Amen, Mut, & Khonsu Review and Analysis – New 750,000 MP Cards


Three new and somewhat exciting cards have been added into the Monster Point shop: Amen , Mut , and Khonsu . All three of them will cost 750,000 Monster Points and will be a sizable investment for the average player. As such, it is wise to make sure you can actually benefit from them and avoid buyer’s remorse. However, all 3 will have a unique Weapon Assist evolution which enables them to contribute awakenings if assisted.

With that being said, GungHo NA will be announcing the winner of the MP Shop Survey will be revealed on Friday, April 20th during their official Twitch stream. The winner will cost 1,000,000 Monster Points and will only be available for a limited time. Thus, it may be best to wait until you see what the winner is as it may influence your purchasing decision.

This article will summarize Amen, Mut, and Khonsu’s viability and how you can make the most out of their presence.

Video commentary

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750,000 MP

750,000 Monster Points is still a large amount despite the fact that we have been given large amounts of the past year. As such, many players will only be able to purchase a single card and you wish to gain as much value from this card as possible.

Assist Evolutions

All three of the new cards are able to utilize an Assist Evolution. This means that when they are inherited, they will transfer over several awakenings (can read more about the process HERE).

However, once a card has been made into an Assist Evolution, they will lose their original awakenings, Leader Skill, and essentially viability as a sub or leader. Thus, an Assist Evolution will be strictly used as an inherit so think carefully before committing.

With this in mind, if you are planning on purchasing one of these cards to use as an Assist Evolution, just be aware that this is an extremely expensive purchase considering they generally have undesirable Active Skills.


Active: Randomly spawn 3 Fire orbs from non Fire orbs. (3 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: No skyfall combos. ATK x10 when there are 3 or less orbs on the board after matching. All attribute cards ATK x10 when reaching exactly 7 combos

Awakenings:  Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Bind Immune Bind Immune
Assist Evolution:  Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Boost

  • Ultimate Glass Cannon
  • 10,000x ATK
    • Unique play style
  • Short 3 turn cooldown
  • Can unlock orbs via L 
  • Grants Skill Boost Skill Boost via Assist Evolution
  • Great artwork
  • No evolution required as a Leader
  • No defensive multiplier
  • Challenging to activate
  • 7 turn CD unskilled (for Assist)

Amen is the ultimate Glass Cannon as he has 10,000x ATK with no defensive multiplier. This results in him being able to obliterate any spawn imaginable provided you can fulfill his leader skill requirements.

Amen is a no Skyfall leader that has two distinct ATK components. Firstly, you have to match exactly 7 combos, no more, no less. This will take some forethought and planning to execute but thankfully a given board has 7-8 combos. By hitting exactly 7 combos, you will trigger 100x ATK (with dual leaders) which may or may not be sufficient damage depending on the dungeon at hand. This is important as it may be too awkward to trigger the second component of his Leader Skill.

The second component of Amen’s Leader Skill is 10x damage if you leave 3 or less orbs on the board. This can be achieved via blobbing your combos (matching multiple connected orbs in any shape) in order to remove non-sets of three. For example, if you had 5 Water orbs on the board, you would try your best to match all 5 in order to clear them and hopefully leave 3 or less orbs. Unfortunately, there will be times when you will be unable to leave 3 orbs due to poor orb distribution. This occurs when 2 different elements have 2 orbs on the board as you will be unable to actually match them with anything.

With that being said, Amen’s 10x ATK component for 3 or less orbs can be used as a farming leader. This works if you use a full board changer that produces 1 element. As such, you can technically use him as a Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios enabler as Amen does not care about the colour used.

While each component of his Leader Skill can produce respectable damage (100x with dual Amen), combining both results in spectacular destruction. This 10,000x ATK multiplier will bless you with incredible numbers but does take some planning  to achieve. An average board has 7-8 combos which means if you make exactly 7 combos, there will be 9 orbs left on the board. As such, you will have to plan how you will connect 6 additional orbs. This play style will feel different as you will have possibly have to spend additional time planning your matches as over-comboing will result in a massive loss of damage.

