GungHo Collab Arrives in NA – MP Cards, Monster Exchange, & Dungeon Review


GungHo is a large company that makes numerous games outside of Puzzle and Dragons with this event celebrating all their titles for the next 2 months. As such, the content will be released in a staggered format that will try to bring excitement for the next 60 days.

There will be 2 new MP cards, 2 new cards in the Monster Exchange (with the REM cards also being available at a later date), numerous Pal Egg Machine buffs/additions, special dungeons, and an exclusive Rare Egg Machine. Just note that not all of these will be available right away as they will be released in a staggered manner.

This article will summarize all of the new content coming out this Saturday with the PEM and REM being covered in separate posts as they will be released at a later date. With that being said, one should start saving their Pal Points as some of the cards are quite valuable.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

750,000 MP cards

During the GungHo Collab, players will be able to spend 750,000 Monster Points to gain a new card util October 31st. This price tags puts them on par with Dark Athena  and Amen  so it would not be a far stretch to hope these new cards would be able to add at least a similar level of power to your Monster Box.

Presently speaking, Odin 3264 and Ragnarok Dragon  are the two strongest Monster Point cards in the game as they provide valuable utility, damage, and stats, when pushing through end game content. As such, it is highly recommended one has these cards before thinking about spending on a different card. Furthermore, each one only costs 300,000 MP.


Active Skill: Change Heart, Jammer, Poison & Mortal Poison orbs to Water orbs. Water attribute ATK x3 for 1 turn (15 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: Water attribute cards ATK x3. All attribute cards ATK x2 on the turn a skill is used. ( Multiple skills will not stack ) All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 3 of Fire, Water, Wood, Light & Dark orb types at the same time.

Awakening: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend  God Killer Devil killer

  • Active removes Hazards
  • Active provides 3x ATK burst
  • Skill Charge 
  • Leader Skill has several components
    • Grants some damage control
    • 324x ATK / 43.75% damage reduction
  • God God Killer and Devil Killer Devil killer
  • Has Assist evolution
  • Animated
  • Has viable leader pairings
    • Reeche , Jhoira 
  • Active skill reliant
    • Tardis  is vital
  • Subs must have Water attribute
  • Killers can prevent damage control
  • Rainbow reliant
  • Assist evolution is lackluster for price

Leo is a strong card but is not game breaking  compared to other top tier leaders. He is able to form a 324x ATK / 43.75% damage reduction team with dual leaders which is quite impressive considering he will almost always be able to trigger his damage reduction clause.

One only needs to match 3/5 elements which should be almost always possible provided no orb changing shenanigans have taken place. Furthermore, the final component of his Leader Skill simply requires an active skill being used which will almost always be Tardis  as he has the Water sub attribute. Sadly, Tardis is somewhat hard to replace as there is no other 1 turn active card that has the Water attribute.

In addition to the Tardis restriction, Leo also requires all his subs to be Water-based in order to gain his full ATK multiplier which does exclude many powerful options. This can be a hurdle for newer players who lack a deeper Monster Box Regardless, Leo teams have amazing damage output and survivability that can be easily padded with 7 Combo 45 awakenings along with being able to utilize orb changers as he only requires 3/5 colours being matched. This can further concentrate your damage along with adding some flexibility.

Moving away from his leadership potential, Leo is an average sub as his primary role is providing 3x ATK for Water cards. Furthermore, his base cooldown is quite lengthy and is only manageable due to his Skill Charge  awakening. As such, it may be hard to accommodate him on most other teams.

Finally, Leo’s Assist  evolution is able to provide a TPA TPA and 20% Blind Resist Blind Resist when inherited. This is strong, but not worth the 750,000 Monster Points to acquire. Making an Assist Evolution is permanent and cannot be reversed so think carefully before committing.

In conclusion, Leo is a strong card to own, but his value mostly relies on players not having a stronger leader currently available along with Monster Points to spare. In addition, players can pair with a Leo friend with their Reeche  or Jhoira  so one does not need to own him.


