MP Shop Survey & Future GFE Trading Post


GungHo North America has released the highly anticipated Monster Point Shop Survey that will enable the player base to vote for a specific 6* GFE to be featured for purchase for a limited time. You can purchase this card as many times as you wish.

This is an exciting time and is akin to Player’s Choice Godfest in which there will be controversy and players telling you to vote for XYZ cards. Naturally, what may be good for certain boxes may be inappropriate for yourself and it is still best to vote for what can benefit you the most. However, your vote should be as future-proof as possible as you want to have value from your purchase many months down the road.

This article will summarize who I feel will be the top voted cards as well as discussing the invaluable Future GFE Trading Post that JP enjoys.

You can vote for your favourite card HERE.

Regardless of the outcome I strongly discourage selling your 6* GFE fro 50,000 Monster Points as they are currently receiving new evolutions along with having the capability to trade four (200,000 MP) for a card of your choice.

Video commentary

—video coming soon—

MP Survey

JP has already received this event in which Yog  was the chosen monster to be available for 1,000,000 Monster Points. This is a hefty price tag overall and ideally want this purchase to be worthwhile moving forward for the foreseeable future.

Thus, we should ideally be voting for something that has staying power moving forward or has a new (and powerful) evolution already available in JP.

Top choices for North America

This is all speculation on my end, but judging from the various community groups, several stand out from the crowd.


Cotton is arguably the strongest card available from the voting roster as she boasts double 7 Combo 45, bind immunity, and FUA  as well as being unrivaled in cuteness and flexibility.

Cotton is unique in that she has 5 distinct evolution paths that alter her primary attribute, active, and stat ditribution. This enables her to function on virtually any team as you can tailor her to your individual needs. This also means duplicates are desirable as you will most likely wish to make a different colour for your various teams.

Comparing Cotton to Ney , Cotton is miles ahead due to the inclusion of FUA and there are very few situations where you would actually want to run Ney over Cotton.


Macha possess one of the two Leader swap actives available in North America with Lii  being the other option. This makes Macha a viable voting option as Lii comes from a 10-Stone Limited Time REM.

Leader Swapping enables players to enter the dungeon with a specific bonus (usually 7×6 or Ganesha 3071) and then swap in their desired leader part way through the dungeon.

For example, you love playing Anubis 3385 but find it challenging to play on a 6×5 board. Thus, you will inherit Macha on your Anubis and enter the dungeon with your Diao Chan  as a leader (creates a 7×6 board) while paired with an Anubis friend. Eventually, Anubis will have the Macha inherit charged up and you can then activate it to swap places with your Diao Chan. This will result in a 7×6 board where both your leaders are Anubis.

For the most part, virtually any leader performs better on a 7×6 board as you have access to 12 more orbs which will raise your average combo count. However, colour Cross leaders tend to gain the most advantage of 7×6 board. This is because they are better able to reliably hit their third cross and even gain the chance to hit 4 or 5 which pushes their damage output to outrageous levels.

The only main drawback of Macha is that she is mostly for end game players who are trying to push into newer content along with duplicates having lower value.


Fujin has gained a new and exciting evolution in JP which grants them a second 7c 45 and helps justify their usage beyond just an inherit. However, the main issue with voting for Fujin is the fact that duplicates have middling value along with their active skill becoming more accessible as more cards are released with the damage absorption void active along with the GFE Trading Post mechanic.

This is problematic because Fujin-style actives are becoming somewhat mandatory in end game content as leaders are gaining higher multipliers while lacking a damage control component. Thus, a Fujin active can save what would have either been a tedious or lethal encounter.

My main hesitation with voting for Fujin (despite not owning one on Mantastic) is the fact that I will probably roll one or a variant in the future along with the GFE Trading Post.

In essence, the GFE Trading Post will enable players to trade four 6* GFE (from a fixed pool) for a rare Collab card of their choice. Thus, players can effectively trade in 200,000 MP for a Beach Fujin . As a result of this trade, you would really not need another Fujin and is the main reason why I feel that voting for her is less ideal compared to Cotton or Macha.


Yog was the top voted monster in JP during their respective event but I feel he will not be as popular for NA players. This is because he only truly excels in farming Cosmic Trinity Annihilation (CTA) which is not that high of a priority overall.

