Player’s Choice Godfest Results and Reactions – October 2017


Player’s Choice Godfest results have been officially announced and with it comes surprise, excitement, and a what the fujin moment (have to keep this PG-rated).

This article will express my thoughts and reactions to the voted 25 along with comparing it to my previous predictions of the winning line up.

PCGF will feature 5x rates and each card coming out at level 50 in addition to 10x rates for Ney  on Day 1 and 10x rates for Yog  on Day 2. Finally, this Godfest occurs alongside the +60 Carnival which means all pulls will result in +20 to each stat. Official announcement can be found HERE.

The arrival comes at a wonderful moment as I have just enough time to squeeze out one last article before I pack up my computer and move this weekend.

Video commentary

—video coming soon–

The results

Player’s Choice Godfest October 2017
1-5     3385
6-10 3414   Indra 
11-15   3071 3236 
16-20   A Liu Bei Dark Kali 
21-25 2997 3271  3386 Ryune
  • Nine 6-star GFE
  • Six 6-star Pantheon
  • Ten 5-star Pantheon

The actual voted results are not too far off from my own predictions made in my last post:

3414   3236 
 Saria Ryune 3260 
 3385 A Liu Bei 3071 
3449  3386  

For comparison, here are the official results from the May 2017 PCGF:

Player’s Choice Godfest May 2017
1-5  3414   
6-10 Indra Dark Kali 3385  3071
11-15 A Liu Bei 3386 3416 Bankai Andro Isis
16-20 Lumiel Eschamali 3233  
21-25 3236 3273 3202  


Despite various shifts in the meta in the past half year or so, many players are still favouring their older teams which is heavily reflected in the inclusion of Sima Yi  and Dark Kali Dark Kali. While Dark Athena 3193 and Ra Dragon 3265 are still capable leaders, they are beginning to falter in newer content due to a much lower damage output compared to current/future options.

However, there is also a strong portion of the playerbase who are actively looking forward to JP as several cards were included that I did not think would make it as their current viablity is low while we wait for future evolutions. Perhaps this can also be attributed to the fact that the players who actually vote/participate in PCGF are those who are more GungHo about this game and do their research. While this is usually a good thing, the main problem is the heavy meta shift towards 6-star GFE and subsequent lower rolling rate.

Finally, the votes are heavily favouring newly released cards. Unfortunately, these tend to be reserved for 6-star Pantheon/GFE.


The following section will include my thoughts on each voted card along with how they fit or plan to fit in the current meta.

#1 Ney  6-star GFE

I am not surprised that Ney took the number one spot. She has plenty of wonderful things going for her including nearly unlimited flexibility, bind clearing potential, tri-colour board with hearts, dual 7 combo 45 awakenings, and physical attractiveness. All of this is further compounded by the fact that she is the newest GFE released and duplicates are in high demand.

However, many players are looking towards Cotton  and Kamimushubi  as future powerhouse GFE. While this is a valid concern, this really applies to everything from a Powercreep perspective and is one downside of being 3 months behind JP: any new toy we currently enjoy will look pale by comparison to the newly released cards.

Regardless, Ney is an incredibly powerful card and you can read about her in more detail HERE.

Ney will be featured at 10x rates on Day 1.

#2 Yog  6-star GFE

Yog comes rolling in at number 2 and unlike Ney, has plenty of staying power in the current meta. It is hard to outdo his 2 light combo explosive damage and is one of the reasons why Cosmic Trinity has become trivialized. While Yog struggles in longer content, he excels in challenging short dungeons where you can strategically plan out active skill usage and Skill Boosts Skill Boost.

Yog also has arguably the strongest active skill in the game from a pure value point of view and is an amazing option for Ameno  teams.

Yog(urt) will be featured at 10x rates on Day 2 and just pray you are not lactose intolerant.

#3 Haku  5-star Pantheon

Haku continues to remain as the most popular Pantheon monster in the game. This is credited to her beneficial typing, beautiful synergy with Dark Athena 3193 and Kushinadahime  along with high dependency on duplicates. It is hard to find fault in Haku and I strongly believe she will continue to remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

#4 Diaochan  6-star Pantheon

Diaochan is a 6-star Pantheon card which means she will have similar rolling rates to 5-star GFE (which are not featured). While the actual need to own Diaochan has been diminished through Anubis 3385 / Diablos  pairings, she is still instrumental for double Anubis teams. Furthermore, the fact that you need 2 to truly shine helps bolster her ranking and desirability. It’s either that or the tasteful sideboob.

