Creature Quest Content has Moved

Based on the feedback received from my posting a few weeks ago, I have decided to port over all my Creature Quest content to a sister WordPress site (which can be found HERE).

This will help streamline both games in a more efficient manner as well as enabling players to find the Creature Quest content more easily as I do not post there as often.

The transfer still has the Creature Quest content on this site, but no more will appear in the news feed moving forward. However, I will not be creating a separate YouTube/Twitter account.

If you have not tried it out already, I highly encourage you to download Creature Quest and give it a shot as it is incredibly fun and rewarding to play and occupies a large portion of my video gaming time. Creature Quest has 3 unique gameplay modes that are both rewarding and generous with their Magic Stone equivalent currency. You will often find yourself rolling at a fast-paced rate along with a vital dependency on using farmable Creatures to advance in the game instead of solely relying on REM-equivalent cards to progress.

In addition, the developers are responsive to user feedback and have made tremendous strides in improving the overall experience through the various updates I have experienced in my 100 days of playing. Finally, all new content is released immediately (no server disparity) along with rich in-game flavour text and animated Creatures with sometimes amusing audio death-lines.

If you ever have any questions, I do have a bumpin’ Discord channel that is full of helpful players.

Happy Puzzling/Questing!

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