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New Split Evolutions Review/Era of Follow Up Attack – August 16, 2017


The Norns comprise three older Godfest Exclusives: Urd , Skuld , and Verdandi  who all possess powerful board changers but have slowly fallen out of favour due to the inability to successfully use on current meta teams. However, with the release of their new split evolutions, they gain dramatic improvements to their capabilities as a sub due to the addition of 7 Combo 45 and Follow Up Attack  awakenings.

These two awakenings are some of the most powerful ones currently available as it can dramatically shift your playstyle and strategies when playing through challenging content. Furthermore, both 7 Combo and Follow Up Attack help comprise what I like to call the “Holy Trinity” of powerful awakenings with Guard Break  being the third.

In addition, all the Sonias  received their own split evolutions along with Denebola  and Zuoh .

This article will examine the Norns new found viability as well as providing advice on how to maximize their potential. In addition, I will touch upon the other new split evolutions to better aid you in your decision making of which one to pursue.

Video commentary

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The Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity of awakenings (45  ) are the three most powerful traits a monster can have. However, due to their relatively young age, they are not commonly seen across many cards. Thus, cards that do possess at least one will gain significant value while we wait for cards/evolutions to trickle in from JP. Continue reading New Split Evolutions Review/Era of Follow Up Attack – August 16, 2017

55 Million Downloads 5x GFE Review and Analysis

I will continue to update this page as I write the additional monster reviews and have been quite busy with all the newly released content and real life issues. I posted this well knowing I am missing some monsters as I want to give you some information now or at least the handy reference chart for what rolls out on each day. Your patience is appreciated!

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. If you are wondering which Four Gentlemen 300k card you should purchase, please read my Comparison Post.  Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search.


The 55 Million Downloads Godfest makes a special occasion for both GungHo and players. There are not many games that can claim to have as widespread of a following as Puzzle and Dragons and the players are being wonderfully rewarded with a NA first of 5x Godfest Exclusives. A typical Godfest has these hard to obtain cards at a 3x rate and these increased values should help players secure some of their favourite cards. In the distant past, we were fortunate enough to have 4x GFE that was paired alongside various pantheons; however, during the 55 Million Godfest, there will be no accompanying pantheon alongside and we will only have the Gala of Tides. It is uncertain how this will influence the roll rates and GungHo will never disclose this information so we are still at the mercy of RNGesus.

When deciding to roll for either day 1 or 2, you have to take a look at the featured GFE as there is some overlap and the decision ultimately lies in your unique box and situation. North America may never receive the 10-stone GFE REM and if you are like me, and have been hoarding stones for months, it may be time to shake the Golden Dragon’s arm as this will probably be the best opportunity to acquire Godfest Exclusives and Monster Points. Sitting on hundreds of Magic Stones can put a damper on your progression and there is a certain degree of opportunity cost and benefiting from cards before powercreep reduces their value. I will be rolling and recording my conquest with as few tears as possible in a subsequent posting.


Another thing to consider is every roll will come out with a +50 to a single stat. This is a wonderful collateral benefit and if you are having troubles deciding to sell or fuse, I encourage you to read my post HERE discussing the matter.

Water Gala of Tides Carat
Day 1 Red Sonia Blue Sonia Green Sonia rodin Blodin Green Odin
Kali Dark Kali Metatron dtron
Day 2 Urd Skuld ult evo Verd Ult Zuoh Ilm Baby Satsuki
Kanna Eschamali Scheat Australis Fenrir Viz Fenrir
Overlap Gadius Typhon Ryune Saria Sylvie Ult Tsubaki
Ult Sumire Ult Kaede Sherias Baldin Sherias Roots Balboa

Day 1:

Day 1 has the lovely Sonias who despite their best efforts, are starting to fall behind due to powercreep as leads. As subs, they are wonderful on their respective mono-colour teams or assistants for Skill Inheritance. The Odins are more luxury based or niche in comparison. Dark Kali Dark Kali is the big prize of the day and is a vital sub on Ra Dragon Ra Dragon. Finally, the Metatrons are falling behind due to powercreep.

Continue reading 55 Million Downloads 5x GFE Review and Analysis

Red, Blue, Green Sonia, Gadius and Typhon Analysis

Please refer to the Master List for directory to the other pantheons and their analysis.

Take a look at my Popular Leaders and their Full Sub List post for inspiration on team building ideas. If contemplating on purchasing a MP Dragon, please check out my Monster Point Dragon Purchasing Check-list Guide.

Keep in mind all of the following monsters qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty in selling dupes.

