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My Crowning Achievement?

Dtron 102k

So I said I was going to wait till the weekend before retrying the ranking dungeon in my previous results POST, but patience is a virtue I may or may not posses. I spent some time theory crafting my run and where was the optimal place to use my actives. I also realized I could utilize dark TPA TPA on every floor except Neptune (8) and Athena (10) as a means to conserve dark orbs. Of course I had to move VERY fast while avoiding heart matches except for the first floor and once between floor 2-6.

  • Durga Durga on floor 1 and 10
  • Claire Dark Valk on floor 3 and 8
  • Lilith Lilith on floor 4 for the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA
  • Persephone Persephone on floor 10 for guaranteed 2 rows to hit damage cap

For the first blind attack, I revealed 2/3 of the board and made a TPA match, then revealed the remaining portion on the next floor. Floor 9 I revealed the entire board so I could see where my 5 combos and 2 rows could be placed.

I am quite happy with this result as there are most likely very few non-Shiva Dragon Shiva D teams in the top 1%. This should safely secure a top 1% placement as the cut off for 1% was ~98.5k (at time of posting) which is over 4,000 points lower than my score.


Hopefully this ranking dungeon allows you to hit a new personal best.

Happy Puzzling!

Athena Ranking Tournament Top 10% Scores

GungHo has kicked things into overdrive by overlapping Athena Tournament, Bleach Collab, and 10x Plus Eggs in Descends. Even with 480 natural stamina every day, it may feel overwhelming as there is so much to play! With that being said, I only spent a few runs in Athena Tournament to ensure my top 10% placement. Perhaps there will be some movement as more people participate, but I am confident my place will be secured. For full reading of my initial strategies in a previous posting, please click HERE.

Due to no restrictions for Athena, I decided to mirror my success I had in the Izanami Tournament by using Dark Metatron dtron for Mantastic. It only took a few attempts to safely secure my top 10% and I am on the verge of 1%.

Mantastic Rank

Mantastic 97k

dtron Persephone Dark Valk Lilith Durga dtron

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Athena Ranking Dungeon Strategies and Planning

Athena Tournament is the next instalment in the ranking dungeon series and offers players a chance to farm 10,000 MP and various coloured py. The goal of these tournaments is to test player’s skill by imposing a scoring system to determine your percentile ranking.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Dungeon overview

 Floor  monster hp / Defence comments
 1  Flame Knight x3  76,350 Random colour spawns of same HP
 2 Minitor
Wicked Lady


1,497 preemptive

Blind attack preemptive

 3 Chimera


 4  Fire PreDRA x2  45 / 10,000,000 10 million defence means you must bring a poison or true damage monster
 5  Blue INsect  1,608,819 4 combo shield. FIre teams may wish to bring a wood sub for this floor.
 6 192



Possible floor to poison/true damage or kill via sub colours due to very low health
 7  984  820,415 9,172 preemptive
 8  1534  280,544 / 188,889 188,889 defence along with half damage from light and dark monsters greatly favours wood teams.
9  785  772,137 Blind attack preemptive
 10  649  2,226,875 5 combo shield. God typing means your  god killer God Killer awakening monsters will shine

Dungeon summary

  • 10 floors favour speed oriented teams (aka less combos)
  • With 10 floors you can use certain actives multiple times
  • No restrictions opens up team compositions that were not allowed before (aka Dark Metatron dtron )
  • Wood based teams have a significantly easier time on floor 5 & 8
  • Fire based teams may wish to bring a single wood sub for floor 5 & 8
  • Dark teams have a favourable place to pad their damage on floor 9 & 10
  • Floor 4 requires poison or true damage to bypass the Fire PreDRA . However, with 10 floors, our overall scores will be lower (due to more time elapsed) and true damage -5,000 penalty will be more detrimental.
    • (Active skill CD) – (3) = Skill Boost awakenings to be ready in time. Eg. 10 turn CD requires 7 Skill Boost awakenings

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Takeminakata Tournament – No Active Skills Strategy

Takeminakata Tournament – No Active Skills  is another ranking dungeon being released that somewhat levels the playing field as the no active restriction will be imposed. This automatically removes some silly cheese teams that had excessive rare subs that most players had no access to compared to earlier tournaments. This also means we will be solely based upon our matching skills and with only 5 floors, our amount of combos matched will also be rewarded.

