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Cotton Wins Monster Exchange Survey


The Monster Exchange Survey has come to a close and Cotton has been crowned the winner for North America. For the most part, these types of surveys are problematic because only a single winner can be chosen and it would not surprise me if Cotton had 15% of the total votes as there were 39 different cards to choose from.

The Monster Exchange Survey is different compared to the previous event where the selected card was available for 1,000,000 Monster Points as Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: will be the primary currency used.

This article will summarize Cotton’s value along with my thoughts on why she was voted for the second time in a row.

Video commentary

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Monster Survey format

Due to the fact that the Monster Survey can only have one winner and the voting pool consists of 39 different cards, it would not be surprising if Cotton had the majority of a minority.

With this in mind, no single card can please everyone and simply opens up the door to mass disappointment. As such, internet bashing those who wanted Cotton is quite juvenile and our voting process did align with the Korean server who has a similar lack of Collabs as we do. Continue reading Cotton Wins Monster Exchange Survey

PSA – Do not Monster Exchange Rainbow Event Medals to Stack Them

With Version 17.0, players are able to now convert their Rainbow Event Medals into Event Medal – Rainbow Gems which are classified as an Evolution Material. As such, they are able to stack but the problem is the Evolution Material form is unable to be used for anything other than Super Reincarnated Evolutions. Thus, they would stack, but players would be not able to use them to purchase cards like Odysseus .

With this in mind, only convert Rainbow Event Medals into their Evolution Material form if performing a Super Reincarnated Awakening.

Happy Puzzling!

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GungHo Collab Arrives in NA – MP Cards, Monster Exchange, & Dungeon Review


GungHo is a large company that makes numerous games outside of Puzzle and Dragons with this event celebrating all their titles for the next 2 months. As such, the content will be released in a staggered format that will try to bring excitement for the next 60 days.

There will be 2 new MP cards, 2 new cards in the Monster Exchange (with the REM cards also being available at a later date), numerous Pal Egg Machine buffs/additions, special dungeons, and an exclusive Rare Egg Machine. Just note that not all of these will be available right away as they will be released in a staggered manner.

This article will summarize all of the new content coming out this Saturday with the PEM and REM being covered in separate posts as they will be released at a later date. With that being said, one should start saving their Pal Points as some of the cards are quite valuable.

Video commentary

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750,000 MP cards

During the GungHo Collab, players will be able to spend 750,000 Monster Points to gain a new card util October 31st. This price tags puts them on par with Dark Athena  and Amen  so it would not be a far stretch to hope these new cards would be able to add at least a similar level of power to your Monster Box. Continue reading GungHo Collab Arrives in NA – MP Cards, Monster Exchange, & Dungeon Review

[PSA] August Quests – Rainbow Medals


The August Monthly Quests are the first inception of a new in game currency: the Rainbow Event Medal :eventmedal:. These Medals differ from those acquired via Ganesha’s Treasure Trove and cannot be acquire via trading in the Bronze/Silver/Gold Medals.

As such, these Rainbow Event Medals should be cherished as JP has only given out a limited amount (9) and will be used for trading in via the Monster Exchange system.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Rainbow Event Medals

Evolution Gems

The JP server is several months ahead of North America and they have only received 9 Rainbow Event Medals thus far; however, the two gained from the August Quests will not be sufficient to purchase anything of value (along with not being available). Continue reading [PSA] August Quests – Rainbow Medals