[PSA] August Quests – Rainbow Medals


The August Monthly Quests are the first inception of a new in game currency: the Rainbow Event Medal :eventmedal:. These Medals differ from those acquired via Ganesha’s Treasure Trove and cannot be acquire via trading in the Bronze/Silver/Gold Medals.

As such, these Rainbow Event Medals should be cherished as JP has only given out a limited amount (9) and will be used for trading in via the Monster Exchange system.

Video commentary

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Rainbow Event Medals

Evolution Gems

The JP server is several months ahead of North America and they have only received 9 Rainbow Event Medals thus far; however, the two gained from the August Quests will not be sufficient to purchase anything of value (along with not being available).

In JP, players can exchange 3 Rainbow Medals for either Borma, Zapan, or Byuto Evolution Gems:

These Gems come from Monster Exchanging Borma, Zapan, and Byuto drops who can be found as a 24-hour dungeon reward for clearing the earlier 3-hour One Shot challenges.

As a whole, these cards are not particularly worthwhile trading in due to the fact that the 24-hour dungeon can be done in coop which means they can be acquired even if one missed the 3-hour One Shot Challenge.

In regards to their usage, these Gems are used to form the new Starter Dragon Evolutions which are nice, but there is a strong possibility that if you were able to actually able to acquire these Medals, you would have stronger options in your Monster Box.

You cannot acquire the Evolution Gems required for the new Myr or Dark Athena evolutions.

GungHo exclusive cards

GungHo also makes other games and we are now starting to see crossovers between each franchise. As such, these currently exclusive JP cards should be available to NA in the future as they are all owned by GungHo and will cost 4 Rainbow Event Medals each.


Honoka has the ability to reduce incoming damage by 50% for 2 turns along with 50% max HP heal for 2 turns. While this can be used for pseudo stalling, it is not that amazing overall. This is because the HP heal component works like auto recovery Auto heal in that the healing component triggers after matches and prevents HP-sensitive teams from functioning. As a leader, they form a modest Light-row team but is nothing special.

In addition to this, Honoka has the potential to be converted into a Weapon Assist and donate a single Time Extend+  awakening. Sadly, the need to add an additional second of orb movement time is situational at best.


Arresta comes with the highly desirable double coop boost awakenings Multiplayer Bonus which dramatically bolster her base stats when used in coop. As such, she becomes a desirable base for a button-style active skill that deals damage based on the card’s ATK stat. This can be used for efficient farming practices as players can potentially execute spawns with a push of a button; however, players who are GungHo about this playstyle most likely have options for their teams and Arresta will have lower merit for the average player.

With that being said, if one is close to completing a specific farming team, Arresta can act as the final piece and her 3 Skill boosts Skill Boost further promote her value.


The Rainbow Event Medals are a new currency within Puzzle and Dragons; however, even looking several months ahead to JP, nothing truly stands out as worthwhile. As such, it would be best for the average player to simply save and hoard these rare items for a future release. This is one actual perk of being behind JP as we are able to see any exciting things released and have additional time to prepare.

Happy Puzzling!

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7 thoughts on “[PSA] August Quests – Rainbow Medals”

  1. I can’t wait to have Arresta on my Vraska team, with weapon assist of Yinyang Swordpair, Gan Jiang & Mo Ye on Arresta to make it triple co-op boosters (1,003.57 + 297) x 3.375…

    A deadly machine smashes anything that stood in the way of her master, Vraska~~ muhahahaha!!

    Btw, just a quick question about the Brave serious weapon assist… when it says “change own attributes to…” it means both main- and sub- attributes to that color or just main-attributes?



    1. With + 295 and triple-coop booster, Arresta will have have:
      HP: 18,849
      Att: 8,242
      RCV: 2,568

      And she even have a 7c… totally unfair… I LOVE IT!


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