The Sonias are reknown as the pioneers of bicolour board changers and forming high recovery teams. Due to the nature of their active, they tend to excel on row based teams as you are almost certain to have two unique rows of your primary colour and have the potential to unleash explosive burst damage. On the other hand, Gadius and Typhon have a more utility based active that can generate heart orbs and can be comboed with other orb changers for critical damage. Unfortuantely, only Blue Sonia and Gadius see action in the current meta and the others will remain placeholders for more ideal cards.

Sonias, Gadius, & Typhon

jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
Red Sonia
Red Sonia
Dragon  / Devil
Fire Row Dark row Bind Clear awakening
Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Fire Dark
12 turn CD
Red Sonia (aka Ronia) was once the most popular leader in Puzzle and Dragons as she could be successfully paired with Lu Bu Lu Bu to form a 1.35x HP / 9x ATK / 2.5x RCV devil team that was capable of clearing all the content PAD had to offer. Then came the rise of rainbow teams and numerous shifts in the meta to find Red Sonia outclassed by other tank leads who grant a larger health and attack multiplier. Furthermore, Red Sonia is off colour when paired with Lu Bu and this hurts your overall damage in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, Red Sonia is still powerful and capable of clearing all the early/mid game content and even has a chance at some harder dungeons, but you will eventually gain better options. She will mostly be used to help you acquire the materials needed for your various awoken evolutions. Sonia has now been buffed to 3.75x ATK (thus Lu Bu plus Sonia is now 11.25x), but this probably not enough to tackle high end content.

Team building Red Sonia is quite straight forward as you have numerous options for devils from both a farmable and REM point of view and your teams may look similar to Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora.

As a sub, Red Sonia has potential on Raoh Raoh as he utilizes fire rows and devils. Otherwise, she can make appearances on other mono fire teams and on dark based devil teams as her active does generate numerous dark orbs.

Overall, Red Sonia is a useful roll and will be an asset for those starting out as she makes the game quite easy.

Blue Sonia
Blue Sonia
Dragon / Physical
Water Row blue + orb Dark row
Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Water Row
All  Arrow Water Dark
12 turn CD
Blue Sonia (aka Blonia) has gone through various waves of popularity since her release as her main diminishing factor was a shallow sub pool. However, her ultimate evolution proved to be a splashing success as she is able to utilize physical and dragon subs along with an increasing her attack multiplier to 14.06x. You also benefit from 6.25x RCV which means you can essentially heal back to full health from minimal heart matching and combos. Furthermore, Blue Sonia has an incredible amount of base HP (5,780 at max level) and her teams will surpass 30k health with proper investment. You should also use your HP Latent Tamadras Imp HP on her as they will yield a significant amount of bonus health.

Blue Sonia teams are essentially a tank team that has the highest recovery multiplier and are somewhat immortal provided you can survive each attack. This is further amplified in coop where your naturally high health is further augmented and your sky-high recovery (my team has ~18k from a single heart orb match) allows for easy stalling. If you wish to check out some of my gameplay in coop with Blue Sonia, refer to my previous post in challenge dungeons or Mythic Plus Scarlet. Viable sub options for her team include, but not limited to I&I I&I, Ryune Ryune, Blue Odin Blodin, Andromeda Bankai Andro, B/L Hermes BL Hermes, Karin Awoken Karin, Orochi Awoken Oorochi, and Mori  Mori Motanari.

Blonia teams are capable of clearing almost all the content in Puzzle and Dragons and she is starting to regain popularity as players realize her potential. Looking at Blonia as a sub, she can find a home on I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune as a massive HP stick and powerful board changer. She is less effective on other mono water teams due to no god typing or heart generation, but can still be used in a pinch.

Overall, Blue Sonia is a fantastic monster to own and I hope she continues to gain popularity as a leader. Do not sell for 50k Monster Points.

Sidenote, I am in love with her art as she combines the colour blue, dragons, and a pretty girl.

Green Sonia
Green Sonia
Dragon / Balance
Wood Row Enhanced Wood Orb Dark row
Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Boost
Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Wood Row
 All Arrow Green Dark
12 turn CD
Green Sonia (Gronia) received the same buffs as her prettier and stronger cousin, Blue Sonia and has an amazing 899 weighted stats. Gronia now forms a 14.06x ATK / 6.25x RCV team for both Dragons and Balance types, which should increase her sub pool potential. Unfortunately, her options are less diverse than Blonia as she has less access to rows and fewer damage enhancement options aside from Delgado Delgado who only helps balance types (and has poor stats and awakenings) and the new Jewel Princess Cameo Cameo. Cameo is a much stronger option as she enhances 1.3x based on the number of wood and dark row enhancements. This can lead to spectacular damage and she has respectable awakenings. In addition, Gronia has a healthy access to bind clearing options as she can use Odin Green Odin and Ceres Awoken Ceres. However, many players do not lead with Green Sonia as her team building is quite frustrating unless you have multiple Perseus Bankai Perseus as he is your best access to wood row Wood Row awakenings.

