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PAD Harvest Ranking Tournament Strategies


The PAD Harvest Ranking Tournament has gone live in North America and gives players a chance to play for lucrative rewards along with a 7% Crown.

As a twist, this Fixed Team will only have to face a one floor but is nearly impossible to kill in a single turn. In fact, killing in two turns is difficult and if players are able to do so, they are almost always going to obtain a Crown.

This article will explain my approach to this Ranking Tournament for clearing it in two turns.

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points

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