#5 Anubis 3385 5-star Pantheon

Anubis is arguably one of the strongest leaders in the game and has had his consistency raised through Diablos  and 7×6 boards. Anubis offers unparalleled explosive damage (outside of Yog) and his main hurdle is finding enough Time Extends Time Extend/comboing skills and hitting 8+ combos every turn. Only drawback I can see is his relatively low use as a duplicate.

#6 Fujin 3414 6-star GFE

Fujin is still your most universal damage absorb void active and will most likely remain relevant for the foreseeable future. Fujin is able to trivialize what were sometimes the most challenging spawns in the game but just be aware that she will only counter absorption mechanics and not damage voids.

#7 Amenominakanushi  6-star GFE

Ameno is a mouthful to type but has steadily risen in popularity over the past few months. I feel this is largely attributed to their ability to trivialize Arena 3, but a huge boost to their power was through the Final Fantasy Pixel evolutions.

The Pixel Evolutions grant us the Box  awakening which enables that particular card to ignore damage void (different from Fujin) mechanics. This has tremendous relevance against the Radar Dragon and Azathoth (in Cosmic Trinity) and thankfully the strongest Pixel evolutions can be found on Light cards.

As a result, Ameno is able to provide consistent but controllable damage along with easy access to counters against popular spawns.

#8 Tachibana  6-star Pantheon

I am a little surprised to see Tachibana this high up on the voting list (was still one of my predicted cards) but regardless, their flexibility in either a powerhouse sub or inherit helps them solidify their spot in the current meta. Dual 7 Combo 45 is still relatively rare and Tachibana also has the ability to pair with Sakuya  to form a reasonably potent 7×6 team.

#9 Indra Indra 5-star Pantheon

Indra is hands down the best shielding option in the game. While his awoken form is crucial on many combo teams, you want to keep him unevolved if planning to inherit for the extra turn of shielding.

You can never have too many Indras.

#10 Kushinadahime  5-star Pantheon

Kushinadahime is another powerful combo-based leader who can have her prowess augmented through Diablos  pairings. Her main strength is innate tankiness through an HP multiplier and naturally high RCV from healers along with perfect damage control. However, this comes at the price of much lower damage compared to Anubis along with slightly more restrictive team building options.

Unfortunately, the need to have perfect damage control is somewhat gone through Fujin-style actives, Follow Up Attack , and Box  awakenings. Thus, the lack of skyfalls can be somewhat of a burden as you can no longer surprise yourself with additional damage.

#11 Nohime  6-star Pantheon

Nohime follows a similar trend to Tachibana but instead is able to provide 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost. While the need for Skill Boosts is diminished in 2-player Coop, they are vital in 3-player mode.

#12 Skuld  6-star GFE

Skuld is the only current Follow Up Attack  card featured (pending Paimon and Ryune evolutions) in this PCGF which surprises me. Perhaps this can be attributed to the higher hit rates of Urd  and Verdandi  and the possibility of players already owning enough of them. Regardless, Skuld is a fantastic option as she is able to produce a tri-elemental board with hearts to help form her column along with dual 7 Combo awakenings.

#13 Ganesha 3071 5-star Pantheon

Ganesha remains the only leader who can augment your rank experience gained after a battle and will remain desirable until other options are created. Increasing your rank experience gained can help you chain rank ups or control when your stamina is refilled and is invaluable when navigating the higher ranks.

Thus, I strongly advise you to keep him in his non-awoken form unless you have a duplicate.

In addition, Ganesha is able to provide 1 turn of damage immunity and has the option of either orb unlock or full board enhance which can dramatically improve your farming adventures.

#14 Ilm 3236 6-star GFE

Ilm has steadily risen in popularity through the introduction of Ranking Tournaments favouring 7×6 boards and bi-colour actives along with Yog. These are the largest driving factors in Ilm’s viability and you will want to have duplicates.

#15 Oichi  6-star Pantheon

Oichi may seem strange at first glance as her leader skill prevents you from matching 3 connected orbs along with mono-wood teams being less viable at this point in time. However, Oichi is actually capable of forming a Cosmic Trinity carry team as you can budget an active skill each turn to unleash her explosive damage. Finally, her active skill has amazing value on wood and dark teams such as Anubis 3385 and Kushinadahime  teams.

