August 31 – September 1 Godfest Review

Godfest Basics

The format for Godfests has been dramatically changed through their REM Renewal along with Full Disclosure of Rolling Rates. These changes dramatically improve your chances of rolling a specific card as the pool of available monsters is significantly smaller as only a portion of the all possible monsters are featured at a given time. This is great news for players as you are better able to focus your Magic Stones on key cards.

Godfests no longer advertise “rate increases” and instead Highlighted specific cards along with 6/7* Godfest Exclusives being available. As such, these events are the best time to roll the REM as the current meta is heavily favouring these rare and elusive monsters.

Rolling rates may change or vary with each Godfest event and some 6/7* GFE may have higher rolling rates. Always check the rolling rates before proceeding.


Friday marks the return of our bi-monthly Godfests and the upcoming one is average at best. This is because it does not feature exceptionally boosted rates along with only 17 featured 6/7* GFE. This appears to be the new norm for Godfests moving forward which is a step back from the 21-22 featured ones from a couple of months ago. In addition to my regular review, I will also be including my previous Madoo  /  commentary for those who missed it.

Another reason to avoid this Godfest is the potential for an upcoming 7-themed Super Godfest that was not tied to a specific date/anniversary. This means there is a strong likelihood NA will receive something similar in 2 months (no confirmation, just speculation). As such, it would be wise to skip this Godfest in favour of saving Stones for more promising events.

Official announcement can be found HERE.

Last Godfest Review can be found HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Godfest overview

Unlike Godfests of the past, only some 6/7* GFE will be featured. If they are listed as unavailable, you will be unable to roll them during the event.

August 31 – September 1 Godfest
6/7* GFE available

    3233   2991  

6/7* GFE not available

3370 3236        

You ideally wish to line up a Godfest that overlaps with several key targets to improve your overall chances of success. Thus, it may be advantageous to wait for a more opportune Godfest if the current one does not feature enough key targets.

Based on the revealed rolling rates of previous Godfests, 6* GFE will have 0.6% hit rate whereas the 7* had 0.5%. With that being said, some GFE may feature an increased rate and you simply have to check the displayed rolling rates each time.

Looking at the past few Godfests, it appears that the trend is now to include two 7* and fifteen 6* GFE which is significantly lower compared to before. We used to have twenty 6* and one 7* which makes the overall rolling rates for hitting any 6/7* GFE lower.

Baldin 3370, Ilm 3236, and Sherias Roots  have not been featured for the second time in a row.

Madoo – S

Active Skill: +2 combo count for 1 turn. Delay 2 turns to all enemies (14 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: All attribute cards ATK x3 when reaching 4 combos or above. All attribute cards ATK x5, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 6+ Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark, Heart, Jammer, Poison or Mortal Poison orbs at the same time. Increases time limit of orb movement by 3 seconds

Awakening: Bind Immune Bind Immune   Skill Lock Resist Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row Fire Row


Active Skill: +2 combo count for 1 turn. Delay 2 turns to all enemies (14 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: Fire attribute cards ATK x4, RCV x2. Increases time limit of orb movement by 3 seconds. All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with 5+ Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark, Heart, Jammer, Poison or Mortal Poison orbs at the same time

Awakening: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist TPA TPA TPA  

  • Two distinct evolutions
    • VDP  route tends to be superior
  • Powerful Leader Skills
    • Blob leader that can activate
      on any element (incl. hazards)
    • Unconditional RCV
    • Almost unconditional damage reduction
    • Modest damage control
  • Provides Fire with a viable VDP 
  • Active skill provides +2 combos
  • 7* GFE
  • Base ATK multiplier is “low”
  • Restricted to using Fire subs
  • Lacks 7/10c awakenings
  • Situational sub
  • Lackluster inherit

Madoo is a powerful new 7* Godfest Exclusive whose primary role will be as an unconditional blob leader in her VDP form .

This evolution path enables her to achieve 144x ATK / 4x RCV / 43.75% damage reduction when connecting any 5 orbs. This means any element can be blobbed (even if you do not have that element on your team) which means one can almost always activate on a given board. This is wonderful as she will be quite difficult to kill as she can always heal back up to full health and her effective health becomes quite high. The main drawback to her Leadership potential is her own personal damage may be lackluster unless one connects 4 Fire orbs.

While she has wonderful Leadership potential, her ability to function as a sub or inherit are significantly lower. If used as a sub, Madoo will almost only be used for her VDP  awakenings. While she does have viable personal damage, one must try to connect 4 Fire orbs together to ensure she is able to one shot durable spawns. If VDP is not required, Madoo will most likely be skipped for other options as she lacks 7/10c awakenings.

