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June Bride REM Review and Analysis – June 2019


The June Bride REM will be coming to North America in June this year which comes as a big surprise as it has historically come in August. This is a good indication that GungHo NA is pushing content out faster (look at the Ideal Ranking Tournament with Refresh Nerf) which hopefully sets a solid precedence moving forward.

Sadly, despite the fact that this event is home to one of the most popular chase cards, it is a lackluster affair overall. This is because it features abysmal rolling rates along with a 1% chance at the first ever 9-star Seasonal/Collab card, Bride Zela . Bride Zela is  powerful and waifu material but will probably cost as much as some small weddings to acquire.

This article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses to provide a better picture of what to expect in this event.

Video commentary

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June Bride REM Pros & Cons – June 21, 2019
  • Actually comes in June
  • Bride Zela
  • Bride Panera
    • 2 turn Fujin active
  • Bride Rushana buffed
  • Scheat has massive TPA
  • 5-Stone REM
  • Wedding outfits
  • Abysmal rolling rates
    • Rolling will mostly result in sadness
    • 85% chance Silver/Gold/6*
    • Some 7/8* are poor value
  • Orb skin is not that pretty
  • Bride Zela is 1.0% chance
June Bride REM
 9 Star base
 8 Star base    
 7 Star base W Satsilo 
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Sopdet W Iza
June Bride REM Rankings – June 21, 2019
C W Satsilo  W Ra W Akechi
D W Bastet W Ruka W Kano F W Sopdet W Iza

All 8-star and 9-star cards are available for trade within the Monster Exchange.

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking.

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

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June Bride Collab Overview – August 2017


I spent the past (BC long) weekend with my family and did not have access to a desktop to write a review for the June July August Collab. As such, this will mostly be a quick summary of the cards and what to expect when rolling.

This post will be significantly more brief compared to other reviews due to time constraints.

Last year, the main focus of these cards was to help bolster your Myr Miru teams. However, Myr has been steadily falling out of favour, but thankfully, Yog-Sothoth  is the new premier light leader who can benefit from many of the featured Monsters.

Video commentary

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Pancaaake’s rolling adventure

I also deliver one of the best puns of 2017

Rolls at a glance

June Bride REM
 8 Star base  W Gadius 
 7 Star base W Satsilo 
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Iza W Lilith
June Bride REM Rankings
A W Akechi 
B W Satsilo W Iza
C W Ra W Gadius
D W Bastet W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Lilith W Ruka W Kano F

Waifu/Husbando factor

Because looks matter and I chuckle every time I see the Innocent Newlywed as part of the card’s name. Should not be a motivating factor in rolling

June Bride REM Artwork Rankings
A W Akechi W Echidna W Satsilo
B W Sopdet
C  W Bastet W Ruka
D   W Cinderella W Gadius W Lilith W Kano F W Ra W Iza

S = Need a new box of tissues
A = Makes an acceptable wallpaper
B = 5/7
C = Has a porpoise and will get asked out on dates
D = Why are you in this Collab?! Continue reading June Bride Collab Overview – August 2017

June Bride REM Analysis and Review

Introduction & Overview

Let the church bells ring, hear the fan boys sing. There may be the background wail of countless wallets crying out in horror, but nothing can dampen our spirits for the June Bride Collab! This festive REM features some of the most loved characters in Puzzle and Dragons all dressed up for their big day to tie the knot. Sporting flowing dresses and dashing suits, this event is sure to please every player. Furthermore, the overarching theme for this June Wedding is Light and if you are looking to brighten up your team, this may be a great place to spend your magic stones. In addition to the great value the rare rolls provide, Light Izanami W Iza is perhaps one of the best 4-stars to ever come out of a Collab REM.

June Bride REM
 8 Star base W Escha W Gadius
 7 Star base W Satsilo
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Iza W Lilith

8 Star Rolls

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