Post Lidocaine Procedure Update

Thank you to everyone for your support during this challenging time. I am still combating a modest amount of the normal side effects so it may take some time for appropriate responses or new content to be released. Normal side effects include nausea, fatigue/drowsiness, and disorientation with it being most severe for the first 24 hours.

Overall the procedure went well and I was able to tolerate the entire procedure without any complications. I am currently experiencing a noticeable improvement in baseline pain levels, but I have been very cautious this past 48 hours and did  have one unusual flare up. I am still by no means cured and have a very long road ahead, but hopefully it will be shorter and less painful moving forward.

I will most likely need repeat infusions for Lidocaine (how frequently remains to be unseen), but these would at least be available for only $500-550 per treatment as I would be taking it home with me and having it slowly released into my bloodstream over the course of about 4 days.


Once again, thank you to everyone for your continued support. You have made this whole week bearable through your encouragement, prayers, and well wishes. I also want to thank everyone who contributed financially for funding my procedure. Within a week’s time, you were able to pay for the procedure in full and this makes a world of a difference moving forward as I still have many hurdles to overcome and my eye cancer follow up next week as well.

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I am still sifting through my Question Time post and should ideally have it finished on the weekend along with finalizing my Patreon page.

Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and it means the world to me.

Happy Puzzling!

17 thoughts on “Post Lidocaine Procedure Update”

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling at least a little bit better–this gives so much hope for this treatment and I hope the next few treatment rounds only continue to help! Prayers for a miracle ❤


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