13 Million Downloads Ranking Dungeon Strategies


In addition to the Fate Collab and Samurai Super Godfest, North America is also being blessed with another Ranking dungeon that can be viewed as unfair if ones does not own the key pieces.

This is because the scoring system has been heavily skewed to favour L  awakenings to the point where players can run into negative time and still secure a Crown (top 3%).

This article will be mostly to showcase how and why Bicolour + 2 turn Haste abuse yields the highest scores.

153,600 run

Currently at 0.4%

127,000 Zeus Verse

Currently at 2% and has so much room for improvement

Haste loops with 7×6 bicolours

The main strategy in this Ranking Dungeon is to use as many bicolour boards as possible in conjunction with 2 Haste to loop your actives together. This leads to every or nearly every floor being a bicolour which is significantly easier to solve.

To further solidify this as the winning strategy, each L formed (5 connected orbs) yields 1,800 Style Points. Thus, a 7×6 board can potentially hold 6 L’s and this results 10,800 additional points per match.

L > Row

One can also use Dark Rows Dark row for 2,000 Points but the main problem with this approach is that no other Row is boosted which means any bicolour used will only grant 2-3 Rows worth of Style Points. This results in 6,000 < 10,800 as more L’s can be squeezed into a board along with it being able to trigger off of any colour provided there are enough L awakenings on the team.

The way the L’s are scored is each 5-match yields 1,800 points. For example, if your Ilmina 3274 has the correct Weapon Assist or her Super Awakening, every Fire or Light L triggers the Style Points. Just make sure you actually have an L awakening for the colour you plan on matching.

The more Bicolour + 2 Haste you own, the easier it is

In an ideal world, one has 5 Bicolour + 2 Haste cards as it enables enough looping solve each floor with a bicolour (along with some floors being able to take an extra turn). Thus, for each one missing, the more times you will have to solve a vanilla board. If this is the case, you wish to match L’s of your triggering cards as the 10-floor dungeon largely punishes numerous combos unless they are made in a blazingly fast manner.

From my own run, I own 4 Bicolours + 2 Haste and rely on another +2 Haste card to close the loop to the point where I only have to match one vanilla board.

L solving on 7×6 Bicolour

Everyone has a different approach to solving a given board and for myself, I try to remember the pattern and brute force it. I must start solving in the bottom left corner and will probably not be able to invert the image without additional practice.

I used this as my reference image for practicing in Endless before trying Ranking.

My own through process is that I want only look at a single colour and push those orbs into the correct position. Thus, from the above image I only see Red and try my best to replicate this pattern.

VDP consolation prize

In the case where you do not have 6 L’s available but do own a VDP  on your team, try your best to make a 3×3 square where your 6 L would normally be:

VDP yields 1,000 points instead of the 1,800 for L.


The 13 Million Downloads Ranking Tournament is the most lopsided one in that players who own multiple Bicolour + 2 Haste cards along with L Weapon Assists will have a significant advantage over the general player base.

The approach to matching these types of boards is different but doable overall and I would suggest practicing in Endless Corridors beforehand.

Let me know what you think about this Ranking Dungeon in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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22 thoughts on “13 Million Downloads Ranking Dungeon Strategies”

  1. Thanks for this! Unfortunately it seems like the only bicolor/2 haste cards is Xmas Sonia!

    For those that don’t have those, can you recommend some dark row builds or a Zeus verse (?) team that can be somewhat competitive, not necessarily to crown (10-20%)?


    1. I usually do quite badly at tournaments but I made a janky rainbow team trying to have L’s in every color mixing Navi with another rainbow or combo leader

      Currently at 84k with a 14%


  2. Now at 133606 1.9 thanks to you I think I should get my first crown. At least 12 times I missed crowning by .1 or .2 percent


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