Arena 5 Farming with Dark Karin


The GungHo Collab Super Godfest has blessed me with Dark Karin who has quickly become my favourite leader for farming Arena 5. This is because she combines ease of activation, high and consistent damage, along with flexible team building options that can cover all the required mechanics.

This article will be solely focusing on Dark Karin’s ability to clear Arena 5 and will look at mechanics/counters are required, her strengths and weaknesses, and team building compositions.

As with any leader, the team used should be customized to the dungeon at hand and this article will be solely focusing on Arena 5.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Sample clear

This clear was done right after rolling her and is essentially the same I plan to use moving forward.

Arena 5 mechanics

Arena 5 is often considered the best Arena to farm due to the fact that it provides a hefty amount of Rank experience, two Killer latents (Dragon, Devil, etc.), and a singly Py. Furthermore, the difficulty level has become significantly easier over time due to the introduction of spicier leaders and more options to counter the various mechanics.

The following is a brief summary of the notable mechanics in the dungeon. This may not be an exhaustive list for every team but is the checklist I use when team building for this dungeon.

  • Damage Absorb Void (Fujin -style)
  • Jammer skyfall buff (eg.  )
  • Skill Delay Resists  for the above
  • VDP
  • FUA (maybe )
  • 100% Blind Resist Blind Resist
  • 100% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist
  • Cloud Resist
  • Burst damage

Being able to address each of these options will ensure a much higher clear rate overall.

Special mention needs to be made for the Jammer Skyfall buff active as it ensure the 15 turns of Poison skyfalls is cancelled out. Fenrir , Spirit Ally, Tokagero , and Skill Card: Agidyne  all fulfill this role. An exception to this can be made if one is using a Kuroyuri loop.

Why no Poison Resist?

Poison Resist Poison resist is an invaluable tool in many dungeons but in the context of Arena 5, it is not my priority. This is because there are no preemptive poison attacks and the most notable encounter may not prove lethal.

Hamal on Floor 16 has a 50% chance to appear and will absorb damage from a single colour. As such, there is a 1/5 chance they will absorb your friend’s leader sub attribute for a grand total of a 10% (1/2*1/5) that it will be a problem. While that can become a problem, they only use their full board of poison on their first turn so only a single board changer is required.

As such, I only bring Poison Resist if everything else above is covered.

Dark Karin in Arena 5


Active: For 3 turns, 2x ATK for Light, Dark Att.; For 3 turns, reduce damage taken by 50% (13 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 4x ATK and 1.5x HP for Light Att.; Increase orb movement time by 2 seconds; 4x ATK and 2x RCV when matching 5 or more connected orbs [2.25/256/4/]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Skill Boost 45 Dragon Killer Devil killer
Super Awakenings: 45  Skill Boost
Typing: Attacker / Healer
Weighted Stats (Limit Break): 1007 (1158)
HP 3048 (3505) / ATK 2645 (3042) / RCV 521 (599)
Weapon Assist Awakenings: Skill Boost Imp ATK Imp ATK

Pros in A5
Cons in A5
  • Strong LS multipliers
    • Easy to activate
    • 2.25x HP
    • 4x RCV
  • Flexible team building
  • High personal damage against key spawns
    • Dragon Killer Devil killer
    • Promotes easy VDP
    • Does not rely on Gemstone
    • Can use Devil Killer latents
  • Can VDP + FUA with ease
  • 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
    • Actives will be ready in time
  • Valuable base active
  • Built in movement time
  • No Damage Reduction in LS
    • Reliant on active
    • Vulnerable to Gravity + hit on Hera Nyx
  • Super Awakenings lost in coop
    • Loses the VDP potential

As a whole, I feel that Dark Karin was made for Arena 5 as her own kit addresses essentially all issues for the last few floors while having an easy time activating her full 256x ATK multiplier.

Dark Karin boasts 2.25x HP which ensures she has enough HP to survive any preemptive along with 4x RCV to easily heal back up. In addition, she has amazingly high personal damage against the final floors as her Dragon Dragon Killerand Devil Devil killer Killer grants 9x on top of 7 Combo 45 and VDP .

In fact, is it her VDP potential that pushes her over the edge for clear consistency.

Several end floor spawns feature the lovely Damage Void and Resolve mechanic. As such, many teams will struggle to address this as they must match the 3×3 Box, column of Hearts, and usually 7 or more combos for both activation and damage on the VDP card. With this in mind, Karin has a distinct advantage as she can always hit her full 256x multiplier and let her Killers deal a meaningful amount of damage without 7 combos. This is further multiplier by the fact that both leaders have a VDP and can equip Devil Killer latents. To top it off, her base active provides an additional 2x damage for 3 turns which prevents the need to bring a Gemstone.

All of these factors result in sufficient damage to kill Cthugha without 7 combos from a tri-elemental board that will have an FUA included.

Moving beyond this, Dark Karin’s team building options are quite flexible as she can use any Light card including those with Light sub attributes. This should be done to bring a few high damage 7 Combo cards who can deal with the earlier floors to ensure there is sufficient damage so Karin can use her VDP Super Awakening.

The only major glaring weakness is Dark Karin’s ability to survive Hera Nyx’s first attack as there is no Damage Reduction built into the Leader Skill. With that being said, Hera Nyx can be easily killed via VDP + FUA and all of the Devil Killing potential + Light vs Dark damage ensures this occurs. With that being said, Dark Karin is best used in Solo mode in order to abuse her VDP for the later floors.