As an inherit, her active skill is lackluster due to the fact that adding +2 combos is modestly common, but the fact that it comes with a 2 turn delay means the overall cooldown is longer. It is rare that one will need both mechanics at the same time as it is presumed the boss will die right away. As such, if using it for a delay, the 14 turn cooldown is not justified compared to other options.

GFE Tier list

This list reflects a card’s overall usage/viability in the current meta as well as moving forward. Cards are in no particular order within each tier.

Use these rankings as a starting point and not as absolute truth. Highly valued cards only have merit if you have a team to support them so they are somewhat subjective to your own Monster Box.

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should almost always keep the first copy of anything you roll

Godfest Tier List –  August 30, 2018
  3268 3236     3370
 3233 2991 
August 31 – September 1, 2018 Godfest Rankings
 3233 2991 

Changes explained (from last review)

Ameno A -> S

Ameno has gained a brand new split evolution in JP that has revived their viability. Not only does she gain a significantly higher multiplier, but gaining a VDP improves clear times and consistency.

Dark Metatron B -> S

Dark Metatron gains her highly anticipated Mega Awoken Evolution that dramatically upgrades her in every way possible. Not only does she gain stellar awakenings, but her active skill now has perfect synergy with her incredible Leader Skill. Dark Metatron is able to grant 4x HP to Gods along with a 225x ATK multiplier AND a 43.75% damage reduction shield. This propels her effect HP to unprecedented levels (nearly 8x) and makes her able to tank virtually any execution in the game along with all preemptives with ease.

JP sites rank her as the highest tier leader in the game which may be partially attributed to the initial hype, but she is amazing overall.

You can view my First Impressions of both Ameno and Dark Metatron in the following video:

 Blue Sonia S -> A

Blue Sonia is still a powerful and durable leader, but she is starting to lose ground compared to other options. Most notably is her limited sub pool and inability to run a Ragnarok  or Odin Dragon 3264 equivalent like Green Sonia .

She can still waltz through Arena 3 and has the ability to damage control all absorption spawns, but the game is starting to shift towards leaders with either more flexibility/damage output along with being able to handle Alt Arena more easily.

 Paimon A -> B

Paimon is still one of the best subs for the new Myr  but even with her new and improved form, she is no where near her previous power level. As such, Paimon tends to have less places to be used on and while he is an amazing HP stick, he provides less for most teams compared to other FUA  options along with Yog  having one naturally built in.

3370 Baldin A -> B

Baldin is still a wonderful Killer card who is able to have wonderfully high personal damage against a wide variety of spawns. Sadly, his base active skill is lackluster while also possessing a long cooldown. Furthermore, most teams are now shifting towards 7 Combo 45 subs as their damage is unconditional by comparison. With that being said, Baldin is still a powerful option for specialized content where his Killers can be fully taken advantage of.

 3233 2991  Raijin, Kanna, Dantalion, & Gremory B -> C

Raijin, Kanna, Dantalion, and Gremory are all being demoted due to the lack of viable places they can be used on. For the most part, their active skills are underwhelming and they lack the ideal awakenings to justify their usage as a sub. As such, it is only fitting that they be demoted to better help differentiate their value compared to the other Godfest Exclusives.

Godfest summary

Overall, this Godfest does feature a strong, albeit limited line up. Only a few of the top prize cards are absent, but this does not change the fact that there are only 17 cards featured. Furthermore, each featured cards has a lower chance of being rolled compared to a Super Godfest so one is losing out on two fronts as Super Godfests feature all Godfest Exclusives.

As mentioned above, there is strong speculation that NA will be blessed with a 7-themed Super Godfest in 2 months time (no confirmation, just speculation) which would be an ideal time to spend your Magic Stones.

GFE Trading Post

Due to the power of rare Collab cards, having extra copies of 6-star Godfest Exclusives has become vital to progressing through the game. Sadly, gunning purely for 6* GFE is best done during the Super Godfests where the chances of rolling a 6* GFE are significantly higher.

Regardless, the Trading Post/Monster Exchange System makes it highly undesirable to actually sell any 6* GFE as they can instead be traded in for a desirable/rare card.

Pantheon/5* GFE Highlights

With the presence of a Godfest, only 6/7* GFE are Highlighted. As a result, the 6* Pantheon cards now lose their Highlighted rates and drop down to around 0.64% chance which makes them on par with 6* GFE.

This creates an interesting conundrum, during non-Godfest events, the chances of you rolling a 6* Pantheon card are significantly higher but you cannot acquire the GFE.

With this in mind, it is still best to roll in Godfest events as the 6* GFE tend to be stronger overall and you can at least still roll a 6* Pantheon card at the same time.

Rolling rates may change each Godfest so always double check the line up beforehand.

Featured Cards

Due to the fact that the Assist Carnival is ending tonight (right before Godfest) and next cycled Pantheon begins on Sunday (right after Godfest), I do not know who/what will be featured alongside the Godfest. As such, check the official rolling rates in game for confirmation.

