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Assist Evolution Overview


The latest patch for Puzzle and Dragons has introduced us to the new Assist Evolution mechanic. This mechanic enables your assisting card to not only provide their active skill, but to also grant additional awakenings. As a result, monsters are now able to surpass 9 awakenings. The current roster of Assist Evolutions is small for the mean time, but future options can spice up your team building options.

Just be aware that once a monster achieves Assist Evolution status it cannot be reversed so choose wisely.

Video commentary

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How to determine if you should make an Assist Evolution

The most important question to ask yourself before committing to an Assist evolution is to determine if it is your only copy of the card and how likely are you to use them as a sub/leader. This is important as the process cannot be reversed and you do not want to waste your resources and base card.

Points to consider when determining if you plan to use the card as a sub is mostly if they have valuable Killer awakenings. For the most part, subs are chosen for their awakenings and correct typing/base stats. This is because with Skill Inheritance, base actives are less important as they can be overwritten. Thus, the most potentially powerful awakening a card could have is Killers, especially if they have 2 or more (Killers mostly apply to more niche farming situations or Ch10’s etc.). Continue reading Assist Evolution Overview