PAD Special Event Tournament 2 Strategies


Today marks the debut of the PAD Special Event Tournament 2 Ranking Dungeon in which players compete with a Fixed team for lucrative rewards.

For this event, the top 7% will receive a Crown while the top 20% will acquire a Rainbow Event Medal :eventmedal:. For the most part, this Ranking Dungeon is relatively straight forward and the main key to success is pursuing the buffed Matching Bonuses.

Video clear


Due to the nature of a Fixed Team and certain Matching Bonuses being more heavily weighted, the best approach is to simply pursue those patterns while matching quickly.

Notable Bonuses
  • Fire Row Fire Row  (2,000 Points)
  • Fire Water Dark TPA TPA (1,000 Points)
  • Green Wood L (2,000 Points)
  • SFU (4,500 Points)
  • Guard Break (400)

Each Combo is 5000/6 = 833 Points

JP Crown: 163,729
JP 20%: 154,684

From the above breakdown, it is more valuable to match a Style Point-match compared to an additional combo assuming both can be made in the same amount of time.

From my above clear, it is possible to Crown without using actives, but utilizing Dark Valkyrie Dark Valk for additional Dark TPA TPA and Xiang Mei for SFU can help increase your overall score.


The PAD Special Event Tournament 2 is a relatively fair Ranking Dungeon as it features a Fixed Team along with rewarding skillful matches. It is better to pursue the boosted Style Point matches over an additional combo assuming both can be done in the same amount of time.

Let me know how you feel about this Ranking Dungeon in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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