Farm a Servant, Assassin


The Fate Collab is now in full swing and while Rare Egg Machine portion is reasonable, the Farmable Servant, Assassin  is an incredibly valuable card and should be acquired by most players.

The reason for this is that he functions as both a double row generator along with possessing a special Button nuke.

Servant, Assassin can be acquired through either 5 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: or by heavily grinding the Fate event dungeon. Either way, one can find Servant, Assassin in the Monster Exchange Event tab for the duration of the Fate event.

Video commentary

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Servant, Assassin at a glance

 Servant, Assassin

Active: Change 2nd row from the top & 2nd row from the bottom into Wood orbs. Inflict damage equal to ATK x200 to 1 enemy. Affected by enemy element and defense. (15 turn cooldown)

Leader Skill: Fixed orb movement time at 4 seconds. ATK x4 to Attacker type cards. All attribute cards ATK x4, 25% all damage reduction when attacking with Wood and Wood combos at the same time.

Typing: Attacker
Stats at level 99: 3559 (4627) HP / 1942 (2525) ATK / 43 (56) RCV
Awakenings:Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist TPA TPA 
Super Awakenings: TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist
Weapon Assist: –
Worth Monster Exchanging for? 

  • High value active skill
  • Generate 2 Rows of same colour
  • 200x ATK Nuke that is not HP restricted
    • 200x ATK based on attribute of base card
      • Becomes 400x with colour advantage
  • Can only acquire 1
  • Primarily an inherit


Servant, Assassin is one of the major prizes in the Fate Collab as he offers an incredibly valuable active skill that will greatly aid various farming builds. Furthermore, due to the dual nature of his active, he can potentially solve multiple floors worth of problems.

Double Row formation

In this day and age, being able to farm content quickly and efficiently is important as it enables players to accomplish repetitive tasks with ease. As such, having access to a mono colour double row maker is invaluable. This is because when used after a full mono board changer (except for Wood) will create a 18/12 distribution.

From here, it can be efficiently solved into whatever pattern is required but the main idea is always having a predictable board. As such, the solving pattern is always the same and there is no chance of error or variance.

For example, an 18/12 board can be quickly solved into a 7 Combo VDP  board. This guaranteed activation is invaluable when farming content that requires Damage Penetration or for leaders such as Amen  who must hit exactly 7 Combos for activation.

The following board showcases the VDP 7 Combo solve:

200x colour changing nuke

Up until this Collab, all inheritable Buttons would have their elemental damage fixed to one specific colour. As such, it would be ideal to own several different Buttons of varying colours to take advantage of the 2x elemental bonus (Eg. Fire deal 2x vs Wood spawns).

All that has now changed with the introduction of Servant, Assassin (and Servant, Rider ) as their 200x ATK Button changes depending on the attribute of the using card. Thus, inheriting Servant, Assassin on a Fire card enables the active to become a 200x ATK Fire nuke which becomes an effective 400x against Wood spawns.

While the base multiplier is lower compared to some options, being able to always have double the effective damage can greatly open up team building options.

Acquiring Servant, Assassin

Servant, Assassin can be acquired via the Monster Exchange system and can be done through a special currency: Saber’s Game Piece. Each Saber’s Game Piece will require numerous dungeon drops to create but can also be exchanged 1:1 with Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal:. Either way, Servant, Assassin will require 5 Saber’s Game Pieces.

Rainbow Event Medal or Saber’s Game Piece?

Depending on how long you have been playing, it is highly possible to have over 20 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal: (assuming none have been spent). This can be both good and bad as there is currently not too many worthy things to spend them on (even with the 2+ month heads up from the JP server.

Using Rainbow Event Medals can be good if you simply wish to save time as it can be quite a grind and if your stamina is needed else where. On the other hand, since all of the Saber’s Game Pieces can be acquired by simply playing the dungeon over and over again, that is the more efficient thing to do.

Either way, one can use some Rainbow Event Medals at the end of the event (since Saber’s Game Pieces and Rainbow Event Medals trade 1:1) to acquire any last needed Saber’s Game Pieces required for Servant, Assassin.

Just remember that we have 14 days to farm along with the Fate Collab dungeon being quite easy to farm in Coop to save both time and Stamina.


Servant, Assassin is an invaluable card to acquire but is only available for a limited time. Even if you may not foresee yourself using him right now, that could quickly change in the future when farming content becomes a higher priority. As such, it is better to spend the effort now to acquire an important card for the future.

Let me know what you think about Servant, Assassin and whether or not you plan on acquiring him via Rainbow Event Medals or dungeon farming.

Happy Puzzling!

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14 thoughts on “Farm a Servant, Assassin”

  1. Is Sakura also worth exchanging for? I got an assassin and now I wonder if I should get 5 more saber’s game pieces for her


      1. Even with GrOdin equip and some of the other bind clearers I would consider Sakura for assist purposes. Her active skill is as strong as GrOdin for bind clear purposes with a better secondary (extended move time vs a small dmg/heal affected by monster defense) and is also 1 turn shorter to charge (minor, but could matter). GrOdin being an assist Equip still makes it stronger in the end, but I’d say go ahead and try for Sakura after Assassin.


        1. Yeah she can be useful still, but the Weapon form tends to add more stats overall. I feel she is situational and depends on what type of team you are running. Regardless, I still feel Servant, Assassin is a better first purchase


  2. Heya! I noticed that Shirou and Saber Alter are also exchangeable. Any idea how to get their materials?

    Thanks for everything btw


    1. The materials for these exchanges are the weapon assist forms of the card you’re trading for.

      If you’ve converted Shirou or Saber Alter to their weapon assist forms, you can trade those weapon assists in to get the non-weapon assist versions back. It’s a way to make converting cards to weapon assists a little less permanent.


  3. Yikes, haven’t started farming this. Is it too late? I play solo so it’ll be a sloooow grind :/

    If so, would it be best to play Int or Myth?


    1. Best to play on Myth. To Mantastics point, it’s probably best to Co-op but I did run it solo. I’m a glutton for punishment…


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