Collabs vs Godfests

Prior to the REM Renewal, it was quite risky to roll in Collabs as they often left players more disappointed than anything else. However, after seeing various Collab rolling rates, one has a pretty solid chance at acquiring a 7*+ card. Of course you will have to weigh the pros and cons along with examining the lowest rarity rolls from the Collab.

On the bright side, we are now able to utilize the Monster Exchange System to trade in for a desirable card. This was most prominent for acquiring Yusuke  as players did not actually have to roll in it and could simply exchange four 6* GFE/YYH Collab cards.

Sadly, Collabs are starting to shift towards the strongest cards in the game which is unfortunate for newer players as there is simply not enough Magic Stones to go around.

As a result, it has become more valuable for veteran player to roll in Collabs due to the fact that it offers cards you cannot otherwise replicate. On the other hand, newer players will tend to find more merit in regular Godfests as they need to round out their Monster Box before chasing more niche cards.

Thankfully, all players are able to use the Monster Exchange System to trade in for a rare Collab card of their choice.


The upcoming Godfest has a strong but small roster of featured Godfest Exclusives. While it may be tempting to roll, I would exercise caution in doing so as only 17 GFE are featured. In addition, there is the strong possibility that we will have a 7’s themed Super Godfest in 2 months time which would be a much better place to spend your Magic Stones.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below along with how much you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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31 thoughts on “August 31 – September 1 Godfest Review”

  1. In your comments you have mentioned that this godfest has a “small roster of featured Godfest Exclusives” Does that mean that if we roll we will ONLY get one of the gods listed above or we could get the crappy 4 star or even a 3 star monster too?


    1. You can roll 5 star and 6 star cards only, but now a ot of 5 star cards are as troll as the old 3 and 4 star rolls were


      1. Thanks for answering my question. Thanks for clarifying. I might keep rolling but once I get that “troll” I’m stopping. I hope someday Gung HO will bring back that NEY Godfest, again with only those. I would pay 6 or 7 stones for that Godfest.


    2. You can still roll the other cards but I am placing emphasis on the smaller pool of 6/7* GFE

      Before we had 20-21 5* at 0.6% and now we have 15 of them. So the odds of any 6* are much lower


      1. I hope Gung Ho is reading comments on your website. As a pad player who spends money I would spend more money on God Fest if we had a smaller pool of GFE with NO TROLL ROLLS. That would mean we would roll something from the GFE list ONLY & NO OTHER. I wouldn’t mind spending more stones on a God Fest like that. That is why the Heronine, Dragon Bound Exclusives, & Hunter/Dragon Exclusives can command a 10 stone roll…although those god fests are not as popular as before because pad players already have most of them.


        1. GH will never release a GFE-only REM as that will drastically reduce their profits in the long run. This format will always keep players in a “chase” mode in that they will never have everything and must continue rolling/spending


  2. I’ve watched some videos of rolls in the 7 stone godfest. While there were no troll beasts, I also didn’t see a lot of GFEs. Basically a whole bunch of awoken pantheon with the occasional 7* witch, but that was with a lot of rolls. Do we have any estimates on rates from the JP 7 stone godfest. If we are pulling for 6 star GFEs (dark meta, fujin, kaede, etc) is it actually better (worth the extra two stones per pull)? Also, am I crazy or did we have a 10 stone godfest once that was all GFEs?


    1. If i am not mistaken, the total chances of getting a 6/7* GFE are higher (even factoring in the increased price) compared to vanilla Godfests, especially these ones with even less cards featured


      1. Looks to be even slightly worse than you predicted. Madoo is .3%, so the total chance of getting a 7/6* GFE is slightly less than 10%.

        Does JP post rates like NA?


  3. Just rolled 85 Stones and got two 6 stars………..and they’re bad. I calculated the rates after I rolled……….lesson learned.


    1. It’s a shame, cause I really do like the GFE lineup this time around. Just not my chances of getting something from that lineup 😦


        1. That actually would be great. Basically what they used to do with Pantheons, so you would wait for your favorite combination and then roll.


  4. I hope Gung HO understands that pad players are NOT looking for greater variety but GREATER CHANCES to get the ones they want. In other words we want a smaller pool of GFE but only the ones on the list. If Gung Ho offers this, I would be willing to pay more magic stones instead of holding back from spending magic stones.


  5. I read somewhere in the comments that you are down to add people who can best friend you. I can best friend you and I would like to add you LOL although I use some pretty basic leaders and I’m only rank 500. I typically have Yusuke up. But sometimes I play kaede and Raphael to mix it up. Anubis is always up and When Ameno evolution comes out I will probably run her as a lead too. ID 355,841,363


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