Question Time with Mantastic – December 2020


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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32 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – December 2020”

  1. Do you think regular ideal can be utilized on any team currently? She is my favorite unit but I’m unsure how to approach building her into an end-game team.


    1. Related to this question: I already have at least one copy of each exchangeable monster. Which ones are still valuable in multiple copies?


  2. Hi mantastic. I just wanted to know your opinion on who the strongest leader(s) is in NA at the moment. JP tier lists vastly differ from one another, and the generally agreed upon strongest leads (from demon slayer collab) arent in NA yet. Your views on PAD-related things are generally spot-on, so I was hoping you might be able to give some insight on this :).


  3. Hey Mantastic,
    Do you have any suggestions on what to do with dupes that are not able to be trade fodder in the monster exchange. I think I have 7 or 8 Krishna’s and selling or trading for a rainbow medal doesn’t see like a good investment. If you don’t have any suggestions, do you have something in mind for what you hope gung ho will do?



    1. I currently just hoard/stock pile those Pantheon cards as I also feel the Rainbow Medal Exchange is lackluster

      I guess I am always hedging against the faint possibility something better may come out from owning them


  4. Hello Mantastic!

    I’m getting back into PAD after a few years of not playing and had a few questions about Akine teambuilding (ran DMeta before, got a little bored of her). Right now, I’m running Akine ! Reeche (no. 4413) / Uruka ! Romia’s Plushie / Revo Lucifer / Verdandi (no.4829) / Allatu ! Fenrir Viz, but just rolled a Fujin and was always considering a few other subs (S.Revo Horus for guard break, Revo Aten for active / killers, Eir for bind clear + FUA gaurantee, I&I for dmg boost, Susano for dmg reduc.). I’m running Lucifer for FUA guarantee, Verdandi for the heal and Allatu for the skill boosts, but am not sure about the potential for the team to beat end game content.

    Would you recommend any substitutions from the subs I mentioned for my current team and why / why not? Also, more generally, do you think Akine (given the right team) is strong enough as a leader to beat all the content that’s out there right now? Asking because I’m unsure about what latents / how many latents to put into these subs, and I’m not sure if I’d want to invest so many latents into a team that can’t beat end game content.

    I know that was a lot, but I’d really appreciate any input you might have on any of those questions. Thanks!


    1. Oh I have 2 reeche but it not the original one it’s great witch of the fresh snow reeche so maybe we can team up 😀


    2. Hey Akine can clear plenty of content but her biggest downfall is a lack of awakenings and lower effective HP due to a smaller HP multiplier and no Damage Reduction.

      When team building, it is best to build for the dungeon at hand as each one has varying mechanics. On the other hand, for making a generic team to tackle the majority of dungeons, I would have:

      • Cloud Resist
      • Poison Resist
      • Blind Resist
      • Damage Absorb Void

      • Awoken Bind clear
      • FUA
      • A way to deal with Voids

      This wont work for everything but it covers what I feel are the more common and harder to deal with mechanics


  5. Hello! What is your biggest regret in regards to not rolling in a collab/event or going for an exchange?

    I have two at a tie. I never traded for Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho because I traded for Yusuke, the new hotness who was so much better at the time. My other was not trading for Lina Inverse because I didn’t understand the hype around her equip form 😦


    1. I feel NY Reeche and Videal along with Persona TV guy are three cards I wish I had as they are used so often rn

      While not a tradeable card, Sloth from Sin Dragons eluded me and makes me sad


  6. mantastic I been playing for a long time now since like 2015 and I still don’t have a good leader right now I’m using a ryuune leader team with water subs but I just rolled a mega awoken rajin from the aprrection so what can I make out of her? I need answers ;-; 🥺


      1. My team looks very different than yours and I would like to know what you think… Fasca(Polaris)/Indra(CecilCrystal)/Kanna(Facet)/Touya(Draupnir)/MAFujin(EggofSloth)/MARaijin(Halberd) I have not beaten AA4,A6, or Shura yet but I am getting ready to start tackling them. Which one should I start with for trying solo clear?


        1. A6 is where you should be starting in terms of difficulty but it is heavily disadvantaged due to 7×6

          Here is a checklist for AA4 (used dif team) but the notable mechanics are there but you having an awoken bind clear for Nohime’s preemptive Awoken Bind is valuable

          Just note that A6 is an easier AA4 so if you can build for aa4, you have an a6 team as all the spawns are basically the same minus some mechanics


  7. Do you think damage cap will be an issue with future power creep? And if so what do you think GH will do to address that issue?


    1. At this point in time, dungeons are balanced around Damage Cap (DC) as it allows them to make higher Effective HP spawns like the menoas

      It ensures certain spawns take longer/more turns to kill and can be an alternative to Super Resolves


  8. Hi, I’ve been trying to run dark Loki x Sophie.
    The leader skills feel really solid together! My subs don’t feel perfect though. I’m running Iori, Halloween Sonia , regular Reeche and enra. What would you say the weak links are and what monsters should I be thinking of putting in? Thanks


  9. Do you know when the new shura floor is coming? I still haven’t gotten it nor the update and can’t find anything about it online.


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