Queen’s Temple of Dance Clear Videos


The Queen’s Temple of Dance is a new challenge campaign that was released today. It has a Hera-theme along with wonderfully challenging encounters. This post will compile all of my clears and any extra commentary alongside of it.

This will be a pseudo work in progress and will update this post as more clears come in across my two accounts.


Level 5

This floor took me the most number of tries thus far as I was being stubborn in using double Anubis instead of Anubis x Diablos. Regardless, I barely got through with a little bit of luck from well timed skillfalls.

Level 4

This was significantly harder than I expected and it took several attempts to get into the rhythm of when to use active skills and stall. Some board luck is required.

Level 3

6* cards and Killer awakenings are keys to the success for Level 3.

Level 2

Pretty sloppy combos on my part so the video should have been significantly shorter. On the bright side, I walk you through my thought process for tackling the dungeon but failed to change my own inherits.

Level 1

The first dungeon of the day and it quite straight forward for a mono-colour team. The darkened orbs are not a pleasant experience for combo-based teams unless you are a wizard.


I will update this as I play more.

Happy Puzzling!

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