Team Building for Blue Sonia


Blue Sonia  is the first of what is presumed to be Mega Awoken evolutions for 6-star Godfest Exclusives (GFE). While most meta leaders tend to recycle the same pool of subs, Blue Sonia utlizes a completely different set of cards along with a interesting twist on Tank-oriented teams.

This article will summarize my thoughts and rationale for building a Blue Sonia team. However, team building is more about countering the dungeon mechanics and somewhat removes the notion of “perfect set ups.” As such, I find it best to understand how each sub functions as well as Blue Sonia’s strengths and weaknesses.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

 Blue Sonia at a glance

HP: 7,080
RCV: 0

Active: Bind Recovery for 3 turns. Removes lock status on orbs. Change all orbs to Water & Dark orbs (15 turn CD)

Leader Skill: Dragon type cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5. Increases time limit of orb movement by 2 seconds. All attribute cards ATK x5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Water and Dark combos at the same time

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost 45 45  

  • Massive base HP
  • Modest size sub pool
  • Unconditional 2.25x HP/2.25x RCV
  • 43.75% Damage Reduction
  • Damage control
    • 56.25x ATK
  • Powerful multi purpose active
  • Damage enhancing awakenings
  • Built-in movement time
  • Low ATK Multiplier
  • Lackluster Killer Latent selection
  • Damage reduction is tied to
    matching Water/Dark
  • Team can face RCV issues
    • 0 Base RCV
  • Restricted to Dragon type subs

Blue Sonia revitalizes the tank-oriented playstyle as she is one of the most durable leaders at the moment.


Tank teams of the past revolved around being able to absorb amazing levels of punishment via HP/RCV multipliers but the current trend is also incorporating damage mitigation.

Damage mitigation/reduction is the ability to reduce the amount of damage you would normally receive. This is most valuable against gravity/% based attacks. For example, if you were to receive a 99% gravity attack, it does not matter how much HP you had to start with, you will go down to 1%. Thus, damage mitigation can help prevent this along with potentially side skirting some mechanics.

With this in mind, Blue Sonia combines both aspects of durability and this helps her progress through challenging content.

Low ATK multiplier

It is sometimes hard to believe that 56.25x ATK is considered low when looking back even just 1 year. However, Blue Sonia can be classified as a lower multiplier leader, but this has some important upsides.

With 56.25x ATK at just 2 combos, you are able to have some degree of damage control that is most profound in Arena 3. Arena 3 features 4 distinct absorption spawns with varying thresholds:

  • Sopdet 200,000 – 2 Combo (1 Water/1 Dark)
  • Parvati 300,000 (Wood) – 6 Combo (1 Water/1 Dark)
  • Vishnu 1 million (Wood) – 7 Combo (1 Water/ 1 Dark)
  • Hera Dragon 2 million – 7 Combo (1 Water/ 1 Dark)

Blue Sonia can easily handle all of these spawns without the need to bring Fujin  style active skill; however, I am still inclined to bring one for Hera Dragon as she can be the least manageable/undelayable.

The ability to deal with Sopdet, Parvati, and Vishnu with relative ease is a major selling point for using Blue Sonia for Arena 3 farming as you do not have to use an active against them. This is somewhat a throwback to the pre-Fujin days as many of the top leaders for farming Arena 3 had similar scaling multipliers.

However, as with most tank-oriented teams, Blue Sonia’s offensive multiplier is still on the lower end but can be somewhat offset via awakenings and active skills.

Offensive awakenings

Blue Sonia’s 56.25x ATK will not be sufficient on it’s own for dealing with many spawns; however, by utilizing offensive awakenings, you can bring her damage output up to respectable levels.

Blue Sonia naturally comes with double 7 Combo 45 which means her effective damage is 4x more when hitting 7 or more combos. This is quite meaningful and helps her keep somewhat abreast with other options but the key to unlocking her full potential lies in the double L  awakenings.

The L awakenings provide 1.5x ATK for each combo formed in an L shape as well as unlocking orbs. These awakenings work for both main and sub attribute along with stacking on itself and with multiple L’s formed. Thus, Blue Sonia can deal wonderful amounts of damage if you are able to form both an L and 7 Combos. Unfortunately, a given board may not enable both of these mechanics to occur so you will have to count what is available and decide if it is worth pursuing both bonuses.

However, the L awakening is significantly more rare then 7 Combo and it may be challenging to find subs that work for Blue Sonia outside of herself. As such, if you are given the scenario with a 7 Combo board with no L and a 6 Combo board with an L, it may be better to pursue the 7 Combo route, especially if you do not have numerous Blue Sonias as subs.