Green Sonia has powerful sub potential on Sylvie Sylvie Freyja Awoken Freyja teams as her powerful and diverse awakenings combined with her amazing active can help your team achieve new levels of prowess.

Overall, Green Sonia still feels lacking as her leadership potential is marred by a shallow sub pool and does not seem very exciting for a 6-star godfest exclusive.

Dragon / Healer
Fire Row Bind Clear awakening Enhnaced Fire Orb
Time Extend Fire Row Bind Immune
Bind Immune Devil killer
All Arrow Fire Light Dark Heart
+ 1 turn haste
10 turn CD
Gadius has been propelled back into the spotlight with the introduction of Xiang Mei Xiang Mei who is the first of the Four Gentlemen series 300k MP monsters. Xiang Mei has an incredibly restrictive sub pool as she can only use fire healers who do not remove heart orbs. As such, Gadius is an irreplaceable sub due to his powerful active and healer typing. Gadius can also make appearances on other mono fire teams including Awoken Shiva Shiva and Yamato Bankai Yamato due to his heart generating active and ability to combo well with numerous other monsters. However, Uriel Uriel has the greatest potential for active pairing as you will create a 50% board of fire and 50% enhanced heart orbs. Gadius can also be utilized as a pseudo bind clearer due to his bind immunity, bind recovery Bind Clear awakening awakening, and active that has a chance to spawn 6+ heart orbs. This is fantastic as you do not need to sacrifice an entire sub slot to a dedicated bind clearer and have access to more firepower. Furthermore, his devil killer Devil killer awakening is a powerful means to deal 3x more damage to devil type bosses.

Moving away from a sub role, Gadius will become a powerful (and fun to play) leader when his leader skill is buffed to 42.25x ATK as he can capitalize upon numerous fire rows Fire RowGranted you need to sacrifice some board space for heart orbs, but his output will be tremendous and will feel like a budget/fragile Xiang Mei with a deeper sub pool.

The main downsides to Gadius as a whole are a lack of both skill boost Skill Boost and skill bind resist Skill Lock Resist awakenings. This can cause issues with having actives ready by turn 1 or achieving 100% bind immunity. These problems become less dangerous in coop as you have a partner to help provide those awakenings, but restricts using more than one per team.

Overall, Gadius is mandatory if you plan on using Xiang Mei, but outside of that, he is more of a novelty/option for mono fire teams. His leadership potential is respectable, but not game breaking in today’s meta.

Dragon / Balance
TPA Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost
Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Dark row
Bind Immune Bind Immune Devil killer
All Arrow Fire Water Dark Heart
+ 1 turn haste
10 turn CD
Typhon is an often forgotten 6-star godfest exclusive as he does not have a clearly defined role in today’s meta. From a leadership perspective, he is similar to Gadius as he is heart orb reliant and can scale up to 42.25x ATK. However, without a survivability component to his leader skill, he will falter in higher end content. Regardless, he can still form an competent team due to the depth of dark subs available and the synergy they bring. Fantastic subs include, but are not limited to Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon, Pandora Awoken Pandora, Akechi Akechi, and any other orb changer that does not remove heart orbs. By stacking numerous dark rows Dark rowyou can unleash spectacular damage (just think of how hard Pandora hits at 25x). Furthermore, both your leaders are bind immune and this helps alleviate some constraints when team building.

Moving away from a leadership role, you would think Typhon could be a stellar sub as his active is essentially like Haku Haku with heart orbs (which is great) and has a healthy mixture of awakenings including the valuable recover bind Bind Clear awakeningUnfortunately, Typhon has the bizarre Dragon and Balance typing which excludes him from the top tier dark teams such as Pandora Awoken Pandora, Lucifer Awoken Archdemon Lucifer, and Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon. This leaves him for Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi and Anubis Awoken Anubis who are both strong, but have issues with consistency. However, with the eventual release of Awoken Persephone Awoken Persephone, Typhon may gain more usage as he is a favourable board change for her dark / water requirements. Finally, some argue that with the release of Xin Hua Xin Hua, Typhon’s balance typing comes into play, but her team is even more outrageous than Xiang Mei Xiang Mei and will probably see few players running her.

It is disappointing that 6-star godfest exclusive has limited uses as a sub simply because his typing is wrong and prevents Typhon from being used on the various top tier teams. Hopefully he will either gain a third typing or a new powerful dark leader will emerge. You can still use him as a leader as his scaling multiplier allows for easier activation. But for the most part, just be patient and admire his sculpted abs.

Happy Puzzling!