There has been a lot of calculations done in order to min/max your ranking score and it has been determined that that in a 5-floor dungeon, additional combos and cascades/skyfalls help your score. This does not mean teams solely focused on speed will do poorly, but players who are able to match combos faster will be more heavily rewarded.

 Floor  Monster  HP  Comments
 1 Firon
DQXQ skill up
Lubu skillup
 2  Gigas  323,275
 3  Blue dragon  1,686,714 Pre-emptively turns one type of orbs in to jammers. Jammer Resist increases run consistency
50% wood resistance
 4  Generate Earch Dragon  1,341,526  -99% Pre-emptive gravity
 5  Takamin  3,352,475 God typing which means monsters with God Killer God Killer awakenings do triple damage.

There are no silly mechanics such as 10 million defence PreDRAs Fire PreDRA and the main hurdle to overcome for rainbow teams is the pre-emptive jammers on floor 3.

In these ranking dungeons, we are scored based on 3 criteria:

  1. Average combos made: 5,000 points per combo
  2. Time Remaining: 500 points per second remaining
  3. Maximum damage: up to 10,000 points if you hit 40 million.

Taking a look at the JP server’s top 10 list, it becomes apparent that high time extend Time Extend teams paired with large multiplier leads excel. Furthermore, the Ra Dragon Ra Dragon users (can also be extended to any rainbow team too) brought a reasonable amount of jammer resistance Jammer Resist to ensure consistent activation on floor 3.

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Noah Ranking Dungeon Top 5 Percent Scores

As a follow up to my previous POST discussing my initial strategies and team building for Noah Tournament, I wanted to share my first few successful attempts. I decided to go with Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon on both accounts due to the lateness of the hour and ease in which I can play through the dungeon.

Mantastic speed
Mantastic team

Lilith Lilith is critical to the success of the team because she is needed to counter the PreDRAs Fire PreDRA on floor 4 and is max skilled to 10 turn cooldown. As such, my team requires at least Continue reading Noah Ranking Dungeon Top 5 Percent Scores

Noah Tournament Ranking Dungeon Strategies

I thought we would have had more time to rest and relax after the last ranking dungeon, but the North American GungHo staff may have been affected by the 3 minute stamina buff and are firing out content left right and centre. Regardless, the Noah Tournament Ranking Dungeon is the fourth in the ranking dungeon series and has the No Dupes restriction. No Dupes has become easier to manage as the restrictions only apply to your own team and not your friend’s leader. This means you can still bring matching leaders and has eased team building and theory crafting. However, with ranking dungeons, we are not simply concerned with finishing the dungeon, but with scoring as high as possible. I failed to achieve the top 1% from the Cauchemar Tournament, but averaged top 2% over the course all 3 ranking dungeons to date. As such I wish to share my thoughts and strategies to help my fellow Puzzle and Dragoners in achieving a new personal best. Continue reading Noah Tournament Ranking Dungeon Strategies

Cauchemar Tournament Pre-Release Strategies

The third ranking dungeon, Cauchemar Tournament, will debut after the Wednesday maintenance and will provide players another chance to test their puzzling skills for various rewards. However, what is perhaps the most appealing the top 1% of players will receive a crown beside their names. I have varied from top 1.2-2.3% for Zeus and Izanami  without investing many runs as I was satisfied with the top 10% rewards. However, I want to achieve top 1% and wish to share my tentative strategies and pre-release thoughts.

Ranking Crown
How to water your ego flower 101

In addition, this dungeon will impose the no awoken skills restriction which will hopefully level the playing field as push button teams cannot be used.  Continue reading Cauchemar Tournament Pre-Release Strategies

Izanami Tournament Ranking Dungeon Strategies

The second ranking dungeon is now live and brings forth new challenges and team building strategies. I have been very busy with life at the moment and have been putting PAD and my blog a bit on hold and wanted to post something at least. Comparing my initial results with the previous ranking dungeon, I did significantly worse and still fiddling around with team compositions and strategies. Continue reading Izanami Tournament Ranking Dungeon Strategies