Taking all of the above points into consideration, Blue Sonia’s base active is key to dealing massive amounts of damage without a burst inherit as you can make L’s and 7+ combos.

Team building

Blue Sonia can only utilize Dragon type cards and it is best to try and use Water ones as your primary element. This is because Blue Sonia already suffers from somewhat low output and by having a Dark primary card can dilute your damage (as well as making Sopdet impossible) if using orb changers. Thus, when team building Blue Sonia, sort your Monster Box by Water Dragons to give yourself a better understanding of what is available.

Awakenings to pursue

Once you have sorted your Monster Box by Blue Dragons, you will want to try and find cards with the 7 Combo 45 awakening. This awakening will help ensure you are able to deal meaningful amounts of damage and is easier to accommodate (and more common) than the L  awakening.

In addition to using 7 Combo cards, one should find a Follow Up Attack  monster as it will help trivialize resolve spawns. However, the need for Follow Up Attack is slightly lowered for Blue Sonia teams as the large HP pool/damage mitigation can sometimes trivialize execution mechanics, but it is still wise to have one.

Base active is not as important

The base active skill of your card will naturally charge up much faster than an inherit; however, if that particular card has desirable awakenings/stat distribution, it may still be worth running. This is because Blue Sonia is able to easily stall through most floors due to her natural durability.

RCV is important

Despite the fact that Blue Sonia has 2.25x RCV, one may run into healing difficulties due to the lower RCV for Dragons and Sonia’s 0 base. Thus, it is important to take your healing potential into consideration when team building.

Solo mode badge

Generally speaking, using the RCV badge will provide the most value overall as it will help address the lower base recovery on the team. However, if the dungeon features an exceptionally large preemptive, having HP may be valuable provided one can still heal sufficiently.

Notable cards to run

 Blue Sonia

Blue Sonia loves to run more of herself as a sub due to the perfect synergy between awakenings and active skill. However, just be aware that she has 0 base RCV which can place a strain on your healing potential.


Ryune may be the most available FUA  for numerous players due to her age (older card so more chances to roll her). Furthermore, she has a wonderfully synergistic active for Blue Sonia teams as a full board of Water, Dark, and Heal orbs facilitates healing and dealing damage. Unfortunately, she only has one 7 Combo 45 along with several wasted awakenings and no bind immunity. This does put a damper on her output but with such a strong base active on a short cooldown, it may be worth running at least 1 on your team.


Cotton is the winner of the MP Survey Contest which enables players to purchase her for 1,000,000 Monster Points. As such, many puzzlers may be in possession of a few Cottons and her Blue evolution form is the most universally helpful colour. Overall, Cotton may be the best FUA option for Blue Sonia teams as she is bind immune, has dual 7 Combo, along with a short but useful base active skill.


Uruka is an amazing sub for Blue Sonia teams once you unlock her second 7 Combo Super Awakening. This puts her damage output on par with your leaders provided no L’s are matched along with having a beneficial active skill.

While a Fujin  style active is less needed overall, it does make things easier. Furthermore, the board changer is not a horrible overall. This is because it spawns all 6 elements which means you can heal and at least activate your multiplier/shield.


Amatsu generally the strongest FUA option for most teams due to the fact that he has an amazing amount of HP, but on Blue Sonia teams, Cotton may be better. This is because the additional HP is not as needed due to the naturally high HP on Blue Sonia teams. Furthermore, his base active disrupts Blue Sonia’s activation along with the orb unlocking being somewhat redundant with her base active. As such, Amatsu can still be used, but is less ideal compared to Cotton.


Awoken (and future Reincarnated) Andromeda has merits on Blue Sonia teams due to their modestly high RCV and beneficial active skill. Unlike Amatsu’s double orb changer, Andromeda does not disrupt your activation requirements along with removing hazard orbs. Furthermore, she can gain either full bind immunity or FUA through her Super Awakenings (Reincarnated form only).


Mitzune may seem like an unusual choice as a sub for Blue Sonia but their incredible RCV levels enables you to quickly restore your HP. Having 1,000 base RCV along with a Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus awakening essentially solves the healing problems along with providing a FUA.

If using MItzune in solo mode, players may potentially opt for the +HP badge to further tank large hits if they feel comfortable with their healing potential.


Distel is probably better off as an inherit but is at least worth mentioning as a potential sub if lacking stronger options. They provide 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with dual L  awakenings; however, the lack of any 7 Combo can put a damper on the overall damage output as it is often better to pursue pure combos assuming one lacks numerous Blue Sonias.