Team building

The art of team building will vary from Box to Box, but it is critical to determine the lethal mechanics and how to counter them. Karin is able to naturally handle the VDP/burst aspect on her own without + Combo actives so it is a manner of addressing the other mechanics:

  • Damage Absorb Void (Fujin -style)
  • Jammer skyfall buff (eg.  )
  • Skill Delay Resists  for the above
  • VDP download
  • FUA (maybe )
  • 100% Blind Resist Blind Resist
  • 100% Jammer Resist Jammer Resist
  • Cloud Resist
  • Burst Damage download

Due to Karin’s base active being quite valuable, she can equip a Resist card of your choice (more information on optimizing Skill Inheritance and Weapon Assists can be found HERE.) which enables her to cover either the Blind or Jammer aspect (60+40% Weapons result in full coverage).

The Fujin and Jammer Skyfall buff should be placed on cards with reasonably low cooldowns (with desirable base skills) who also have 4-6 SDR latents to ensure they are able to be used right away. From this criteria, Light Cotton is an outstanding choice as she offers triple 7 Combos (or double + VDP), FUA , and a 5-turn base cooldown. Due to this, I give her my Fujin active as it has a longer cooldown.

The Jammer Skyfall buff is carried by New Year’s Yomi as the naturally shorter inherit can be still ready in time with Yomi’s slightly longer base cooldown. Yomi also owns an L awakening which can be used to remove Locked orbs. This is not mandatory but useful overall.

Another important aspect is that both Yomi and Cotton have useful base actives which can be used after their inherits have fulfilled their purpose.

My final two sub choices are Light and Valentine’s Ney for their tri-board changers that produce Light, Dark, and Hearts that can be used for the VDP + FUA combo. Furthermore, Valentine Ney’s VDP potential can help if a board is exceptionally dark heavy (or if no Lights on an earlier floor).

Team set up

This is my own template and works well for what I have while also addressing all of the mentioned mechanics:

Solo Arena 5 – Dark Karin
SA 45
Devil killer Devil killer
God KillerGod Killer
God Killer
x6 God KillerGod Killer
God Killer
Devil killer Devil killer

The above team has 100% Jammer and Blind resist along 40% Poison, copious amounts of movement time, two valuable board changers, High VDP, and Cloud protection.

The positioning of Light Ney and New Year’s Yomi is to help ensure that only a Dark Absorb can ruin my day.


Dark Karin is a phenomenally powerful leader in an Arena 5 setting as she is able to easily overcome all of the difficult spawns in the dungeon. Her biggest asset is being able to execute Void spawns who have resolve without requiring 7 combos. This is attributed to her high personal damage through Killer and non-combo reliant ATK multiplier.

For myself, my team is able to clear the dungeon with relative ease and building your own is a manner of finding the right pieces to cover all of the required components.

Let me know what you think about Dark Karin and how you build her team in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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24 thoughts on “Arena 5 Farming with Dark Karin”

          1. Sorry, forgot to say what subs I’m using instead. I’m currently using ideal and dark meta as subs in those slots. I have the rainbow medals to get light my though, should I replace dark meta with her?


  1. These sort of dungeon focused team building articles are really useful fo seeing what makes certain leaders and subs so good. IF I could make a request it wold be to give replacement subs options for the extremely rare case where someone doesn’t have 2 different brands of Neys and one specific 7* seasonal card.


    1. Replacement subs would be things that can fulfill similar roles for the mechanics listed. Light Myr can be a viable alternative for Yomi’s role due to L, high stats, and reasonably low base CD


  2. my main adjustment is replacing yomi with odysseus since i lack one of her for the L unlock. just means i fit the jammer skyfall somewhere else, and he’s my awoken clear in case i screw up killing verse or yog.

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  3. I spent a bunch of stones on shaman

    Then read this article

    Saved up stones

    Prayed for Karin

    And got…first idunna

    Is that good?


  4. Any advice on if you don’t have the 3 cards to counter the Poison skyfall?

    I have the Kuro system but my cards I have them for (Fatalis, B&J, Sherias) does not dish enough damage! Inheriting a burst further limits my active skill use in that sense.


    1. It is possible to trade around for the Persona card but that would require quite a bit of effort.

      Kuroyuri would be the best solution for poisons and in lieu of burst, try chipping down before using orb changers if that helps or use more Killer latents


  5. If I have a dupe Karin and no Yomi and no second Ney. Should I bring the Karin? Or is that a waste of a slot? Thank you for making a dKarin guide btw. Super excited!


    1. A Karin sub is quite redundant imo as you don’t need that many shields. With that being said, the extra SB may mean she could carry Jammer skyfall and then just make sure it never charges up again

      In lieu of Yomi, using Light Myr can work if you want the L


  6. Am I basically screwed when you have no VDP or FUA ready on turn one for Hera Nyx? Because she will just gravity and FUA my ass instead. Struggling to figure a way to kill her when you don’t have the required orbs available. :-/


      1. Then I guess somewhere down the run. I should pop Karin’s active and let it slowly charge back up just in time for Hera Nyx if she spawns.


  7. Hi Mantastic, not sure if you get notified on posts in older threads but here goes. You mentioned recently that you would put Light Zela on this team if you had her. Who would you replace on your current team?


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