However, even just fulfilling a single component of his Leader Skill may be enough to sweep some content as 100x is still respectable. Thus, you will need to determine if you can get away with the smaller multiplier for easier floors.

Team building Amen

Amen’s team building is somewhat flexible as the actual colours and typings of your subs do not matter as you will be able to dish out incredible damage when activating his full multiplier. As such, you should try and aim for subs with either high HP or numerous Time Extends Time Extend. Both of these will help ensure you can fully activate or survive incoming hits when given a poor board.

While it should not be something you pursue, having 7 Combo 45 awakenings can be meaningful in helping your damage output when you can only trigger a single component.

 Assist Evolution

Amen’s Assist Evolution grants a single Skill Boost Skill Boost. While this may feel underwhelming, it can be invaluable for certain farming builds (whether coop or solo) as it can ensure your skills are ready in time. However, one popular usage for Assist Amen is in Ranking Dungeons as the amount of available Skill Boosts is somewhat capped. The additional Skill boost can enable one to use a more optimal sub but the main drawback is managing the unskilled cooldown of 7 turns.


Active: No skyfall combos for 1 turn. Change Wood orbs to Water orbs (4 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: ATK x3 for clearing each Water orbs in a cross formation. All attribute cards ATK x5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 6+ Dark orbs at the same time

Awakenings: +heart +heart Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend Time Extend Bind Immune Bind Immune
Assist Evolution:  blue + orb

  • 4 turn cooldown
  • No Skyfall active
  • Grants Bind Immunity via Assist
  • Modest Leadership potential
  • Orb hungry
    • Defensive multiplier is not passive
  • Assist Evolution is not that valuable
  • 8 turn CD unskilled (for Assist)

Mut is a pretty girl with a name that means Mother in the ancient Egyptian language. However, she was a consort of Amun which has no relevance to PAD but no article would be complete without a quick Wikipedia reference.

Regardless, Mut is an underwhelming card as she is not providing anything exceptionally unique outside of her Assist Evolution. As a leader, she is able to achieve a high ATK multiplier and a modest damage reduction shield. However, both of her components are orb hungry and the fact that her damage reduction is not passive hinders her overall usage.

Generally speaking, colour cross leaders tend to shine when they have some form of passive or at least easy to activate defensive multiplier. This is because you may not have sufficient orbs present to activate every turn and will have to tank incoming attacks. As such, Mut will be challenging to utilize fully as you require 6 dark orbs to proc the shield but realistically need 6 dark and 5 water to sweep a floor. Without both colours present, you would not deal enough overall damage.

This degree of orb hungriness somewhat mirrors the old row Myr Miru but Mut trades a higher shielding component for more damage. This is usually a favourable trade off, but it will still be challenging to use Mut effectively.

 Assist Evolution

Mut’s unique Assist Evolution grants full bind immunity to the base card and while this may sound appealing at first, it is not as magical overall. This is because it is usually advantageous to have your Leaders be bind immune and this is the case for the majority of top tier options. As such, you would not be making a high end leader bind immune, but instead giving this to a sub.

Now, this is my own personal opinion, but having subs that are vulnerable to binds is not the end of the world. Furthermore, most high end subs are also bind immune so it would only be a couple of cards on your team who can be bound which is perfectly manageable.

Taking all of this into consideration, who would you really be giving bind immunity to that desperately needed it? I feel that the list of possible candidates is short and makes Mut’s Assist Evolution less valuable overall.


Active: Change top-most row into Wood orbs (5 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 6+ Wood orbs at the same time. All attribute cards ATK x3 when reaching 2 set of Light combos. ATK x4 for each additional combo, up to ATK x7 when reaching 3 combos

Awakenings: Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist  Bind Immune Bind Immune
Assist Evolution: Wood Row Wood Row Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb

  • Short base cooldown
    • Forms an instant wood row
  • Orb hungry
    • Defensive multiplier is not passive
  • Assist Evolution is not valuable
  • 9 turn CD unskilled (for Assist)
  • No real usage

Khonsu is the weakest of the three newly released cards simply because rows have heavily fallen out of favour. This is because they are both orb hungry along with limiting your total combo count. These are two major concerns as end game content tends to be less forgiving for teams that have to stall/set up their boards.

if Khonsu had a fully passive defensive multiplier, he could have more merit as he could at least stall/prepare the board. unfortunately, his damage reduction aspect is tied to matching 6+ Wood orbs. Furthermore, you need to match 2+ sets of Light combos. Thus, you require 6 Wood and Light orbs to deliver reasonable damage but this may not be enough as it is only 9x (81x with dual leaders). However, at 3 Light combos your damage is 21x (441x) which will be able to sweep content.