Kiri is a situational sub due to her triple Dragon Killers Dragon Killer and active skill. Normally changing a boss’s attribute to Fire is wasted, but it can act as a pseudo damage augmentation on Blue Sonia teams due to attribute bonus. Against non-Wood spawns, this translates into 2x damage but against Wood spawns, the net effect is 4x damage.


Blue Ney has merits on Blue Sonia teams due to the synergistic active and awakenings. Comparing her to Ryune, Blue Ney is better provided one does not require the Follow Up Attack as she deals more damage through the extra 7 Combo along with being bind immune.


Julie can potentially be a powerful sub provided one can line up her God God Killer, Dragon Dragon Killer, and Attacker 37 Killers. However, if not enough notable spawns exist, she may not have much value along with having a lackluster active skill.

The key to using Julie is fighting spawns with two typing that she covers as it will enable her to deal 9 or 27x damage.


Reincarnated Karin becomes a powerful sub once one unlocks her Super Awakenings as it will grant her an additional 7 Combo awakening. This enables her to deal 4x damage to any spawn when reaching 7 or more combos along with having a beneficial active skill. However, the rows do go to waste along with the board changer not producing heart orbs.

3386 Orochi

Orochi may be better off as an on-colour inherit, but if in a pinch, they can be used as a sub. Their main drawback is their TPA TPA having little value on the team along with a lackluster base ATK if not connecting 4 water orbs. Furthermore, the massive HP Orochi provides is not as needed on Blue Sonia teams.


Awoken Sarasvati can be used as a sub and her main appeal will be the 6-turn base active. While it can provide up to 5 water orbs (on 6×5), it may override dark orbs and prevent activation so she may be used as an inheritance base for a longer active skill.

Notable inherits & Latents

Once you have settled on your potential team, the last things to do are determine inherits and latents. For the most part, there is no perfect answer to which one should be used and is more so done on a case-by-case basis or what kind of content you intend to play through.


Without knowing what kind of content your Blue Sonia team will be used for, it is impossible to say XYZ are the best inherits to have; however, there are some general guidelines that should be covered:

  • Delay
  • Burst
  • Orb/board changer that makes hearts

Delays are always helpful in the vast majority of dungeons as it enables players to set up the board, stall a bit more, or heal back up in safety.

Due to the fact that Blue Sonia has a low multiplier, having some form of damage augmentation or burst is somewhat required. When used in conjunction with Blue Sonia’s base active, one should be able to deal lethal damage to virtually any spawn.

Finally, having an orb/board changer that produces hearts is meaningful. This is because healing may become an issue so being able to replenish your HP while possibly dealing damage is invaluable.


Latents are also dependent on the dungeon at being played through and the available Killers Blue Sonia can equip is somewhat lackluster. However, the Machine Killer Machine Killer can help push through Gaia Dragon in Arena 3. Other subs can use any killer against specific notable spawns if available but adding in Skill Delay Resists Capture is never a bad idea.


Blue Sonia is a fun leader to play and her immense durability and consistency helps her waltz through many dungeons. Despite having a lower multiplier, Blue Sonia can still tackle end game content provided one plans out their active skill usage and stalls on safer floors.

Let me know what you use on your Blue Sonia teams and what kind of content she is used in.

Happy Puzzling!

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36 thoughts on “Team Building for Blue Sonia”

    1. Depends on the dungeon you are playing through tbh. If forced to stall for prolonged periods of time, more RCV is desired. Also, running the badge makes a big difference


  1. Good guide! As a blue fan going way back, I invested in Clean instead of Fio (I can’t play green, I don’t know why).

    There was a post on the reddit about using Berry Dragon, as the 3 enhances make a pretty significant boost in damage, and a 30% max hp heal + heartmaker can be really solid. I’ve tried it, it works pretty well.

    In that same vein, if you’re just trying to find alternate damage boosts, I’ve run Halloween Karin (with a Valentine Karin inherit) to do some serious orb-enhance damage boosting. If/when those seasonals get super awakenings, it will be a pretty big deal.


    1. The only main issue I foresee with using orb enhances for damage boosting is when you run into sopdet. Two combos with no enhance allows you to just slide under but if any is enhanced it will heal her instead.


  2. Awesome post mantastic!
    You know so much about the dungeons you think about so many things when it comes to subs your articles really come together!!