#16 Sima Yi  6-star Pantheon

North America is still quite invested in Dark Athena 3193 and the inclusion of Sima Yi confirms it. However, I largely view him as an inferior Haku and is clogging up a valuable vote slot while also being more rare. With that being said, perhaps players are after him for the orb unlocking option, but this is still a hefty price to pay for a situational active skill (I also do not believe the popular Dark Athena content features heavy orb locking).

#17 Raphael  5-star Pantheon

I am a little surprised Raphael made the cut but this could be attributed to his relatively new awoken evolution. Raphael has a unique active skill as he can either produce a full board of heart plus 2 turns of 100% damage reduction or 1 turn of 100% damage reduction plus 30% max HP heal every turn for 3 turns.

Both options are amazingly valuable in certain farming set ups as you are able to cheat death and potentially combo the full board of hearts with a heart-breaker. However, I am not completely sold his inclusion in PCGF as the long cooldown makes it challenging to feasibly inherit on your team but the fact that he is a 5-star Pantheon and hard to replicate can be justifiable.

However, many players are eagerly eyeing his Awoken form’s leadership potential as he is able to form a No-Skyfall leader who can utilize full board changers. Furthermore, unlike Dark Metatron , Raphael can pair with anyone and does not have a HP-clause. Just be aware that you must use full board changers.

#18 Liu Bei A Liu Bei 5-star Pantheon

Liu Bei has reigned as the most accessible farming leader through the farmable nature of Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios and Tengu Tengu. Together, you are able to form a team that can quickly clear plenty of content along with having sufficient Skill Boosts to bring utility actives as needed.

However, the future Pixel Brachys  can form a 100x team when connecting 9 wood orbs while also being able to capitalize on the Box awakening. This comes at the cost of one less Skill Boost and no bind immunity, but is also farmable.

#19 Dark Kali Dark Kali 6-star GFE

Dark Kali has long reigned as a popular card due to the previous power of Ra Dragon 3265. However, Ra Dragon’s ability to clear new content is steadily diminishing as his lack of flexibility makes it challenging to address all the new mechanics. Thus, I feel that unless Dark Kali gains a new and exciting evolution (or Ra Dragon does), we will not be seeing her in the next PCGF.

#20 Nene  6-star Pantheon

I had initially predicted Inahime  would make the cut instead of Nene but perhaps the allure of Blue Hunter  sub is too strong. The main upside I can see for Inahime is their ability to form a stronger Cosmic Trinity carry team due to the accessibility to Tsubaki 3260 (Oichi  has Mito ) and natural 9x through Killer awakenings. While both Oichi and Inahime are lesser options compared to Yog, they may be more achievable for the average player.

With that being said, Nene is capable of building a Whaledor  heavy team that can have Fujin 3414 ready by floor 6. In addition, she is often a desirable inherit on Ameno  teams.

#21 Paimon 2997 6-star GFE

The main reason I did not include Paimon on my prediction list is that he does not have much viability at this exact point in time. I am well aware that he gains tremendous value in his future evolution and can act as your Light Follow Up Attack  card. On that same train of thought, I felt that Saria Saria would have been included as she currently has more value at this point in time (along with a powerful future evolution).

However, Paimon has amazing base HP and the shorter base cooldown can be crucial for inheriting new utility.

#22 Hino 3271 5-star Pantheon




How did this actually happen? Are players hoping to gain Hino to farm stones from Tri-Monster Challenge Mode for more stones to roll more in PCGF? Hino has minimal value in this current meta and I do not really foresee him gaining more relevance anytime soon. However, as pointed out by one of my longtime readers, Hino was the very first option on the voting list so it is the first option people see.

#23 Yomi  5-star Pantheon

Yomi is an unusual vote for PCGF and I can think of 2 scenarios where players would use them:

  1. Time Extend Time Extend stick on combo teams or Dark Athena
  2. Budget combo leader to pair with Diablos 

Neither scenario is an ideal one as Yomi can be replaced for better options for the most part. What further compounds the problem is that Yomi has a modestly long base cooldown which makes it challenging to inherit something beneficial over top.

#24 Orochi 3386 5-star Pantheon

Orochi is the best delay option available (outside of perhaps Dark Athena 3193 but spending 750,000 MP for an inherit is another story) as you can customize either Awoken or non-awoken for varying lengths of delay and cooldown. In addition, Orochi makes a potent sub for his naturally high HP and massive TPA potential.

#25 Ryune Ryune 6-star GFE

Ryune has competition with Skuld  as a water Follow Up Attack option (with future evolution) but the inclusion of haste and purple instead of wood orbs can make her a more appealing option in some scenarios. In fact, the water and dark orbs can help Ryune act as a fantastic Dark Athena inherit.

