end game content where players will be forced to spend multiple turns on various floors due to either Super Resolves or enemies with massive amounts of Effective HP.

While all of this is promising, Raijin x Fasca teams are restricted to Attackers and must Transform Fasca turn 1 in order to function. Thankfully, Attackers have a wonderfully deep sub pool with cards such as, but not limited to Leona , Iori , Tachibana , Mega Awoken Fujin , Indra , and Astalos .

All in all, Mega Awoken Raijin is a tremendously powerful card who you hopefully haven’t Monster Exchanged away.


  • Fujin active!
    • Voids Damage Absorb for 2 turns
    • 14 turn CD
  • Viable Leader Skill
    • Works but not as strong as Raijin
  • Respectable personal damage vs Devils & Dragons
  • Super Jammer Resist
  • Better used as a sub
    • Raijin is stronger
  • 2 SB Skill Boost
  • Lower personal damage
    • May hinder uses

Mega Awoken Fujin naturally comes with a Fujin-active skill as they are able to provide 2 turns of Damage Absorb Void on a wonderfully fast 14 turn cooldown. This is is attributed to the ATK Debuff that is imposed but players should be mindful that this ATK Debuff can overwrite any existing Debuff while also lowering the cooldown.

As such, Fujin can function as a potent sub across a wide variety of teams whenever Damage Absorb is encountered. While she does have modest leadership potential, the ATK multiplier is on the lower end along with Raijin being a superior option. Thus, her primary usage will be as a sub. When used as a sub, Fujin should pursue the Super Jammer Resist Super Awakening as VDP will not be matched.

While her sub potential is respectable, especially against Devils and Dragons, she may be lacking compared to other options if playing through Shura Realm as both Dragons and Devils are not commonly seen and the Devil floor is most likely too tanky for Fujin.

On the bright side, she is one of the fastest 2 turn Damage Absorb options available and can be directly used as a sub.

Pixel Napoleon

  • 4 Machine Killers Machine Killer
    • 81x personal damage
    • Can use Machine Killer latents
  • Useful active
    • Generates 5 Fire  orbs
    • 1.5x ATK for 3 turns
    • 7 turn CD
  • 1 SB
  • Competes with Inahime & Konohanasakuya (chibi)
  • Only offers outrageous Machine Killing damage
    • Low/no utility
    • Lower Weighted stats

Pixel Napoleon has become a phenomenally potent answer to Machine spawns due to his outrageous 4 Machine Killer Machine Killer awakenings. This translates into 81x personal damage and can be further supplemented by a 7 Combo 45 and Machine Killer latents.

As such, they will always be dealing a stupendously high amount of damage against Machine spawns which is highly relevant for the Shura Realm.

While all of this output is meaningful, he does compete against Inahime and Konohanasakuya (chibi) as a sub but does surpass both in terms of raw damage output.

If given all three options, I feel that Inahime and Napoleon are the strongest with Inahime providing more overall utility () and one more Skill Boost Skill Boost whereas Napoleon provides significantly more raw damage. Furthermore, both of these cards feature an orb changer that can create Fire orbs which can help solve problems on floor 1 of Shura Realm.

As a whole, Pixel Napoleon will remain relevant as long as Shura Realm or other Machine-heavy dungeons exist.

Pixel Barbarossa

  • Stupendous Devil Killing potential
    • 4 Devil Killers Devil killer
    • High base ATK
    • TPA TPA
    • 7c 45 SA
    • Devil Killer latents
  • 1 turn Attribute Absorb Void
  • 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost
  • No end game dungeon to use in
    • Nothing is tanky enough to justify
  • Only useful vs Devils

Pixel Barbarossa is a fantastic solution for overcoming Devil spawns due to their outrageously high personal damage through 4 natural Devil Killer Devil killer awakenings. This 81x personal damage can be further augmented by Latents, Super Awakenings, and matching a TPA TPA but at this point in time, there is no end game dungeon to take advantage of like we can with Napoleon.

This is because there are no Devil spawns that are tanky enough to justify bringing him in which in turn means he will be situationally used.

