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[Videos] Astral Plane Deity Clears


The Astral Plane Diety “Gift” Dungeons are often referred to as the Zeus Campaigns as they present a unique set of challenges that can only be unlocked as you progress through each floor.

I managed to quickly clear and upload the final 3 floors for your entertainment and viewing pleasure.

The first 3 floors were more straight forward so there was no recording done.

Top Floor

Double Anubis on 6×5 is always exciting!

Naturally this strategy is risky and can be easily ruined by poor board generation:

Level 5

Free 7×6 almost screams for you to use Dual Anubis

Level 4

I have and will always love Dark Metatron’s play style.


The Astral Plane Diety felt less horrible than the previous Campaigns despite having horrible mechanics. Let me know what you used to clear these dungeons along with what you found to be most difficult.

Happy Puzzling!

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