Hyperion’s Useful Links

Here you’ll find a collection of all the useful links that will be helpful to your Puzzle & Dragons journey. 

PAD Tools:

  1. PAD DB  – App
    PADDB – P&D Companion on the App Store
    PADDB – Apps on Google Play
    (The most useful NA player resource. Includes teambuilder, board setups, roll simulator & almost everything the average NA player needs)
  2. PDC – JP App
    PDC パズドラダメージ計算 on the App Store
    PDC ダメージ計算 – Apps on Google Play
    (If you are of the highest caliber and PAD DB is not enough, here is PDC, the Japanese ultimate PAD tool. Use ^pdc on Tsubaki bot on Discord for help)
  3. Dawnglare – Pad Simulator
    (PAD board/solving simulator)
  4. Ilmina Advanced Search – Ilmina
    (Website to find cards, very useful filters)
  5. PAD Dash Formation – https://mapaler.github.io/PADDashFormation/solo.html
    (PAD Teambuilder Website)
  6. Valeria – https://mtkwock.github.io/Valeria/
    (Another Web PAD Teambuilder, but a bit more unorganized though)
  7. Skyozora – Puzzle & Dragons 戰友系統及資訊網
    (Japanese website for dungeon info and mechanics)
  8. Protic Glossary – PAD Glossary – Blogging Mama
    (Glossary to decipher our weird PAD mechanic naming tendencies)
  9. PAD Chester – https://pad.chesterip.cc
    (PAD Index)

PAD News/Content Websites:

  1. Official PAD Website – Puzzle & Dragons 
  2. PAD Facebook Page – Puzzle & Dragons (North America) – GungHo – Home | Facebook 
  3. PAD NA Twitter – Puzzle & Dragons NA (@PuzzDragNA) / Twitter 
  4. PAD Protic – Blogging Mama
    (JP & NA news and translations)
  5. MantasticPAD – Mantastic Puzzle and Dragons
    (Mantastic’s Website)
  6. Team Hyperion – HyperionPAD
    (Our Hyperion written articles/dungeon guides)

PAD Communities:

  1. PAD – Team HYPERION – https://discord.gg/hyperionpad
    (Our Twitch Team’s main community Discord Server, where we host many events and you can find PAD Twitch Streams going on every day.)
  2. MantasticPAD – https://discord.gg/mantasticpad
    (Mantastic’s Discord Server)
  3. Dark Row Server – https://discord.gg/V9WShj7
    (For farming builds)
  4. PADX Server – https://discord.gg/Bcz5p45
    (Server for a defunct website)
  5. Puzzle & Dragons Community Server – Puzzle & Dragons Community Server
    (I wouldn’t recommend this as a choice to find actual comprehensive PAD help, as there’s toxicity and there are better options)
  6. PAD Global – Puzzle & Dragons Global (US/JP) | Facebook
    (Largest PAD Facebook Group, where you’ll get help if needed because most of us Hyperion peeps are there too lol. Requires signup and confirmation to get in)
  7. r/PuzzleAndDragons – https://www.reddit.com/r/PuzzleAndDragons
    (This is Reddit, so don’t expect anything other than Reddit)

Other Discords: (In progress)
(If your Discord is an active PAD server, feel free to let us know to add it here for FREE AD!)

  1. Tsubotki – https://discord.gg/QCRxNtC
  2. Omss Serverhttps://discord.gg/NVZEggg

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