Organizing My Monster Box


Numerous Quality of Life changes have occurred since my previous article detailing the Monster Box Folder System. As such, I wish to review how I now sort my Monster Box now that we have the Plus Bank, Evolution Gems, and various material stacking.

While you may have your own methods for sorting your Monster Box, it does not hurt to see how other players go about this. There is no “correct” way to manage your Box, but being exposed to new ideas may be of value.

Video commentary

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Monster Box Folders

The default Monster Box has the folders turned off and it is highly advisable to turn them on right away. The Folders provide additional levels of customization and can greatly ease in finding cards within.

To turn Folders on simply follow these steps:

  1. Options
  2. System
  3. Manage Boxes: On

This will create tabs at the top of your Monster Box:

  • All default Monster Box setting
  • Not Set Monster Box minus cards in customizable folders, Evo, Awoken, and Enhance materials
  • 2 customizable folders can hold any non-Evo, Awoken, and Enhance materials
  • Evo material stacks all of your Evolution materials (automatically done)
  • Awoken material stacks all of your Tamadra/Latent Tamadras (automatically done)
  • Enhance material holds all of your Enhance materials which do not stack (automatically done)

Evolution Gems

Evolution Gems are a new system to evolve monsters from descend drops. Most boss drops can be exchanged for their respective Evolution Gem which can stack and is now required to evolve cards. Evolution Gems come in Small, Medium, Large, and Unique. The sized Gems can be formed by using several different monsters which can dramatically open up evolution requirements and make many easier to perform. More can be read HERE.

In essence, Evolution Gems reduce Box clutter as they can be stacked and are automatically put into your Evolution Tab.

Plus Bank

The Plus Bank is a wonderful Quality of Life update that puts all of your Pluses into a virtual bank that can be drawn upon when needed and easily deposited into. This means that players will no longer be required to store +297 fodders in their Monster Box and these should be sold to free up space. In addition, all Pluses that drop in dungeon will not automatically be deposited into your Plus Bank.

More can be read HERE.

Putting it all together

Prior to all of these updates, I somewhat underutilized the Monster Box Folders and simply had a Prizes tab with very little in it along with a +297 fodder tab; however, I have dramatically revamped my organizational methods and it is much easier to find exactly what I am looking for.

This is my personal approach and may not always be appropriate for every player.

Sort > Fav

For my more veteran readers, many of us have been playing for well over 1,000 days and we used to organize our Monster Box by Fav. but some time ago, GungHo decided to change the way Fav. was sorted (no idea why, silly move overall).

As such, our Monster Boxes were left looking significantly different and it may have been hard to find what we were looking for. Thus, I now utilize the Sort feature to recreate as close as possible the original Fav. system:

This is a personal preference and is simply how I like to view my Monster Box.


Right now, I have replaced my +297 fodder folder with my common inherits. This tab is home to cards that I almost exclusively use as an inherit. This makes it significantly easier to find what i am looking for and I can easily un-assist a card as the folder is reasonable small.

For each card placed in my Inherits tab, my Not Set folder becomes less cluttered which makes it easier to find my subs/leaders. Granted I may possibly still use cards from Not Set as inherits, they are used less overall.


My Prizes tab used to only contain my Radar Dragon drops from my Arena 3 farming days; however, it now includes anything I would like to keep, but not actually see clogging up my Monster Box:

These cards would never be used under normal circumstances but can be nice to look at.


Some players enjoy having a Work In Progress (WIP) folder but this is redundant for myself as I am able to instantly max out a card as soon as i acquire them due to a large stockpile of materials.

Not Set

By moving cards to the Inherits and Prizes tab, my Monster Box has become significantly less cluttered and now is easier to arrange.

In essence, I Favourite all my REM pulls (which leaves them at the top) and have all the various drops at the bottom. Another thing I often do is view my box by + as it will place all my +297 cards at the top which acts as another filter as I most likely use those cards on a regular basis.

To further tidy up my Box, I try to convert as many descend drops into Evolution Gems.


The All Tab is the default Monster Box without folders and I usually view this section via Skill when trying to skill up any card. By using the All Tab folder, I can see skill up materials that may be Enhance or Evolution based which would not show up in Not Set.


There is no “correct” way to organize your Monster Box. What works best for you may be different than other players, but as long as you are able to find cards in an efficient manner, that is what is most important.

Let me know how you organize your Monster Box in the comments below along with any nuances you may have.

Happy Puzzling!

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6 thoughts on “Organizing My Monster Box”

  1. Since I don’t roll very often, nor do I whale too many times, I won’t have too many monsters in my box. Therefore, I won’t have a lot of box space. I tend to keep all the good stuff (MP monsters, REM, and farmable prizes like Gunma, etc.) in my first box, and my second box, well, I don’t know what to put there. Because of that, my Not Set box just has descended characters. No, I’m not joking. It’s only descended characters. On the other hand, people that tend to whale and roll a lot in Collabs have lots of box space, usually 2k+. So they sort their box like the way Mantastic sorts his box. Where REM monsters are put in the Not Set box, etc.


  2. The way I have mine set up is all my leaders and subs are put into folder 1 and the leaders/subs I am working on hypermaxing are in folder 2.


  3. I have been using Folder 1 for things I use on my team(s). Folder 2 for skillups. UnSet for everything else. This post made me think about a different usage. Skill sorting means I have a free folder…hmmm.

    In your arrangement, I want to call Prizes either Hoarder or OCD 🙂


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