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June Bride REM Review and Analysis – June 2019


The June Bride REM will be coming to North America in June this year which comes as a big surprise as it has historically come in August. This is a good indication that GungHo NA is pushing content out faster (look at the Ideal Ranking Tournament with Refresh Nerf) which hopefully sets a solid precedence moving forward.

Sadly, despite the fact that this event is home to one of the most popular chase cards, it is a lackluster affair overall. This is because it features abysmal rolling rates along with a 1% chance at the first ever 9-star Seasonal/Collab card, Bride Zela . Bride Zela is  powerful and waifu material but will probably cost as much as some small weddings to acquire.

This article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses to provide a better picture of what to expect in this event.

Video commentary

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June Bride REM Pros & Cons – June 21, 2019
  • Actually comes in June
  • Bride Zela
  • Bride Panera
    • 2 turn Fujin active
  • Bride Rushana buffed
  • Scheat has massive TPA
  • 5-Stone REM
  • Wedding outfits
  • Abysmal rolling rates
    • Rolling will mostly result in sadness
    • 85% chance Silver/Gold/6*
    • Some 7/8* are poor value
  • Orb skin is not that pretty
  • Bride Zela is 1.0% chance
June Bride REM
 9 Star base
 8 Star base    
 7 Star base W Satsilo 
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Sopdet W Iza
June Bride REM Rankings – June 21, 2019
C W Satsilo  W Ra W Akechi
D W Bastet W Ruka W Kano F W Sopdet W Iza

All 8-star and 9-star cards are available for trade within the Monster Exchange.

Order within each tier is random and not reflective of ranking.

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should always keep it if it is your very first time acquiring them.

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