June Bride Collab Overview – August 2017


I spent the past (BC long) weekend with my family and did not have access to a desktop to write a review for the June July August Collab. As such, this will mostly be a quick summary of the cards and what to expect when rolling.

This post will be significantly more brief compared to other reviews due to time constraints.

Last year, the main focus of these cards was to help bolster your Myr Miru teams. However, Myr has been steadily falling out of favour, but thankfully, Yog-Sothoth  is the new premier light leader who can benefit from many of the featured Monsters.

Video commentary

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Pancaaake’s rolling adventure

I also deliver one of the best puns of 2017

Rolls at a glance

June Bride REM
 8 Star base  W Gadius 
 7 Star base W Satsilo 
 6 Star base W Ra W Bastet
 5 Star base W Akechi W Ruka W Kano F
 4 Star base W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Iza W Lilith
June Bride REM Rankings
A W Akechi 
B W Satsilo W Iza
C W Ra W Gadius
D W Bastet W Echidna W Cinderella W Sopdet W Lilith W Ruka W Kano F

Waifu/Husbando factor

Because looks matter and I chuckle every time I see the Innocent Newlywed as part of the card’s name. Should not be a motivating factor in rolling

June Bride REM Artwork Rankings
A W Akechi W Echidna W Satsilo
B W Sopdet
C  W Bastet W Ruka
D   W Cinderella W Gadius W Lilith W Kano F W Ra W Iza

S = Need a new box of tissues
A = Makes an acceptable wallpaper
B = 5/7
C = Has a porpoise and will get asked out on dates
D = Why are you in this Collab?!

Quick overview on notable cards

 Persephone – S

Persephone is hands down the strongest card in the entire Wedding Collab and has arguably the best artwork too. She is the first card available in NA/EU who is able to ignore elemental absorption damage. Elemental absorption constitutes any combination of Fire, Water, Wood, Light, or Dark absorbs.

While this is not as gamebreaking as Fujin’s 3414 absorption void, it will still have tremendous applications as it can allow you to bypass bothersome spawns such as Noah Dragon, Zaerog, and the Puppeteers.

Granted these spawns are manageable, the fact that you can now have a clean and tidy way to negate their signature mechanic is invaluable. Furthermore, she is able to generate dark orbs from Fire and Hearts which will not conflict with Dark Athena’s 3193 leader skill.

At this point in time, there is no lethal spawn that you NEED to have Persephone for, but she will make certain farming builds easier and future encounters may create a heavier reliance on elemental absorption voids.

 Scheat – S

Scheat is another new card added to the Wedding Collab and while she is not as unique/powerful as Persephone, she still has a solid place in today’s meta.

Follow Up Attacks  are still somewhat rare and it is uncertain when we will get the Norn evoltions/Heroine buffs so this automatically makes Scheat more valuable. However, her position as a sub is highly competitive with Momiji  and Amatusu , but her base active skill is unique and powerful.

Scheat is able to spawn a column of Light and Heart orbs on the outsides of the board which can be used to add easy combos, but more importantly to trigger the Follow Up Attack awakening. Furthermore, the 4 turns of Light skyfalls are potent for ensuring you have sufficient orbs present for future turns.

 Eschamali – A

Eschamali’s new evolution propels her artwork to new heights while improving her overall value. She is bumped up to 999 weighted stats along with an improved Leader Skill.

Unfortunately, her Leader Skill is mostly restricted to speed farming applications as she is a 5o1e leader who is vulnerable to binds. However, her multiplier is outrageously high and can be paired with Dark Metatron  to further hasten her clear times. However, this will mostly be used as an Arena 1 speed farming team and how important this is will be dependent on the number of Py you have available.

In terms of her active skill, Eschamali has tremendous value for mono light teams as the ability to flood the board with light orbs, remove hazards, and provide 4 turns of skyfalls is invaluable.

W Akechi Akechi – A

Wedding Akechi was perhaps one of the major factors that helps contribute to Myr’s Miru success. The ability to create light and hearts is invaluable for most teams, but being able to enhance light orbs pushes Akechi over the top. Furthermore, with the relative easy access to Saria Saria, it was quite common to have 2/3 optimal burst boards.

However, with the decline of Myr, Akechi also has a little loss in potency. Thankfully, Yog  can abuse Akechi for orb generation. While we are familiar with the standard board combos for Akechi, one new option will emerge with the introduction of the Box awakenings.

The Box awakening removes the boss’s damage void shield when you are able to form a 3×3 box. This enables you to easily cheese through Noah and Gaia Dragon along with Azathoth in 3P Cosmic Trinity. This can be best achieved on Yog teams by using Ilm 3236 and Akechi for a full board of enhanced light. After, you will use a row generating active such as Wee Jas Wee Jas who will guarantee you 6 non-light orbs.

From there, you simply manipulate the 6 non-lights to cut off a 3×3 box. This will both nullify their damage void along with massive burst damage. Granted this can be achieved via Yog’s base active and the farmable Valkyrie Cross Valk, but Akechi has a stronger active overall.