However, with the future release of her split evolution, Ryune is able to make a wonderful Meridionalis  pairing that can provide a shielding component and is not restricted to Gods like Neptune Dragon 3263.

Comparing my predictions

I made predictions of who I thought was going to be in the top 25 in my previous post and while I am surprised by some of the final results, some of my predictions were less solid in my own mind.

3414   3236 
 Saria Ryune 3260 
 3385 A Liu Bei 3071 
3449  3386  

Of these 25, I missed 7 from the actual voting results.

Saria 3260     

I had placed Saria Saria as one of the potential top 25 due to her current viability and future evolution; however, she was eclipsed by the 6-star GFE Paimon. Perhaps this is a collateral drawback of being a 5-star GFE: you probably have enough of her already to not want any more.

I am surprised Tsubaki 3260 failed to make an appearance as her double Dragon Killer Dragon Killer and preference for duplicates made me believe players were still in need of more.

Urd  and Verdandi  are fantastic Follow Up Attack options but perhaps they also fall into the 5-star GFE realm of already owning enough of them.

Inahime  being excluded is the largest surprise to me considering Hino 3271 was voted in. Seriously, even though Inahime is a 6-star Pantheon, I would rather have them included over Hino who has minimal value.

Isis  was included partially for Ra Dragon, but mostly for Blue Hunter bind clearing options. Blue Hunter is vulnerable to binds and having a flexible card like Isis can make a world of a difference. However, maybe everyone is simply banking on rolling Ney  or Isis is old enough to be owned by the majority of the player base.

Loki  is crucial for Dark Athena teams in solo mode but again he may be old enough that players have already rolled him to not need him voted in.


This Player’s Choice Godfest is the most 6-star heavy to date. There are only ten 5-star Pantheon cards featured (with some being highly questionable) and the rest being 6-star Pantheon or GFE. This will result in lower overall rolling rates as each card is not weighted evenly. However, this really could not be really avoided as 6-stars are just too in demand at this point in time. I personally yearn for 5-star Pantheon/GFE to regain relevance but even looking forward 3 months to Japan does not look good as a new wave of powerful 6-star GFE are on the horizon.

Let me know what you think about this Player’s Choice Godfest and whether or not you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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On a side note, I am moving this weekend so responses or new content creation may be slowed for about a week’s time.

67 thoughts on “Player’s Choice Godfest Results and Reactions – October 2017”

          1. Well based on the various groups I am a part of (Discord Facebook) and the looking at the reddit community as well as the fact that paimon was actually voted in as he has minimal value now until new evo


    1. The claim that a strong portion of the player base are looking forwards towards JP content is inference using logical reasoning.

      Given the following premises:
      1) Players who vote in the NA PCGF are part of the NA player base.
      2) In order to be included in a PCGF, a monster needs to have been voted in by “a strong portion of the player base”.
      3) Paimon was voted in to NA PCGF.
      4) Paimon is not currently viable (NA meta).
      5) Paimon will be viable in the future (JP meta).

      Since a large population of the NA player base voted in a monster that is not currently in the meta but will be in the meta in the future. We can conclude that those very players must also be well informed of JP meta.


  1. I’m a little torn. My main account has all 10 of the 5* cards with dupes of each except for Raphael and Yomi. So I would likely be looking at getting more dupes.

    But I don’t know if i can resist the 10x chance for Ney. Other then Ney, I think the only pulls that would be great for my main would be Ameno, Fujin and Diaochan(and i would want 2 of those anyway).

    So while I was considering not pulling, i realized that there likely wouldn’t be a better time to wait for. 10x Ney likely won’t happen too often and at least there are only 25 featured cards. In a regular GF, there are 30+ cards (depending on restrictions per day) featured per day and usually featured pantheons on top of that. So theoretically there are fewer cards to compete with.

    My alt account would be stoked at getting Anubis, Haku, Kush, Orochi…basically everything but Hino. So i will definitely pull for my alt.

    What i think i am going to do is pull for Ney on day 1 with my primary. In the event i magically get Ney, I will pull on day 1 for my alt as well. Otherwise, my alt will pull day 2 in hopes of getting a Yog to match the one I already have on my main.

    Knowing my luck of late, my main will finally pull the DKali I have sought since she was introduced yet I find myself not caring if i get her anymore.


    1. The main issue with Ney is the eventual release of Cotton (who is considered superior) so rolling on your main may or may not be ideal depending on how prepared are you for dupes.

