Tamadra PEM Carnival – Thoughts


The Tamadra Carnival is in full swing and offers players a guaranteed chance at either a Baby or Adult Tamadra. Each pull will cost 500 Pal Points and may be contesting with the Plus Egg Pal Egg Machine in terms of appeal and value.

This article will quickly look at the stamina value/efficacy for using this special PEM along with some sample rolling.

Video commentary/rolling

—video coming soon—

Stamina value

The purpose of the Pal Egg Machine is to save players time and stamina as the rewards are often found in tedious dungeons or those that do not have collateral benefits. At this present time, the strongest events are the Plus Eggs and now Tamadras as both have amazing and direct stamina savings (there will be a future PEM that features rare boss drops such as Orpharion parts but that is not for the average player).

Plus Eggs

We have been enjoying amazing dungeons for Plus Eggs these past few events so it makes it a little harder to judge the true value of a Plus Egg. I have always used the benchmark of Star Den for Plus Eggs as it offers 10 for 25 stamina (in coop). However, with +99 descends 5-minute Descends and the upcoming unlimited +30 Descends, Plus Eggs have dramatically been reduced in value.

In the past month, you could have acquired 10 +297s and with the upcoming +30 Descends, you can make a brand new +297 for only 250 stamina (in coop).

All of this has greatly helped the Plus Egg starved NA/EU server as we can now quickly power up a wider variety of Monsters. As a result, Plus Eggs have a more blurred value in terms of stamina cost.


On the other hand, Tamadras have never had any discounted/special dungeon to play and the Tamadra Carnival that occurred alongside the REM is not a reliable medium. As a result, we are still left with Tamadra Infestation as our farming destination.

Tamadra Infestation costs 50 stamina (in coop) and will yield at worst 3 Babies and 1 Adult Tamadra. Furthermore, Baby Tamadras has about a 50% chance to successfully awaken a Monster.

Thus, it would take 50 stamina to produce 2 awakenings in the worst case scenario. By comparison, you can achieve 20 Plus Eggs from Star Den (60 from the upcoming event).

Comparing Tamadra and Plus Egg PEM

The Tamadra PEM will yield on average 1 Adult every 5 pulls so let us use a 10 roll sample size:

  • From Tamadras, you will gain 6 awakenings for 10 pulls (150 stamina)
  • From the +15 PEM, you can achieve 150 pluses (375 stamina in Star Den)

This would lead to the conclusion that Plus Eggs are the superior choice to pull; however, with +30 Descends right around the corner, the stamina cost drops down to 125. This is also compounded by the relative ample Plus Eggs lying around from the most recent events.

Just bear in mind that the rate of awakenings will not be as perfectly consistent in a smaller sample size along with the hit rate of Adult Tamadras so the math is not perfect.

Edit: I had 1/3 Adult Tamadras from 39 pulls

Conclusion – too long; didn’t read

Just pull what can benefit you the most as the effective stamina savings are comparable when factoring in all the current events for Plus Eggs. However, with that being said, I feel more people will be in need of Tamadras as this is the first time that we have had a discounted event.

Let me know if you plan on pulling the Tamadra Event and whether or not you are willing to dip into your mail Pal Points for additional pulls.

Happy Puzzling!

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17 thoughts on “Tamadra PEM Carnival – Thoughts”

  1. I’m blowing through my mail PAL points – I have (well, had) quite a few monsters that had potential but weren’t awoken. While the long term efficiency might be to hold for the plus egg PAL, I’d rather have a very flexible box, now so that I can experiment with very different team compositions in the intervening weeks.


    1. Pretty much the same here, I had a number of old rewards still and have now awoken almost all my “backlog”. I’ll likely do a few more before the event is out, as I’ve still got all the Pal Pionts from Monster Bootcamp 1 onwards lying around my mail box.
      By the time the next +Egg Machine comes around it’s sure to have piled up again anyways, and I’m very much looking forward to playing around with a few new monsters.

      Now if we can only get that Skill Up machine going…


  2. Thank you mantastic! i always love reading your blogs and with the recent events in your life as well as your upheaval, it is amazing that you continue to spend time and effort for us. We appreciate it very much and thank you for all you do!

    I pulled my full 50 “free” ones, for 11/50 big tamas. I then gifted myself 25 ‘paid’ pulls and got around 11/25 big tamas. I think I will stop there, as I am right around the corner for 50 +297s (and awarding myself a latent or something like that).


    1. I am glad you enjoy my content ❤ Moving/packing has been extremely hectic but nearing the move date!

      Hopefully you can put all those wonderful awakenings to good use =D


    1. Well to achieve that quest, you actually need to have monsters that can be awoken and smaller boxes may not have enough to actually hold 2,000 awakenings. It is much easier to make 100x +297 as there is no requisite of having certain cards


  3. I absolutely blew threw all my PAL points/mail with PAL points for the Tamadras with zero regret. I had a TON of stuff that I needed to awaken, so it was absolutely worth it for me to pull roughly 80 of them. RNG was fairly kind to me with the babies working (which was nice) and my adult to baby ratio was about 1 to 3 as well.


  4. I only used the stuff I felt would benefit me at the moment, or was appealing. I figured I should save up some tamas as players choice is coming up and I want to be abled to instantly use whatever I roll


  5. Thanks for another great write up.

    I wound up blowing through my PAL points to awaken monsters I kept passing up because they weren’t awoken, but also to put a single awakening on monsters that could take one. I am always frustrated that sorting by awoken skills puts completely unawoken monsters in with monsters that can’t awaken.

    Also, I think that the full Tamadra drop rate is about 25%. I have gone through a ridiculous number of points, with the worst pull having 1 in 10 and the best having 5 in 10, but by far the most common are 2 or 3 in 10 which is very consistent with a 25% drop rate.


    1. Yeah the true range is probably between 20-30%

      Also, I am glad you have been able to awaken the majority of your monsters and hopefully it either opens new doors for team composition or inheritance


  6. Given the nearly non-stop plus egg events recently, a plus egg pal event seems unlikely. Ok, GH prove me wrong, haha! So tamas it is.


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