Not that many players farm CTA and those who do have already max skilled their boss drops which mostly act as Box Cheerleaders. Thus, where can we effectively use Yog?

Short dungeons tend to be most favourable for him as well as certain ranking dungeons. However, these are quite niche overall and are not going to be used for pushing through into new end game content.

As a result, I feel that voting for Yog will mostly be a short term investment instead of one that helps you progress further into the game.

GFE Trading Post

The GFE Trading Post (may have a different name upon release) is a new mechanic in JP that enables players to trade 6* GFE (or specific rare seasonal cards) for a monster of their choice. This effectively enables you to trade away excessive duplicate cards and is the main reason why you should not be selling your 6* GFE for MP.

You can trade away what amounts to 200,000 MP for a card of your choice and is a great way to purchase Beach Fujin if you are in desperate need of a damage absorb void active.

This mechanic should come to NA within the next few months and will help lower the need to chase rare Collab cards as you can simply trade for them.

I will cover this topic more when it does come to NA.


The Monster Point Survey is an exciting time for PAD players as it gives us the chance to purchase our favourite card. However, only 1 card will be voted in and it is vital to vote for something that will have staying power moving forward.

Voting for a card that will grant you a short term advantage is not ideal since you will effectively outgrow them or roll something that is comparable and be left with buyers remorse.

We can somewhat liken this notion to the debut of Dark Athena 3193 as we gained tremendous short term value but it was quickly lost as newer content was released.

Let me know who you are voting for and the rationale behind your decision in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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You can vote for your favourite card HERE.

38 thoughts on “MP Shop Survey & Future GFE Trading Post”

  1. Dear Mantastic – I am still running an Athena based team or my Anubis team with diablos leader paired (when I can find one)

    What else should I be running to clear end game content? I am rather stuck at the moment (I average 6-7 combos on a 6×5 board and 7-9 combos on a 7×6 board).

    I have most characters, but struggle with upping the damage output and clearing dungeons such as legendary remains. Thanks!


      1. Mantastic, thanks a ton! It’s good to know that I have a good leader combo.

        If I could ask, I would love to know what subs you use on a ‘go to’ team with Anubis + Diablos. Here is my current set up:

        Anubis ((Old Castle Sonia Inherit)
        Sylvie (FUA)

        Here is most of my relevant box (all hypermaxed) Any inherit suggestions or team thoughts by you or the community would be super appreciated!!!

        D Athena
        Revo Hades
        B/D Ney
        Angel Ruel
        All the Wise Dragons
        2 Sima Yis
        revo Kush
        D/B Halloween Karin
        Blue Valk


        1. I would drop out Ronove for Ney as he does not contribute much to the team overall and the double 7c from Ney will help your damage output

          Also, there is no “default” team, you need to customize it against the dungeon you are playing against


  2. I mean, Dark Athena is not useless but her popularity has died out or become as dead heat for a while. She is mostly consider mid game and pre arena meta team lead.


    1. I agree and my mentioning her is to showcase how you do not want to vote for something/spend large amounts of MP if it will not have great staying power several months from now


  3. Cotton.
    Kneejerk was macha, but cotton’s versatility and value in dupes won out – plus, stalling on floor one for 7×6 sounds incredibly annoying!


  4. I voted for Cotton, so did my gf. My brother voted for Fujin. But..I hope the monster won’t cost 1,000,000. I’m at 500,000 personally..I can make that much, but I won’t be happy, lol.

    But great work as usual Mantastic.


  5. “Absorb shield, guess I lose!”

    I’ll take 3-4 months of a 1 million MP Fujin over any monster in the game.

    Stalling 30 turns for a friends Inherit is not an answer. Not using any killers, spike damage subs, or enemy color subs is not the answer. Not using 95% of the leads that push damage into the millions is not an answer. Unfortunately Fujin is the answer for this archaic and broken mechanic.


    1. Totally get it. Had I not gotten Leona from King of Fighters, I would also be pushing for Fujin. Leona has been a staple on so many of my teams now. Both for her Void Absorb and her killers. So the last 4 months of playing would have been far more frustrating and far less productive had I not gotten that one card. If the voting ends up being Fujin, I am sure I will still happily get one.