This will be the fate for the remaining Pixel cards in this evolution batch as they do offer the highest Killer damage against their respective typing but are not needed in Shura Realm or Alt. Arena 4.

Pixel Robin Hood

  • Big pew pew vs Physical
    • 4 Physical Killers physical killer
    • Double 7 Combo 45
  • 1 SB Skill Boost
  • Niche killer overall

Robin Hood may be robbin’ you of your Magic Stones when you pulled him years ago but is now a tremendously powerful solution against Physical spawns due to his 4 Physical Killers physical killer.

While this enables him to function as a truly outstanding counter to Physical spawns, they are not often seen but he will be boon to have when they do appear.

Pixel Yang Guifei

  • Big Big Dragon Killing potential
    • 4 Killers Dragon Killer
    • Can supplement with other offensive awakenings
    • Can use Dragon Killer latents
  • 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost
    • 2 with Delay
  • Only useful vs Dragons

There is not much to say about Yang Guifei outside of the fact that they are stupendously powerful solution against Dragon spawns. This is due to her 4 Dragon Killer Dragon Killer awakenings, ability to take Dragon Killer latents, and TPA TPA plus 7 Combo 45.

Together, she can absolutely destroy any Dragon spawn and is a boon to own for situations that need a card to hit Damage cap with relative ease.

Pixel Oda Nobunaga

  • Outstanding God Killing potential
    • 4 God Killers God Killer
    • God Killer latents
    • 7 Combo 45
  • Active generates 6 Dark orbs
  • Only useful vs Gods

Nobunaga or No Banana is the final card to receive a new evolution and his Pixel form grants him 4 God Killers God Killer, the ability to take God Killer latents, and a 7 Combo 45 which ensures he can deal outrageously high damage to any God spawn.

At this point in time, there is no end game dungeon that needs this level of God killing and will most likely result in Nobunaga being used on an as-needed basis.


This new set of evolutions are quite exciting as it gives many players a new top tier leader through Raijin along Fujin and Pixel Napoleon being valuable cards to own at this point in time.

The fact that GungHo continuously buffs older cards via new evolutions is wonderful as it gives hope that cards that are currently lackluster become valuable in the future.

Let me know which of these cards you find most exciting in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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18 thoughts on “November 25 New Evolutions – MA Raijin, Fujin, & More”

  1. Seeing as how 7×6 boards get punished in shura realm what are your thoughts on pairing Raijin and Iori from KoF? I’ve seen some teams on JP server but don’t know much of their thought process behind team building.


    1. I feel pairing with Iori will be inconsistent due to 8c requirement on 6×5.

      Pairing with Fasca ensures you always activate, have Fasca’s active, and the high RCV multiplier to always heal to full


  2. So I reincarnated my fujin/raijin a while ago, do you believe an option will come to reverse that in the monster exchange like they did for previous cards?


  3. Mantastic,

    Happy Thanksgiving! Ive been playing PAD for over 6 years and and been an avid reader of your page for the past 2. I greatly appreciate you breaking down some of the more complicated components of this game into something digestible for a dad of 2 who cannot commit much time to aligning colors these days. I wish you and your family well. Thank you for making this game more fun for me, and likely many others, over the years. Cheers!


  4. a question regarding raijin team build, damage wise, is it better to make a mono light tpa team, or a mix of couple heavy hitters like double astalos and raijin then use 7c subs to cover the rest, in summery, tpa or 7c team if aim for max dmg, thx in advance.


  5. Didn’t listen to you months before and traded my kanna ….
    Then I saw her last evo and cryed
    Thanks to you, didn’t make the same mistake and kept my raijin who was before just a trade fodder.
    God bless you


      1. Haven’t try her yet as she was reincarnated and have to wait to trade for non evo form.
        Amusingly, manage to roll another one with the free pulls. Wonder if running 2 is useful…
        What would you be your dream raijin team for shura/AA4/A6?


  6. Woah I didn’t even notice Kono getting a chibi evo!

    I have a Gileon team for alt shura but no Napoleon or Inahime. I’ve been using Brigid but I sounds like chibi Kono is the way to go? She has higher multiples after 7c SA. What latents do you suggest with her?


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