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November 25 New Evolutions – MA Raijin, Fujin, & More


One wonderful aspect of PAD is how older cards receive new evolutions that can completely overhaul their kit and allows them to become top-tier monsters.

As such, players should never sell or Trade away their only copy of a given card because there is always the chance it will receive a new and powerful evolution in the future.

This holds true for the latest batch of new evolutions as Raijin has now become a tremendously valuable card due to her potent Leader Skill and personal damage. While Raijin is one of the stars of this new wave of cards, there are several others worth pursuing and this article will highlight the strengths and weaknesses for the new Evolutions found within this update.

Official GHNA post can be found HERE.

Video commentary

New Evolutions


  • Significant personal damage
    • 3 7c 45 & 3 TPA TPA
    • Huge ATK stat
    • Can use Zaerog Weapon
  • Low cooldown active
    • Unlocks board
    • Board changer
    • ATK debuff overwriter
  • Powerful Leader Skill
    • High Effective HP
    • Easy to activate
    • High damage output
  • Favourable Fasca pairing
    • 3 / 288 / 4/  43.75% / FUA / 7×6
  • Restricted to Attackers
    • Offset by strong pool available
  • 18 SB Skill Boost needed to Transform Fasca

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