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How to kill Sopdet and her 200k Absorb

I probably speak for everyone in saying that Awoken Spodet Sopdet and her 200k absorb shield is one of the deadliest encounters in Puzzle and Dragons. Sopdet is a dangerous encounter that can be found in many challenge dungeons, Arena, or Sphinx Descended. She is the cause of many heart breaks and I wanted to share some strategies I use to mitigate the risk.

Sopdet death
The pain is real

There will always be an element of luck involved when playing PAD, but it becomes even more apparent when unwanted skyfalls heal Sopdet instead of killing her. Generally speaking, Sopdet has

  • ~1.5 million health
  • Light element to start and switches to dark when under 50%.
  • Absorbs all damage dealt above 200k
  • Kills you after 4 turns

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