Active Skill: Heal for 40% of max HP every turn for 6 turns. Reduces cooldown of other skills by 1 turn (12 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Dark and Fire combos at the same time. ATK x3 when simultaneously clearing 3 connected Heart orbs. All attribute cards ATK x2 on the turn a skill is used

Awakening: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend  45

  • Active provides large healing over time
  • Natural Tape Resist 
  • Leader Skill has several components
    • Grants some damage control
    • 324x ATK / 43.75% damage reduction
  • Flexible sub pool
    • Dark & Fire is preferred
  • Active skill reliant
  • Requires Dark, Fire, & Hearts for activation
  • Active skill strange

Kuroyuri is the other 750,000 MP card available during the GungHo Collab event and she boasts the same multipliers as Leo while also sharing similar restrictions. With that being said, Kuroyuri will face different challenges when playing through content.

Leo is able to trigger his damage reduction from any 3/5 colours matched which is significantly easier compared to Kuroyuri as she must match Dark and Fire. This restriction is still somewhat on the light side as one should statistically get 3 Dark and 3 Fire from 6 combos (18 orbs) being matched; however, the chance of being orb trolled is significantly higher.

In addition, Kuroyuri lacks an ideal Dark or Fire card with a 1 turn cooldown to trigger her full multiplier. While players can use any card in theory, if one is planning on using orb changers to try and reduce their board to a tri-elemental form, off colour subs would not be providing much benefit.

In regards to her active skill, the 6 turns of 40% HP heal will function like an auto heal in that the healing occurs after orbs have been matched so it cannot be used for HP-sensitive teams. Amusingly, dual Kuroyuri cards are able to enjoy 100% uptime so this can act as a permanent healing solution. Sadly, assigning 2/6 actives to healing is an overall waste and it would usually be more valuable to inherit something over at least one of them.

Monster Exchange cards

During the GungHo Collab event, players will be able to trade in their Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: for rare cards along with 6* GFE for the exclusive REM in the future. For the purpose of this article, only the Rainbow Event Medals will be discussed.

Starting on Monday, players will potentially have the ability to own 4 Rainbow Event Medals which would be enough to trade in for one card; however, the featured cards are not that amazing and only provide niche value overall.

Just remember that NA receives content 2-3 months after JP and the GungHo event lasts until October 31st so there is plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons as well as potentially seeing what may be coming out in the future.

 Honoka – 4 :eventmedal:

Honoka has the ability to reduce incoming damage by 50% for 2 turns along with 50% max HP heal for 2 turns. While this can be used for pseudo stalling, it is not that amazing overall. This is because the HP heal component works like auto recovery Auto heal in that the healing component triggers after matches and prevents HP-sensitive teams from functioning. As a leader, they form a modest Light-row team but is nothing special.

In addition to this, Honoka has the potential to be converted into a Weapon Assist and donate a single Time Extend+  awakening. Sadly, the need to add an additional second of orb movement time is situational at best.

 Arresta- 4 :eventmedal:

Arresta comes with the highly desirable double coop boost awakenings Multiplayer Bonus which dramatically bolster her base stats when used in coop. As such, she becomes a desirable base for a button-style active skill that deals damage based on the card’s ATK stat. This can be used for efficient farming practices as players can potentially execute spawns with a push of a button; however, players who are GungHo about this playstyle most likely have options for their teams and Arresta will have lower merit for the average player, especially if they do not have ideal button actives or enough coop boost subs available.

With that being said, if one is close to completing a specific farming team, Arresta can act as the final piece and her 3 Skill boosts Skill Boost further promote her value.

GungHo Collab dungeon

During the GungHo Collab event, players will be able to clear a special dungeon for both valuable drops and additional Pal Points.

For the entire duration of the event, players will be able to receive 100 Pal Points per clear of Legend difficulty which will greatly help rolling in the lucrative PEM (possibly coming next Friday, article pending release).

In addition, there will be a special 2-minute mode where players will be able to receive 200 Pal Points.

From a stamina efficiency point of view, these dungeons will be the best place to acquire Pal Points assuming one does not have an excessive number of Best Friends to run 2-stamina Normal dungeons. Regardless, the dungeon itself has valuable drops and is worth playing.

Future farmable

There will be a part two for the GungHo Collab and within it one can find Durandalf and while he is not available yet, he is well worth the effort.


