[PSA] Best Friend and Rank REM Resets Coming Next Week

After next Tuesday’s maintenance, players will enjoy 6 unique resets. These will include:

  • Best Friend (article coming soon)
  • Premium Egg Machine (Snowglobe/Bean rolls aka Present)
  • Rank 150, 250, & 500 REM
  • IAP One-Time Bargain Set

All of the above will be available once again after the maintenance and if you have not utilized them beforehand, they will be “lost” when reset. Resetting enables players to perform that action once again.

Thus, if you have not chosen a Best Friend, you should do so now. In addition, if you are close to either Rank 150, 250, or 500, it is worth pushing hard for those milestones to gain an extra roll.|

Official GungHo post can be found HERE.

Happy Puzzling!

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8 thoughts on “[PSA] Best Friend and Rank REM Resets Coming Next Week”

      1. 331,187,350 is my account. :D. What do you mean by which account? It is my main if that’s what you are asking.


          1. Haha I was really tired when I read this before my double shift. I would be honored for either. I know you are reliable on both.


              1. Your friends list is full. I don’t want to hassle you, but if you have someone who doesn’t play to cut I log in at least once daily, but most days I log in a lot.


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