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[Videos] June Quest Dungeons – Solo Level 8-10


June is in full swing which means a a brand new set of Monthly Quest Dungeons to tackle! This morning I had nearly full stamina and decided to record my three solo clears to showcase what mechanics to be aware of along with possible counters to them.

Video clears

Level 10

Tardis  is the true hero for granting free stalling on Floor 1 to ensure all relevant actives are ready in time. Just make sure to leave at least 3 poison orbs for Medjedra to lock instead of disabling your awoken skills.

Level 9

Having a Fenrir  inherit prevents any poison orbs from falling down. Just make sure you leave the three Jammer orbs created in the bottom row to ensure you can match any new ones that fall down.

The final boss has 40 million defense to either bring a burst or DEF break to easily kill her. In addition, having a delay or shield ensure you survive her 200% gravity in the advent she prevents matching of your particular colour.

Level 8

Level 8 was reasonably straight forward and the only major issue I can foresee is Azazel placing his tape on the top row which prevents players from matching there. The two easiest counters are either the Resistance Immobility  awakening or using a 7×6 board. Finally, having a time buffer ensures you can overcome Kushindahime’s massive time debuff and combo shield.


These videos are not the only way to go about this and naturally, playing in coop will make things easier. Regardless, this set felt less intimidating overall and I am curious to hear what you have used to clear these dungeons.

Happy Puzzling!

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[PSA] January Monthly Quests – Problematic Scheduling


Monthly Quests are one of the better things to come to Puzzle and Dragons in the later part of 2017. These series of quests provide much needed structure and direction to newer players as they now have an obvious goal to pursue as PAD can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Most of us have become accustomed to the Monthly Quest Dungeon tab in the Specials section and could play/complete them any our convenience. Unfortunately, January’s Quests will be far more challenging to clear properly as it removes the monthly window to complete them. Instead you now have to clear specific dungeons on specific days of the month along with it being poorly highlighted/visible overall.

This series of Quests caused issues for many JP players and I find it strange GungHo is repeating a poorly designed scheduale again. Nevertheless, this article/PSA will hopefully reach enough people and better explain how to fully complete January’s Quests.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Monthly Quests

As a whole, the Monthly Quests concept is amazing and provides wonderful direction for newer players as it presents a tangible goal to achieve that is only available for a limited time. The lack of direction was one is often cited as a major hurdle for newer players starting out as you go from a basic tutorial to relying on third party websites/databases for information and guidance. Continue reading [PSA] January Monthly Quests – Problematic Scheduling