W Gadius Gadius – C

Do not purchase Gadius for Monster Points as he is a mediocre card at best. His main value was on Myr teams for his bind clearing capabilities as his base active is lackluster. However, he can still be utilized as a reasonable mono Light sub but has lost his primary home.

W Iza Izanami – B

Izanami was arguably one of the best Silver cards of any Collab during her debut last year. Her ability to provide 35% damage reduction for 3 turns (on a 6-turn cooldown) along with 5 enhanced light +light orb awakenings made her both offensive and defensive.

Sadly, most top-tier teams are innately durable and are often not without sufficient damage; however, Izanami is still a stellar card overall and has tremendous value for newer players.

50% uptime on her shield can help ensure you survive challenging encounters along with guaranteeing all your light orbs fall down enhanced.

If you were to roll a Silver Egg and it turned out to be your first Wedding Izanami, I would be happy.

Other cards

There are other cards in this Collab, but they have fairly well defined uses. Satsuki W Satsilo is a lesser Eschamali active, but has a shorter cooldown while Ra W Ra is now a button sub. Unfortunately, all the D-ranked cards are underwhelming and the 4-star ones cannot even be used for Skill Inheritance and their pitiful base stats cannot really justified in 2017.


The June Bride Collab is less enticing this year compared to its debut due to almost no changes to older cards. This has caused many of them to be somewhat Powercreeped out of the meta along with the falling out of Myr.

Persephone is the jewel of this Collab, but she edges more on luxury than Fujin as we do not need her active skill outside of farming teams who want to optimize their clear times.

Last year I did encourage players to at least roll for Izanami as she is such an incredible 4-star, but her prowess has declined. As such, whether or not you choose to roll should come down to how much value you can personally gain from the cards. Just be warned that this Collab is very top-heavy in that there is very little value in the silvers/gold area.

Let me know what you think about this Collab and whether or not you are planning to roll.

Happy Puzzling!


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30 thoughts on “June Bride Collab Overview – August 2017”

  1. Rates for the good stuff in this collab are really bad. I did manage to get Persephone, but my only other diamond was Bastet. Cute, but not useful.

    On the plus side, rates for Akechi seem to be pretty solid, and he’s a good filler inherit on a lot of light teams, so if you can grab him that’s cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Based on last year’s rates, Akechi was around 6* chance but he is just so powerful overall. Granted not as vital due to overpowering damage from cards nowadays, but still a solid inherit

      Also, congrats on Persephone!


  2. Hey Fantastic, I’m mostly using my iPhone to visit your blog and recently I encounter a really annoying commercial on a regular basis that atomically re-directs me to another spam website.
    Do you have any influence on the commercials here? It gets really tedious to reload your blog every 2 minutes because of that…


    1. Not sure why that is occurring and may be an issue on your end as no one else has complained about that type of ad spam (10K+ views per day on average)

      When I look on mobile on Apple or Android it loads smoothly


  3. I made more rolls as I should. Rolled 2x Izanami (and I am not soooooo happy about it), Echidna (more happy about her because she has 2 huge arguments), Ruka, Sopdet, Satsuki and Ra.

    So, I think I can use not one as a sub, but Ra is really cool to have.


  4. 1 – innocent newly weds don’t wear dresses like that (sadly)

    2 – gadius looks like someone gave her an extra chromosome as a wedding gift.


  5. Stellar rolls on my new alt account. Pulled Bastet, Ra, Eschamali, Akechi, and Izanami. Just used stones I’ve saved and didn’t drop a penny. So, yeah, I’m done here.


  6. So sad…. didn’t even get husbando for main (alt stole Akechi on her free roll). Rukia on free roll and izanami on yolo…


      1. Yep. I’m not gonna complain at all. Especially since I run a Nobunaga team and just got Gremory recently. I think that Persephone will be a good sub for those.


  7. I had 85 stones so I said “you know what, I’m gonna throw about 20 stones at that machine, just to see if I can get eschamali.” I got it on the first try. xD

    And I also got Akechi from my free roll. xDD


  8. Free roll: Rukia
    I’m done; at least this disappointment didn’t cost me a stone. Still, I hope Gungho keeps giving us free rolls…


  9. i got a satsuki as a free roll last time and I rolled twice with stones this time and got a 4 star for my free roll this time. And also what would ideal Lead for scheat be becasuse she mostly only has use being a sub


  10. I am not sure why you did not mention Persephone’s awoken skill. I think she is the only card with the enhance team rcv. This could do nice things for dathena as it better allows her to heal without matching dark and water. Btw, lucked out and rolled her.


    1. Well the thing is, Dark Athena does not need RCV, it only wants HP for the most part as 4x is more than enough in the vast majority of situations. Yes it does improve her healing potential when you don’t match water and dark orbs, but it is almost always better to wait for the three elements at once for maximum efficacy.

      On other teams, maybe the RCV can help Dark Metatron teams, but they tend to already have sufficient recovery levels


  11. I rolled..quite a few times this year as last year I rolled it 6 times and got Kano, Ruka, Lilith 2 Echidna and a Izanami. This year? I won’t say how many times I rolled..but I got a Scheat, 2 Akechi, Sopdet (who I just love) and several Lilith and Echidnas…

    But, does Scheat make good leader material?


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