Taking those into consideration, Khonsu is far too unreliable to be used in end game content as you are almost always going to need an active skill each turn to sweep a floor.

Furthermore, he has minimal sub usage due to the lackluster nature of rows in general as well as no top tier team utilizing them.

 Assist Evolution

Khonsu is able to provide 3 Wood row Wood Row awakenings, but as mentioned earlier, this is somewhat pointless as there are hardly any scenarios where you actually want more of these awakenings. As such, it would be a terrible waste of 750,000 MP for this kind of inherit. Furthermore, his base active is not impressive and may only be useful for niche farming builds.


The three new MP cards released have varying degrees of value but Amen  is still the strongest option. However, his own usage/viability is subject to your own monster box and play style as well as being difficult to always activate. His extreme glass cannon nature is challenging to manage but feels rewarding when successfully pulled off.

With this in mind, it would be hard to justify any of these cards for the average player as they simply do not bring enough value and will most likely not help improve the amount of content you can actually clear.

Let me know what you think about these cards in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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19 thoughts on “Amen, Mut, & Khonsu Review and Analysis – New 750,000 MP Cards”

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that Mut could be used to make cards like Blue Hunter or Meri unbindable while providing a boost to stats. and sometimes Blue Hunter likes no skyfall because of damage control for spawns like Vishnu and Sopdet


  2. I feel like after each time GH release sth “new and powerfull” for us, they would later make the game much much harder to play with as a way of “neutralizing”.

    Sure, the 10,000 lead may seem very strong, but imagine u will be fighting some bs enemies who has insane health but also do Cloud, bomb, tape, non-revealing orb, non-matchable orb, auto changing orb, delay, 100% bind&awoken, Plus revive, stats immune, damage absorb/void, combo shield, and 99 turns skyfall of lock, poison, reduce time.. etc as preemptive, and OHKO player every other turn while orb trolling us with skyfalls… So we have to make orbs in L shape, M shape, N shape, Column shape, block shape, a cross and a essay on our phone screen just to stay alive.

    I’m surprised they didn’t make a floor that just randomly kick us off the dungeon, but maybe that’s what the rest of awakening spots are for.


  3. I will not be going for any of these. The 1 million MP point GFE is my next purchase. 99% sure since I haven’t heard who actually won….


  4. With Mut’s weapon assists, Most Water REM Is easier to survive through the certain mid and most early late game level dungeon. PS, just a speculation, it isa nearly fair tier race among Top Meta GFEs.


  5. Though the list may be short, who do you think would benefit most from a Mut Equip? I am trying to think of cards with good leaderskills, but lackluster awakenings, like Diara, but do not require leader-swap to be effective:

    Rikuu in co-op
    Blue Hunter
    Zeus Verse
    Pixel Bracchy?


    1. Those would be most of them but imo the main drawback of using them in Mut as an inherit in coop is your leaders will gain a less ideal skill as well as charging up 2x faster than anyone else.

      On a side note, Rikuu and BH often run Odin Dragon as a sub so there is some insurance against binds


  6. Umm… Konshu seems quite viable for the new kaede soon to be released. As it’s like amen and is how many orbs left being six. So RE asaroths and khonshu just seems stupid amounts of row damage on 650x dual lead???
    I am also going to point out kaedes 2 prongs so however you want to play it.


    1. The big difference between Khonsu and Kaede is not the number of wood orbs required, but the fact that Khonsu needs 9 light orbs as well to function well.

      This is incredibly orb hungry and where are you finding the 650x ATK from? Double Khonsu is only 441x


  7. That’s just how I was looking at it… Saying the new kaede is a more forgiving amen and khonshu can be a good sub along with RE asaroths on a double kaede team.


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