Hellish Training Arena – Farming with Double Anubis or Anubis + Resolve Orochi


Hellish Training Arena (Training Arena 3 / TA3) is the newest Normal Dungeon released that features outrageously high health encounters, massive incoming damage, along with 50 million Monster EXP reward which greatly aids cards going trying to get to Level 120.

This 50 million Monster EXP is outrageously high for 120 stamina but this dungeon is not for the faint of heart as it features incredibly over-tuned HP, Attack, and Defense values on every spawn. You will be unsuccessful without careful planning.

With this in mind, I would like to share two of my teams that have found success by abusing Anubis through 7×6 Leader Swapping.

Dungeon info

Skyozora link HERE

Basically everything has outrageous amounts of Health and possibly Defense along with stupidly hard attacks. My approaches are either one shot every floor (requires a highly specific set up) or abusing Orochi’s Resolve and Delays.

Double Anubis – Faster / more Risk

This team relies on one-shotting every single floor once Anubis has been swapped in under the safety of a Delay. The key with this build is to have 23 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost to swap into double Anubis, a 1 turn cooldown card to trigger Anubis’s full Leader Skill, and having enough Double Damage Cap Latent across the team to deal sufficient damage.

This is because a single Damage Cap is only 2.14 Billion damage from a given attribute but with the Latent, that attribute can deal 4.28 Billion. This in turn ensures you can actually one-shot the 23 Billion HP final floor when using the 15% Gravity (now 19.55 Billion HP) from the Hera Luna Weapon .

For my team, I have a total of 9 Damage Caps (counting Double Cap as 2) which equates to a bit over 19.3266 Billion from their Dark attributes. I am able to Double Cap reliably due to the fact that I have permeant 15% Dark Skyfalls along with numerous Orb Enhances Dark Orb Enhance:

This means the sub-attributes and the Leveling card need to only deal a relatively insignificant amount of damage to sweep every floor but they will probably be hitting quite hard anyway.

To top it off, I am running 2 Dungeon Bonus awakenings which grants an additional 4% Exp which raises the total to 52 million Monster Exp.

With that being said, this team relies on killing every single floor in one turn as any hit received will result in instant death. As such, the following team will be more forgiving, but will be slower.

Finally, thank you to Miso for helping me craft this team together on my Twitch Twitch Stream. If you wish to read a more in-depth breakdown of the team from Miso’s perspective, check out his guide HERE.

Anubis x SR Orochi (Resolve/Zombie team)

The team is a horrible mish-mash of random cards but the key pieces are:

  • Anubis on 7×6 (23 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost)
  • Multiple Delays
    • Always Delay multi-spawn floors or when lacking Hearts
  • Orochi with his Resolve
  • One card with Double Damage Cap Latent with the Farmable Gawain Weapon
    • Has 3 Enhance Killers 42 to ensure the rare Diamond Dragon invade can be killed

Idea with Orochi is to tank any single hit and survive with 1 HP (Resolve) which means every single non-multi spawn floor can be tanked and Anubis’s RCV multiplier ensures players return to >50% HP to have Resolve available again.

In terms of a Leveling a card, Elena (3rd sub) can be dropped as damage is technically not as needed due to Resolve saving you.

With that being said, you will need Delays to overcome multi-spawn floors as getting hit by 2 of them will end your run.


Hellish Training Arena is the most stamina-efficient permanent Dungeon for farming Monster Experience due to the 50 Million completion reward. Of course, this dungeon is incredibly difficult to clear as it features some of the highest HP, Attack, and Defense values we have ever seen.

Both my teams are capable of clearing this dungeon with the Orochi approach being more budget-friendly overall.

Let me know what you think about this dungeon and the teams you have found success with in the comments down below.

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9 thoughts on “Hellish Training Arena – Farming with Double Anubis or Anubis + Resolve Orochi”

  1. I think GH using their arbituary damage cap to limit us in order to make dungeons harder is a load of BS. It was a limit of the 32-bit signed binary integer in computing in the original game’s code but they obviously already fixed it since we have the “double damage cap” now. What’s the point of more powerful teams if all of them are going to hit that artificial damage cap now?


    1. To encourage players to use non-transforming cards as a way of helping offset their power is one option

      another is to try and prevent teams consistently killing a given floor in one turn all the time


  2. What about a team of 2 skill-maxed Irenes + 1 true gravity (Diablos, Trailokyavijaya, etc.) + 2 others with lots of SBs (Valeria, Akine, etc.) + 1 to level up, and assists with +SB as needed to use Irene right off the way?


  3. Hi on one of your videos you talked about buying Belial with real money. Unfortunately I must be very blind because all I can see is the monster point shop or exchange and none of it features Belial or any other monster for real money. Can you please tell me how to access the money shop? It’s also not an option under any other tab either.


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