    Now, if I only had a blue sonia. . . . 🙂


    1. Gronia is basically Ragnarok Dragon, Odin Dragon, Green Cotton, Dupe Gronia

      Main advantage is being able to use better killers (green Cotton is balanced) and access to Odin/Ragnarok so Alt Arena is easier with her compared to Blue Sonia


      1. Nees also deserves a strong sub mention, for +11-12k hp before multipliers towards rage hit thresholds, useful active, and super awakening second 7cc.


        1. Nees can work for sure if it means you can survive a new level of punishment. However, she would be a poor choice for a3 (or any dark primary card) due to the lack of dmg control vs Sopdet


  3. Some side tips for newer players or players looking to clear easier content with a more limited sub pool.

    1) If you happened to pull a Kulia, she makes a passable partner to a BSonia until you pull and evo Clea. Alternately if you have Clea, she isnt a half bad sub barring better on color options. Her active has a nice short cooldown and provides dark and blue orbs.

    2) Speaking of dark subs / inherits – Paolumu from the MH collab provides an ideal inherit albeit dark so a slight stat loss, unless you are using a dark unit like Kulia.

    3) New player with rcv issues? have a Mel? Tested her and while she didnt help with damage really, and my hp was a bit lower, instead of healing ~15k i was healing ~60-80k on a standard 7 match using 4 hearts

    Im at work atm – if i get a second later i’ll try to post a few more. =)


  4. I’ve been using Mel with Valentine Chocolate inherit on my B.Sonia team. 3 match hearts is 5.8k health before combos. Heart TPA match is 28k before combos. She also has a FUA super awakening. The downside is she’s not a dragon and no 7c, so you’re losing a whole sub’s damage.


    1. That is a pretty big loss in overall damage and imo not that ideal

      Rushana makes use of Mel better due to the fact that she pumps out far more damage and losing 1 sub isn’t as big of a deal


    1. You can counter Gaia Dragon with a Carat inherit and Machine Killer Latents

      Usually takes 2 turns but don’t match L’s as it can cause Blonia to spike too high


      1. Good plan, I’m actually working on my Carat, I’m just trying to figure out inherits
        I have one Karin with Famiel for the pedras, and another Karin with Gammoth evo for the stat boost and the active synergizes. I could put Carat on either BNey or BCotton, but I’d like to keep one as a heart maker for FuA if need be.


        1. With an optimal Blonia board (making L’s and 7c+) you can kill PreDRAs assuming they are not wood so you may not need a Famiel and instead put Carat on your Karin as you want to retain BNey’s active

          Blue Cotton can inherit anything that makes hearts/water or orochi etc


  5. I have the weirdest luck, having pulled two Sonias and three Ryuunes. How do I put them in a single team? I got a few more subs you’ve listed (mostly Andromedas and Karins), but Ryuune just feels better than any of them right now.

    I also bought a Cotton, but I want to make her green since I also have a green Sonia and don’t have as many viable subs for her. To be honest, I’m not sure I should even work on the blue team when I already have RagDra, OdinDra and another RagDra coming up soon. What is blue Sonia’s main upside?


    1. I find Blue Sonia nicer for a3 as she can better deal with Vishnu and Parvati along with Ragnarok Dragon and Odin Dragon having less value there

      As for your team, using all 3 ryunes n dupe blonia can work but maybe swapping out 1 Ryune for andromeda may be helpful but again personal preference


  6. Wondering about subs
    I have two blue neys, rolled two cottons (one is blue, idk if I should make the other blue too, I don’t have Gronia, also yeah I said rolled), one ryune, and two awoken Andromedas, what should I put in for my just rolled Blue Sonia


    1. Try Blonia/Ney/Ney/Cotton/AAndro(Ryune)

      Having played a fair bit with Blonia in the last week, RCV was never really that big of a problem for me, yeah its low but you have almost 100k solo and almost a 50% shield.

      You can always inherit Mitsu or run him if you know you’ll need his active. (Like in no rcv stuff)


      1. Or run the B/x Ryune as a sub instead of AAndro, that one has insane rcv. Best to just try it out and see what works for you


    2. I would only make 1 Cotton blue as you will want to have a different colour for other teams in the future

      As for team building, it is quite flexible and can vary based on the dungeon at hand but as mentioned above/below, using your two Blue Neys, 1 Blue Cotton, and Andromeda would probably be great for most content


  7. lol, 1200 days in, finally got my first non-seasonal sonia of any kind
    sadly, no subs for her, so until then, pretty box trophy


    1. More of her Mega Awoken form is desirable due to having perfect synergy via awakenings and further pushes your damage upwards when matching optimal boards


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