      But the GFE trading post might solve that if you can buy Beach Fujin. I know she will likely be tops on my trading post list.

      For me, I will likely be voting Cotton. Yog I already have and do use him for cosmic trinity, but my secondary account can remain without one and just be a carry team. Both accounts already have Li or Macha.

      There are a few that ‘would be nice’ to have eventually like Dark Kali, or the Sonias. But those won’t really help me clear content or fit into my current teams like Cotton would.


      1. At the end of the day, Fujin is mostly a convenience. We were able to farm Arena 3 prior to her release but she certainly makes life easier.

        And in regards to using a Friend’s Fujin, that is usually a perfectly viable solution. I have no Fujin on Mantastic and I have cleared everything including numerous alt arena solos so it can be done


  6. Is there an explanation somewhere why Japan voted for Yog? When that happened, which was not that long ago, I was flabbergasted. Yog has been around for a long time and there have been many cards that have since surpassed him in power. Still makes me scratch my head. Cotton is useful in so many forms and dupes are actually useful to have for everybody. I really hope she wins or my mp pile will remain untouched.


    1. I feel it may be for CTA farming when extra latents invaded since having 6 slots was somewhat needed for pushing into end game content but that ship has sailed with the new update


  7. Ironically, I know 3-4 players new/er to the game and they ALL rolled Macha right away. It was like she was falling from the sky. I had a time explaining to them why she was great but completely useless to them, where they badly needed stronger leaders and to build a proper team.

    I REALLY would like a Fujin because I have absolutely nothing to solve that mechanic right now, and it drives me absolutely insane. Just like when gung-ho got stuck on Hanuman with a top-tier team while they were streaming. We all knew the feeling. Such despair. The frustration. All your ducks in a row except that last little sucker that can get you through. Personally I don’t feel there should be such a small pool of cards that offer relief for this, as we have awakenings now that solve clouds, orb locks, scrolls, give bursts, thwart res, etc. This is also why I painfully don’t want to vote for her… I feel like other solutions must be coming. You can only say, “No fujin? Bad luck! No end game content for you!” for so long.

    Dark Athena… I thought she was expensive at 750,000 but now they’re asking 1 mil? Just the other day my box hit that and I thought I’d be ready for the next big purchase, but I’m not keen on spending it ALL. I do still use Athena, not as some crazy leader but certain content is just right for her and she certainly has her place in my box.


    1. Well Dark Athena can still clear a3 level content, it is just that she has lower potential in harder content which is why it is not advised to buy her now since we have already passed her prime

      I agree that Macha is in a strange place. She will probably always be good but is mostly reserved for those who are trying to push into alt arena level content

      As for the GH stream when they got caught in Hanuman, they should have brought a Fujin, those players have several in their box


    2. People used to clear A3 very consistently before Fujin. I, myself, wrote down all my damage thresholds for what combos/colors I would need for the team I decided to bring in. At the time it was Noctis and with him I could kill all the absorb bosses in A3 without Fujin including Hera Dragon, just needed my 3 turn Indra shield and it was fine. Fujin has taken away some skill people had and replaced it with bitchiness. Before Fujin you had to be good and know damage control, after Fujin it’s all Waahhhh I need Fujin.


      1. I completely agree and considering I have farmed arena 3 over 100 times in 2016 (yes that long ago), I know how to do it with no Fujin and much more budget teams.

        Ironically, with the new Sonia evolutions, you really dont need Fujin provided you don’t go with Ragnarok Dragons.

        I plan to use Blue Sonia and may even revisit a3 farming with her and only plan on bringing 1 Fujin for Hera Dragon since I should be able to delay + grind down vishnu


  8. I have 3 million mp, but 1 million for a card is just so greedy. I don’t think I’ll buy any card for that. I have given Gungho more than $10k over the years and this is how I’m rewarded.


    1. This is really an event for players with copious amounts of MP that has either been acquired via dupes or long term play

      I can understand that 1m is silly expensive, but what else could you use your MP on? Do any of the new 750k card coming out interest you?


  9. Hi Mantastic,
    What’s your opinion on the new 750k mp monsters coming out on April 16. Good, bad or not really game changing.

    Keep up the great work.


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