A Closer Look: Super Follow Up Attack and Zela


Super Follow Up Attack (SFUA) has been in the game for quite some time now and was mostly a meme/joke upon the initial release. This is because it provided 2 pings of FUA damage but required 9 Heart orbs in a 3×3 Box. The initial thought process was that it could enable Row-based teams to still achieve a horizontal match, but Rows never took off and the higher orb count made it impractical compared to a regular Follow Up Attack (column of 5 Hearts).

As such, Super Follow Up Attack was mostly ignored outside of niche Ranking Dungeons where it awarded Style Points. With that being said, Super Follow Up Attack may be beginning to make a comeback due to the Leader Skills that rely on blobs to activate, the ability for it to be inherited via Weapon Assists , the ability to provide 2x ATK for the owning card, and Zela .

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Super Follow Up Attack

Super Follow Up Attack requires a 3×3 Box of Heart orbs to activate and will provide the owning card 2x ATK along with 2 damage of follow up pings. The primary use is for dealing with resolve spawns but will almost always require an active skill to work.

As a result, a regular column of Hearts for a regular FUA is preferred as it will often be available from a given board and is easier to match along with giving more space for combos.

For myself, I have only used it in Ranking Dungeons and some farming set ups (full board hearts + double row maker) but may actually find merit after rolling two Zelas .


Zela is arguably the strongest sub in a vacuum (ignoring leader options and just focusing on her abilities) due to her high weighted stats, high personal damage, FUA, VDP , and powerful active skill.

Unfortunately, her main crux was lacking an ideal home to use her on, but with the Shaman King Collab  , Dark Raizer ,  and strong likelihood of Hello Kitty, Zela will have three solid teams to be used on.

Her triple 7 Combo 45 grants her 8x personal damage while also being able to use a VDP for a total of 20x ATK. This is pretty amazing and is one reason why dupe Zelas are often used on Wood teams but the real edge is her active and ability to inherit a SFUA.

Zela’s active produces a board of Wood and Hearts along with +2 Combo count which can easily solve many problems but having to FUA alongside a VDP on a bicolour board is doable, but using SFUA is cleaner as it has a wider margin of acceptable board distributions. FUA + VDP requires exactly 12 or 13 Hearts orbs to succeed whereas SFUA can have 12-18.

At this point in time, many end game spawns feature Void + Resolve and having the ability to overcome this is invaluable. Thus, using Zela + a SFUA Weapon Assist can act as a wonderful solution.

A 12-18 distribution of Hearts after a Zela active results in 5 combos with VDP + SFUA but has the combo count boosted to 7 via the +2 by Zela and another +2 if using dual Zela Kittys as leaders. Either way, the 7 Combo is achieved by Zela for personal 40x ATK (three 7c, VDP, SFUA) for Zela with a SFUA Weapon Assist. This will most likely obliterate any spawn without a supplemental burst and conserving actives is key in end game content.

Taking this one step further is using Yoh’s Weapon Assist as it provides SFUA along with 20% Jammer Jammer Resist, Poison Poison resist, and Blind Blind Resist resistance. This mimics Trojan Horse and using two Yoh Weapons provides 40% against all three which can be topped off with a 60% from Monster Hunter.

In the context of Arena 5, players can have 100% resistance against Blinds, Jammers, and 40% Poison through 4 assists. This leaves two slots open for Jammer Skyfalls and Fujin which will counter essentially all of the major mechanics for the dungeon. Furthermore, Resolve + Void spawns are now trivialized.


Super Follow Up Attack will begin to see more merit as Zela finds more teams to be used on and can also be applied to other teams that can activate from a bicolour with Hearts.

Let me know what you think about Super Follow Up Attacks along with how you plan to use them moving forward.

Happy Puzzling!

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21 thoughts on “A Closer Look: Super Follow Up Attack and Zela”

  1. I have three zelas but I only use two for my Yoh team. it looks like this. Yoh+ Yoh weapon (ditto for friend leader), zela+typhon card, zela+ nargacuga weapon, yama tsukami+ anyany weapon with tape resist and evolved rex +blanca. I use yama instead of a 3rd zela for for a bit more hp plus shorter base cd board changer if im in a pinch. I pop blanca at the beginning of dugeon for wood orbs sky fall to tackle floors where maybe a single row will do to save actives. Rex is key because he trivializes poison and jammers, not to mention the movement buff. I think he pairs well with almost any wood team and doesn’t really get the recognition he deserves. Any way I hope this can help anyone with thier Yoh teams or building a team around zela. Mantastic I think you’re spot on with the super FUA btw.


  2. I was fortunate enough to roll my third Zela and a Raizer this godfest, but no Yoh’s from the Shaman King collab. What should I do?


    1. Yoh’s weapon is very luxurious but using the Typhon card from GH PEM works for the SFUA+VDP for Zela so I would make sure you roll at least one of those


  3. You mistyped SFUA the first time as SFAU, and I still think SFUA is a joke cuz it has such a hefty req, perhaps we can see some leader abil that perm ups heal spawns XD. I still need that DMeta…


  4. Would love an update now that we have Senri, also I read the super FUA as doubling ATK for all cards (plural, unlike DVP) which have the awakening i.e., each card with super FUA gets a 2x to attack for each super FUA awaking on your team. Is this accurate?


    1. SFUA grants the follow up damage along with 2x personal damage for the owning card

      Thus, Senri will hav 2^4 personal damage but will not have the piercing aspect from VDP when matching 3×3 Hearts


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