Super Godfest Descends


North America will be gaining their first ever Super Godfest that will significantly change up the format. For this Godfest, players will be able to spend 6 Magic Stones for a guaranteed 6-star card. However, the available roster will not be exclusive to 6-star base cards and it will be possible to roll evolved 5-stars.

As such, it may not actually be as amazing as you may be led to believe. On the bright side, we are able to view JP’s line up as well as rolling rates and while we may not receive the exact same roster, it should be a general indication as to what we can expect.

The main drawback of this Godfest is that it comes on the heels of two 10-stone events.

Official announcement can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

JP Rates

One side effect of being 2-3 months behind JP in terms of content is that we are able to “see into the future” to better plan our game play. This includes various evolutions, Monthly Quests, and various REM events. As such, we are able to see what JP had for their Super Godfest. Just be aware that we may not receive the same Pantheon roster or rolling rates but it should be a good indication of what to expect. As always, check the listed rates in game for official confirmation.

Is it worth rolling?

Without knowing the true rolling rates along with what is featured, it is impossible to give a firm answer; however, this Godfest should be stronger overall compared regular ones due to the fact that the rolling rates were higher in JP along with all of the 6* Godfest Exclusive (GFE) being featured as indicated on the official announcement.

Historically, Godfests have been featuring 20/31 six-star GFE with a 0.6% rolling rate with some having a 1% chance. As such, the overall rates are stronger and is potentially two times better for rolling any 6* GFE, but again nothing is confirmed until it actually goes live.

Just remember that many 5* Pantheon cards will be featured and come out evolved to meet the 6* criteria. However, a modest amount of the filler junk was absent from this Godfest in JP such as the Rider series and the former 5* GFE.

Super Godfest is better than regular Godfest

As the name implies, the Super Godfest is better than regular Godfests and the additional Magic Stone required (+20% cost) is well worth the price.

Simply being able to avoid some of the junk cards normally featured and possibly the former 5* GFE (some players may find these valuable) is quite promising overall.

With this in mind, this should be the strongest Godfest that we will see for a long time and is worth rolling in.

DBDC vs Super Godfest

This is my personal opinion, but rolling in Dragonbound & Dragon Caller (DBDC) is a much better option provided you do not have most of the lower rarity cards.

This is because it is arguably the strongest event in Puzzle and Dragons as there is tremendous value at the bottom rarity and even having two of each is not a terrible idea for the ones with Killer awakenings. Furthermore, those cards cannot be replicated elsewhere and fulfill specific roles along with adding more diversity and depth to your Monster Box.

Furthermore, we do not know when the next inception of DBDC will be and it may be potentially half a year or more before it returns. On the other hand, Godfests occur twice a month and feature 20 of the 6* GFE each time. Granted the rolling rates for the Super Godfest are elevated, one can still roll those cards again during the next regular Godfest.

If you wish to read more about Dragonbound & Dragon Caller, please refer to my full review HERE.

I already own most/all of the 5* DBDC cards

If you already own most or all of the DBDC 5* cards, the decision to roll is a little more complex. On one hand, the higher rarity cards are powerful and aside from Li, hard to replicate. However, the chances of you rolling those are still reasonable and it now comes down to personal preference.

However, it is worth noting that the 6* GFE will be required for the future Trading Post (trade four 6* GFE for a rare card) so this Super Godfest may be the best time to acquire them.


The Super Godfest is potentially a promising event due to the inclusion of more 6-star Godfest Exclusives along with the removal of various filler cards. However, do not be fooled by the flashy text claiming 6* rarity cards as they can still be evolved 5* Pantheons. With that being said, if NA follows the JP Super Godfest, it should be a stellar event.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below along with how much you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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22 thoughts on “Super Godfest Descends”

  1. I am in the position where I rolled heavily in DBDC and obtained most of the 5* cards (with dupes). I was actually considering buying some stones to roll more (I have been using all free stones so far) but after seeing this super godfest, I don’t know. I already bought Cotton from the MP shop so the only ‘high rarity’ cards I can aim for are Ney and Ideal, both of which I kinda want. But the super godfest could potentially fill up my sub pool more. Arghh…decisions…


    1. If you are set on spending money and already have the DBDC 5* cards, it may be worthwhile to roll in the Super Godfest as it can fill out more holes in your monster box


  2. Everyone (almost everyone), should aquire 6*GF cards that can be used to trade in for Yusuke Urameshi.

    Great job pointing out the trading as always, Mantastic!! *thumb up


  3. I managed to get Ideal from one of the reward rolls and a few of the 6s with my own stones. I have close to 60 left, is it worth chasing a 2nd Ideal and/or the rest of the 6s over potentially 10 rolls on the SGF?


  4. I’ll roll it once (maybe twice..)I wanted to roll the DBDC one last time, but having less than one day to try skill up whomever it is is I could use a few more 6* exclusives for the trading post.

    Once again Mantastic, informative and great article!


  5. I think 3 different times at 60 stones each. I already got my second Aten and a fourth Spica where I evolved the other three. I’m going to concentrate on getting Aman since I’m currently 300K MP away with 550K MP away from a third Cotton.


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