Guide to Requesting Teambuilding Help for PAD

So, you’re having difficulty with a hard technical PAD dungeon and you’d like help in creating a team that can tackle it? Excellent, you’ve come to the right place! Join the Hyperion Discord and follow the on-boarding process to access the chats then this article will guide you on how to use the teambuilding-workshop channel in the server.

Follow these directions to make all of our lives easier, and you’ll be able to get help faster and more efficiently. So let’s break down the steps to make this process easier.

First, identify a starting point:

  • What dungeon(s) you are trying to clear?
  • Where are you stuck in those dungeons?
  • Are you starting completely from scratch or do you already have a draft?

Second, share your teambuilding attempts and preferences:

  • Build your teams in a teambuilder and share them on Discord
  • Share and be honest about your skill level (ie time-to-solve 6×5)
  • Share your preferences (ie “I don’t like 7×6”)

Third, and most importantly, share your ORGANIZED box: (don’t spam Discord with pictures)

  1. Turn on Box Sorting in PAD if you have not already. This is in Others > System > Manage Boxes.
  2. Favorite everything from the REM. In general this is everything worth 5000+ Monster Points. You also want to favorite farmables that aren’t clearly garbage and may see use. (Ex. Athenas, MP Dragons)
  3. Sort by Favorites, and screenshot all of your box down to the end of your Favorites.
  4. Upload all the screenshots to Imgur, or any other photo dump link where you can just post a single link in the chat and we would be able to see all the screenshots. (Example)

Don’t just screen record a video of scrolling through your box, it’s hard to brainstorm team ideas when we need to constantly go back and forth to confirm cards.

Then search for already existing teambuilds you are closest to making.

Remember, anyone helping has to take the time and look through your box and brainstorm what would work. Start by doing a little startup research of your own, by going on YouTube and searching the dungeon and leader pairing. If there isn’t any in English, search the dungeon’s name in Japanese and the name of the leader. (Use ^jpname Tsubaki name for monsters)

To find JP dungeon names, ask around or search in our website dungeon guides for the JP names of the harder technicals like the MDs. Use whatever you find the closest to building as your starting point.

Keep in mind there isn’t a single team that can clear everything. You can request help with making an “allpurpose” team though.

Finally, if you truly want no-effort-hand-held-teams straight from your box flown in with a spoon full of yum dungeon clear, please consider supporting Mantastic (or any other content creator with a teambuilding incentive) by joining his YouTube Membership’s Moving Diamond Tier, where he will review your monster box and assist you in making teams for whatever dungeon you want to tackle. You support a content creator and get a fully customized team. It’s a win-win.

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