      With that being said, your alt looks like it has the potential to do amazingly well =D


  2. Yeah I was also really surprised to see Hino voted in. It’s literally a waste of a vote if you voted for him. I also a bit disappointed to see only a 5x rolling rate as opposed to something like 7x. Anyways, been saving up stones for a while now so I’m gonna be rolling pretty heavily on day 2 (even though I actually don’t like yogurt in real life)


  3. Tachibana is no surprise because of Yuna I THINK from FF. Yuna and Tachibana can literally duo most thinks on dmg output other things are like ya said Sakuya and DQXQ and some other Rainbow teams her skill is quite nice 4 colors + heart and a 75% dmg reduce in one package can be sometimes great and for the last part dual 7c awakening


  4. Aren’t there statistics that show that 6 Star pantheons have almost the same rates as 5 Star pantheons? The main reason I see that they started doing 6 Star pantheons because the first evolutions of the older pantheons only saw use before ultimate evolutions were even implemented, and now those second evolutions are useless.


  5. Really hoping for Fujin or Yog… Fujin has been eluding me for some time, and my husband doesn’t have her either so I’d love not to slog through certain content without her anymore.


  6. Mantastic, great review as always.
    I think a couple of your missed predictions are easily explained, particularly, Urd, Verdandi, and Tsubaki. I am not arguing that they are all great cards, but you have to remember that lately we have had a glut of events with boosted GFE rates.
    I IAP a bit (maybe a pack here and there) and have 4 each of Urd and Verdandi and 6 Tsubaki. I think it is reasonable to assume most people who have been rolling even a little have enough of those that they just didn’t get the votes.


  7. 2 main rolls and 1 alt: Oichi, 2nd Kushinadahime. Alt: 1st Kagasutchi. I’m pretty happy. I may try to farm some more stones for rolls and I can’t roll on my second alt account until I get home.


  8. Did they swap the 10x days for Ney and Yog?! Did 15 rolls on day 1 trying for Ney and got 2 Yog’s to go along with the one I already had.

    Happy enough for the 1st dupe as an assist on my original Yog, but what the heck do I do with a 3rd? Really wish trading was more wide-open…


  9. My 800 Days reward came just in time for this, and I promptly rolled the farming duo, Ganesha and Kagutsuchi. The latter I already have, and you don’t really ever need two (not to mention it’s already got a Revo so there’s little future potential for now), but I’m still pretty happy because of everyone’s favourite Remover of Obstacles and Wealthy Elephant. I’ll roll at least one more tomorrow, all I want is something new in my box.

    Of course I wouldn’t mind Haku Number 3 either.


  10. Tomorrow will be my 500th day of log ins so I should have another 2 rolls coming in from that (unless they give you the stones on the xx1st day, I don’t remember), but I had 80 stones saved up aside from that. I was gonna do half today, half tomorrow, but I got a little carried away because… well… I wanted to snag a Ney (more on that in a second). So far, I’ve rolled 10 times.

    -Nene (2nd one)
    -Storm Dragon, Mistrain
    -Yog (I gasped so loud, and it just makes me want at least one Ney more lol)
    -Horus (???? Cool I guess?)
    -Ganesha (My 4th one……………… he’s now officially tied with Pandora as my most-rolled pantheon card :/)
    -Parvati, the Golden Goddess (???? Also cool I guess…?)
    -Water Courier Ruka (2nd one, 3rd if you wanna count the wedding variant I have of her)
    -Tachibana Ginchiyo

    So far I’m extremely satisfied because I got Yog, which was one of my I Really Hope RNG Will Smile Upon Me™ rolls, and Tachibana. Still want Ney but I’m not holding my breath, and maybe–just MAYBE–tomorrow I’ll be able to finally roll Haku… but again, not really holding my breath. 😛


    1. Update: Got my 10 stones for log ins and rolled 3 times…

      -5th Ganesha
      -Jester Wizard, Chester

      Not gonna press my luck any further this PCGF. I’m happy enough with Yog and Tachibana. At least I was able to +297 Yog by feeding him some of the garbage pulls lol.

      Also, casual reminder that you’re awesome for providing a constant stream of updates and analysis for this game. It’s not easy, and I definitely appreciate it. I hope your move went well!


  11. Can you please do an article on the ideal ameno and anubis teams/ strategy for both? I have them but I’m not sure how best to use them given my monster box.

