Nyx Level Tournament Strategies


The Nyx Level Ranking Tournament not only has a pretty sweet name but is also positioned well as a 5% Crown event that also features Fixed Leaders.

Fixed Leaders are one of the more restrictive types of Tournaments due to the fact that it greatly hinders your sub options. Thankfully, this Ranking Dungeon has various metrics boosted so there are several ways to augment your score.

This article will explain my approach to this Ranking Tournament for obtaining a Crown.

209,104 Score

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Final Average Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 750 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points
  • TPA TPA = 400 points
  •  = 800 points
  • Guard Break = 400 points

Due to the fact that the Nyx level tournament contains only 5 floor, combos are worth 1,000 points (minus animation time) but at the same time, each second is also worth 750 points.

This provides an interesting twist as you want to strike a balance between speed and combos. For myself, I decided to go for an inflated combo count strategy while also tapping into the boosted Style Points.

Dungeon mechanics

The dungeon itself is not terribly ridden with annoying mechanics and the first major hurdle players will encounter is the fixed leaders.

Full dungeon breakdown can be found HERE.

Fixed leaders

We are given Hera Nyx and Reincarnated Ra 3273 as our two Fixed Leaders who provides 6x ATK for Devils and 5x ATK with all 5 colours plus 3x ATK for Devils/Gods when an active skill is used.

As a result, your multipliers can greatly vary from floor to floor as bicolours cancel out the Rainbow activation but fulfills the active skill clause. Either way, it is best to populate your team with Devil cards as much as possible and have all 5 colours represented (just need Fire and Water) along with Guard Break for free passive points.

Tape & Cloud Resist

You will need Tape  and Cloud Resist for this Ranking Tournament.

Mass Attack Badge

You will need this as no other badge can provide this much value/consistency due to multiple enemies appearing on the first 4 floors.

Enhance Material Killer

The final floor of this dungeon has 300 million health and is only vulnerable to Enhance Material Killers 42. As such, it is best to load up on these for your primary damage dealer to ensure they can actually kill this floor.

Mythlits & TPA

Floors 1-4 all feature a single Mythlit who will preemptively change the board to all 5 colours + Hearts with 5 copies of each orb. This means you will only have a 6 combo board and is why TPA TPA is pursued. This is because there is nothing better to do with the extra orbs and if you are able to cover all 5 colours, that is an extra 2,000 points plus the guaranteed Guard Break .

An L is worth 800 points but will be harder to quickly match as it is possible for your 5 orbs to be badly scattered.

My team composition

Taking all of the above points into consideration, this is the team I have chosen to use:

Nyx Level Tournament – Mass Attack Badge
Card 3272 3273
SA Skill Boost



Latent Balance killerphysical killerphysical killer 424242

Horus 3272 is a natural shoe-in for Ranking Dungeons due to 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, two rarer colours, TPA TPA, Guard Break , L , and 2 turn cooldown. Reincarnated Baal also has 3 Skill Boosts along with TPA for two different colours and an active that is just short enough to charge up by Floor 3. I threw on those Killers as I sometimes had issues killing Floor 2 and 4 without some Skyfalls and this just lowers the number needed to kill.

Diaochan is another low cooldown, high Skill Boost card who can carry longer inherits with ease. Finally, Sonia is both a damage solution who brings Cloud Resist and a bicolour board changer. Her damage is supplemented by Enhance Killer latents 42 along with Glavenus Weapon Assist who provides two Enhance Killer awakenings along with Tape Resist .

The two Majic Lins provide fast 10 combo boards and Xellos provides a 4 colour Forced Skyfall which can greatly boost your combo count.

Active Skill Usage
1 TPA as much as possible and pray for 1 Skyfall*
2 Solve 10c board
3 -> Solve 10c board & enjoy Skyfalls
4 TPA as much as possible and pray for 1 Skyfall*
5 Solve bicolour

* If you use an active skill on Floor 1 or 4, you can mitigate the need to pray for a Skyfall but this also wastes time. I would not use this on the first floor but if you are feeling confident with your score from F1-3, you could use one on Floor 4 to guarantee the run at the cost of losing some time/points. If you do choose to do this, make sure you have at least 1 SDR on Horus (or any other 1-2 turn CD card) to be able to use their active after a 1 turn Skill Delay preemptive.

All Ranking Dungeons have some degree of luck and it is a matter of minimizing this overall for more consistent scores.


The Nyx Level Tournament is a wonderful opportunity for players to acquire a Crown provided they can build a team for these two Fixed Leaders.

For myself, I pursued a combo-oriented approach while still covering TPA along with Tape + Cloud Resist. This set up does require 1 Skyfall for floor 1 and 4 but I feel that is a risk worth taking as my average scores will be much higher due to the two 10 combo boards from Majic Lin and Xellos Skyfall buff.

Let me know what you think about this Ranking Dungeon in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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16 thoughts on “Nyx Level Tournament Strategies”

  1. Too bad I don’t own any of the necessary parts to crown in this one xd
    Surprisingly, my 20k score is enough for top 30% which is kind of sad


  2. Is there a reason to use the skyfall skill that early or can you use it on the last floor with sonia for the same result? Asking because I have no Baal, but do have Sherias-Roots evo has TPA and def break at one turn later for the inherit.


    1. With majic Lin board it gives the low chance of guard break proc and floor 3 doesn’t die for me without some skyfalls. I would use it as a way to add damage to a bicolour


      1. So the team feels viable (got to 9.6% after much struggle) but now the problem is between phone and chair (my finger feels crippled). Any tips to improve clear time?


        1. Some floors have additional animation after the mythlit board so you can start planning on which corner you wish to start at

          Also, if it is hard to TPA, it may be best to forgo that type of match and just do a match-3


  3. Hey Mantastic,

    I was able to build a team very similar to yours, but am using dmetas instead of Magic Lin’s (I don’t have any) and I’m missing one physical killer on Baal. Otherwise everything else is consistent. I cannot clear floors like you can when I use dmeta. I’ll easily get 10c even if the board change isn’t perfect, but your multipliers from your video are in the 400x’s and mine barely hit 50x. What’s the deal?


    1. Multipliers vary if you hit full rainbow activation or use an active skill

      One big difference between Dark Metatron and Ronia as a primary damage dealer is that Ronia has one more 7c so she will be hitting that much harder


      1. Thanks for the reply. I might not have been clear enough though:

        I have exactly the same subs as you and in the same order. The only difference was with two assists. Instead of Magic Lin, I used DMeta. I had Super Ronia with the Glavenus weapon assist, and Baal with Xellos assist, but Horus and Diachan had DMeta assisting. I’d board change, combo, consistently get 9c, and then it would dish out 30x instead of the more than 400x that you got. I don’t understand.

        It’s too late now that the tournament is over, but might be nice to understand for future reference. Any ideas?


        1. I think the problem lies in using Dark Metatron’s active as it cuts your HP by 20% and Hera Nyx needs to be above 80% to deal 6x ATK for her Leader Skill

          Thus, using her active puts you under her threshold and is probably why you deal less damage


  4. I’ve been trying to build my own teams for ranking dungeons and usually land in the 15-20% range lately. I may try your approach as I was going for L’s but it is taking too much one to solve the board. I did initially go for fork attacks but it wasn’t enough damage :-/

    I remember I once asked you a while ago how to combo and solve a board better and you said to practice haha! Well now solving a board is pretty easy. I used to rank in the 40s-70s, so I think I’ve improved a lot. I’ve snagged a few crowns but not every time.


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