Active Skill: Inflict Light damage equal to ATK x300 to all enemies. Affected by enemy element and defense. (25 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: Light  attribute cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5. Increases time limit of orb movement by 2 seconds. ATK x4 at 7 combos. ATK x1 for each additional combo, up to ATK x7 at 10 combos

Awakening: Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend Fire resist Water Red Wood resist  45

It is a given that a farmable card will rarely surpass the prowess of an REM monster, Durandalf’s 300x nuke can make for the beginnings of a button team. While the cooldown of 25 turns is quite long this can be overcome by transforming him into his Weapon Assist form.

3,533 HP / 1,433 ATK / 343 RCV

 Durandalf Weapon Assist

Durandalf’s Weapon Assist is able to be inherited and still provides the same 300x ATK to all enemies. This is invaluable and can drastically lower the need to chase various Button REM cards. Naturally, this active skill goes best on cards with the Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus awakening as their stats will be greatly amplified in Coop mode.

While Reincarnated Satan is another farmable card with 300x ATK nuke, he is not able to hit all enemies like Durandalf. As such, it is worth farming Durandalf during the event to have both options at the ready.

Pal Egg Machine

The GungHo Pal Egg Machine will undergo a major buff during the event and will include new cards along with upgrades for existing monsters. Despite the fact that these cards are free, they are quite powerful and well worth pursuing.

Sadly, we do not know the exact date of the revamped GungHo PEM but it is worth saving as many Pal Points as possible for it. As such, using your Best Friends along with completing the event dungeon can help rack up Pal Points for the eventual release.


The GungHo Collab event is an exciting time, but it is most valuable for the farmables and PEM cards. It is worth going out of your way to farm at least 1 Durandalf as he will enable you to button through more content or at least help hasten clear times for easier dungeons.

The PEM and eventual event REM will both be covered in their own articles when they are released.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comment below.

Happy Puzzling!

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41 thoughts on “GungHo Collab Arrives in NA – MP Cards, Monster Exchange, & Dungeon Review”

  1. Mantastic do you know if the Collab Dungeon is Co-Opable? If so is there any point to the 2 min dungeon for those who run Co-Op?


    1. I am not 100% sure if doing coop will yield 100 pal points, but I presume it should

      With that being said, if you do plan to coop, there would be little incentive to run the 2-min version outside of the chance at a 1-time clear stone


  2. Hey mantastic, i haven t bought a Monster from the mp Shop yet, as Leaders i use yusuke, Gronia, vraska, red Odin, Kaede or sarasvat. Do you think Leo is Worth it To Buy or is Odin Dragon the better Card for me?


    1. Odin Dragon is a much, much better choice, since his Wood/Light form is incredibly powerful on Yusuke teams (and many others as well).

      Unless you have Tardis from the Monster Hunter collab, Leo won’t be very effective and you will be better off spending your MP elsewhere.


      1. Oops, all Odin Dragon’s evo forms are Wood/Light. I meant his Attacker uvo, “Original God Odin Dragon, Light Lance Form”. It will serve you well.


    2. Odin Dragon will be invaluable moving forward for both your Yusuke, Gronia, and Vraska teams

      I would strongly recommend purchasing him and pursuing the form with the 7c awakening


  3. I bought arresta and I am not impressed by her leader skill. She is a truly amazing sub! Hits a ton in multiplayer and makes kami or vraska very multiplayer compatible. I run Kami/vraska much of the time, but usually run yog in multiplayer. This could change.


      1. Awesome, are there any upcoming 750k or possibly a 1 mil voted monsters that are too good to pass up cuz I’m right at 1 mil but still need to by odin dragon. I have Xiang mei, ragnarock dragon, and I bought cotton when she was available.


      1. My Pal point efforts are going along fine…Happy Puzzling and all. 😉
        But I have seen no Durandalff drops. It doesn’t seem that he is farmable. At least not according to the link above.


          1. Well, thank you so much for the reply. I am looking forward to seeing what comes later in the event. As try as I might… I cannot muster much excitement for another Flame Knight Areon.


  4. Now that it’s been a few days since this event started, how are people feeling about Leo? Seems super easy to use. I’ve cleared thru A3 at this point. Is he really good at AA, or just passable? What about C8-C10 type content? I do have Tardis.


    1. I should have stated that I’m trying to decide if he’s worth the MP. I already have Odin dragon and two ragnorok. About 800K MP available currently.


  5. can you start posting recaps of your vids in these posts for those who don’t have time or want to spend the time to watch the vids but still like reading the articles and comments? 🙂


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