    P.S. As soon as I get close to a top tier leader, Ra Dragon 4 months ago, and now that I have 3 Haku for DA you say that they are no longer top tier. Stop making me sad 😦


    1. “No longer top tier” in no way man they are bad.
      When a new leader gets released, it’s not like they add an ability that makes all previous leaders unplayable. DAthena is still perfectly serviceable in 96%+ of dungeons. You might struggle a bit in the newest annihilation level stuff, but that’s the nature of power creep.


  12. I now have 3 skulds and a ney. Is there an elite leader combination for a team like this? Blue hunter comes to mind, but it seems like a lack of time extends and bind clears would be an issue.


  13. “What. The. Fujin.” That about sums it up on that one. Totally surprised me. I rolled and got a third Anubis, a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Sima Yi (What. The. Fujin?!), a second Diochan (yay!), an Ameno, and two Tachibanas. Never saw Ney, of course. I would love to get a Yog during the 10x, but 10x didn’t help me see Ney, so I am not holding my breath. This summary gives me some great pointers on what to do with the stuff that I did get. Excellent summary, as always. Thanks!


  14. Rolled my 2nd Oichi. Not sure about if I should be happy about it or not. Okay, I ever wanted a 2nd for having the no awoken form (+2 is huge).
    But I have 7 cards from the GFV so why is the REM giving my another dupe? I never had such a dupe account.


  15. I think the fact that there’s only one fire monster, and it’s an apparent troll vote-in, says a lot about the current and coming meta.


  16. PCGF looks like the best GF with a bundle of cards with each being useful, some only in specific teams though. For me, rolling is about completing teams from a raw status to a refined status. As a plus it’s possible to get a lead that is part of the meta. In my (EU) experience that’s almost a must, as otherwise you get left behind with a small or no selection of friends that actually run whatever “old” team you have. The BF feature is a temporary help at best, with friends leaving and whale friends using cards i will never be able to pair with.
    This PCGF could have been better, but for a NIAP it’s probably the best to save until each PCGF and then roll all. You get good cards, some part of the future meta even with what is known from JP.
    Last PCGF has been a godsent for me, Anubis + 2 Diaochans. I’ll probably get by for a little longer, but diablos already gets abandonded on my friend list. Nobody plays the Astaroth i have, not even a random. At least some Krishnas out there.
    I guess from now on I’ll save everything half a year until next PCGF.


    1. 9 rolls: Indra, Hino, Raph and Yog + 5 silvers
      Sure, some luck with Yog. Better result than any collab, GF, assist carnival or what-not i rolled in since last PCGF. Chances for something good are (imho) better than anywhere else, even dupes are mostly useful.


  17. Good luck with your move, Mantastic!

    Rolled 3 times day 1, got Kagutsuchi :-(, Kushinada :-), and Solais.

    Rolled 4 times day 2, got Yog (!), Kurone, dupe Karin, and Nene 🙂

    Overall, not too shabby! I might have to keep playing this game now…


  18. I really can’t complain. i did 2 rolls on my main. 1st was Ney and 2nd was the best dupe gold i could get. Indra.

    Then i rolled 2 on my alt. 1st was Kush. 2nd was Anubis.

    I had more rolls but those 1st 2 on each account made the event for me.


    1. Got silvers, amenosomethinglongnameguy, and comboskill dog 🙂
      Fine with this bc of yuna and diao from before, but still disappointed Isis was not voted in :(((


  19. This PCGF came as a surprise to me, so I gathered up as many stones as I could:

    dupe Orochi
    Zeta Hydra
    Yamato Takeru
    dupe Dino Rider
    Phoenix Rider

    I’m actually conflicted; I got Ney and Yog, but I’m not at the point where I can farm Ney’s evolution material nor do I have a strong light box for Yog.


  20. This is off topic but which is the better ultimate evo of red sonia? Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia or Red Dragon Caller, Pyroguard Sonia?


  21. 5/10 of my rolls were silvers, the other 4 were dupes of cards that don’t benefit from them (THIRD Sanada, 2nd I&I, 2nd Liu Bei, 2nd Kush), and the only new thing I got was Tachibana. Again no Indra, not even a dupe of something I wanted. At least I didn’t get trolled with Kagutsuchi.

    Time to wait for magical greater-than-3x-rates-of-Indra or that sweet, sweet Dragon Caller REM. I took a gamble and lost :’)


  22. Hey Mantastic, love your blog, and this was a really informative post. Are you planning to do a new post on the newly available MP Shop cards? I’m trying to decide whether to buy an RMyr or HDrag and would like some help with making the decision.


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