Question Time with Mantastic – October 2019


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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52 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – October 2019”

    1. You mean Rainbow Event Medals?

      The best thing available all the time is Odysseus (aka Trojan Horse) as they can evolve into a wonderful Weapon Assist. I personally own 3 for convenience and also when I need to use several on a team

      The other main usage would be for a strong farmable Collab card when farming is either too tedious/boring


      1. No, sorry I meant the GungHo Collab tickets gathered from GungHo Collab 2 that ends in a few days. There’s a Rhea, Rebelious Witch Card and a underpowered Reeche, etc.


        1. Oh my mistake

          I do not find them particularly enticing and I am personally not farming any of them

          With that being said, Delphyne may be useful due to her double Healer Killer. Just be aware they are the old 5* so it is possible you may have some or other players do without trading


    2. Seeing all of these events packed together such as FF, GH, Shinra, beach, DBDC, even FOTNS coming up in the near future, what are your thoughts on GungHo’s schedule? What events do you think will most likely come in the future? What are you expecting?


      1. Monster Hunter this Monday =P

        Generally speaking, we follow a 2-3 month delay after JP so we should get those events they had as well assuming we got them before

        One notable event will be Heroine as it received sizable buffs and would not surprise me if it came soon after MH


  1. Well crap now we know about Raoh buffs.

    They are saying he’s a red Ina and will pair with Omega!!!

    So… does that make him the new must have for those of us with lots of fodder and no Ina or Phenom?


  2. Hi Mantastic,

    I generally run dungeons with my alt as P2. So I like strong lead pairings across the accounts. What is your view on trading for collab leads in this case? For example, one account rolled Karin and the other rolled Omega. I’m mostly NIAP, so my trade fodder is limited. Your thoughts?


    1. One main issue with many teams is they are harder to build in coop due to no SA

      For example, both Dark Omega and Karin lack VDP in coop which means what could have been your two hardest hitting cards can no longer pierce through Void spawns

      With that being said, what kind of content do you usually coop?


  3. How to you feel about the current sgf? will you be rolling in it? would you advise rolling in that or gh collab? i have almost everything beside karin and more zeta dupes from gungho but I dont have very many of the featured gfe


    1. This is just a vanilla/regular SGF so nothing that special imo

      I personally prefer the SGF with Seasonals thrown in as I usually don’t roll in those Seasonal REMs


      1. What does “vanilla” mean in this context!?

        And what does “vanilla” comboing mean.

        Every time you mention it, I want ice cream!


        1. Vanilla usually refers to basic/baseline/first for video games. Thus a Vanilla Super Godfest is a regular Super Godfest. Has no exciting perks/collateral benefits/seasonals appearing


  4. What are your thoughts on Super Reincarnated Lakshmi? Is she a good leader, and can she clear endgame content?

    If so, what are some good subs for her?


    1. I feel she is underwhelming and i am personally not evolving her. She needs Lutina or Tardis to function and has a weird Damage Reduction clause. I guess with Lutina and enhanced Hearts it is possible but I feel she will not make too big of a splash

      This is becuase her Reincarnated form has 3 SB + FUA naturally which is a pretty rare thing. As such, I have on occasion found myself using her for rankings/niche special dungeons


  5. I keep bumping into situations where I try to one-shot with a VDP but end up leaving a spawn at like, 30%-40% HP. Which is the most important to invest in for damage: Getting cards to lvl 110, plus combo actives, enhanced orb actives, or enhance actives?

    I don’t have most of the Wisedragons or Gemstone princesses, so my enhance actives are usually 3x-4x. I usually bump into this problem with my B&J team using VDP Suou, and my Yoh team with unevolved Zela.


    1. Having your VDP card at 110 with a damage boosting inherit (either Killer, >80%, <50%) can make a difference or use more cards with VDP

      Setting up bicolours optimally can yield 7c with the VDP so that may be something to consider.

      As for your unevolved Zela, I would evolve her to the triple 7c + VDP SA form as she has far more damage that way


  6. Do you still know? What was your 1st Leader ever? And what did you played through the years (you was a fan of Pandora in the past, right?)?


  7. I have Tifa and Dark Karin, but I don’t have any Bride Zelas. Are there any other particularly good subs for them?


  8. What are your opinions on the RaOh buffs? Do you think there are suitable fire dark subs available for the team? I very very rarely run any dungeons in co-op and wanted to know his potential for farming any of the AAs.


    1. Auto Follow Up Attack is imo the strongest mechanic at this moment so he will have potential

      Perhaps Raoh paired with Dark Omega with things like Theor, Dark Elena, Valentines Sonia, Ralg, and more Omegas

      Take a look here


  9. What do you think the best lead is from the GH collab? Which can get through endgame content? And what subs should I use if I can get my hands on it through the monster exchange?


    1. That pairing comes with 12x RCV which is more than enough and does not need Kuroyuri Loop

      The Loop is primarily used on teams with massive HP but no RCV multipliers


  10. Is there a Light Team comparable to B&J? I have been running L.Ford and Lighting with 150kHP but healing is terrible.

    Since I need light Kuroyuri isn’t an option.

    Any thoughts on a light team that compares to B&J?



      1. Multiplier plus heal bonus (example Mel).

        I have a lot of decent light cards that help but it seems like B&J dominate the healing (with Mel).

        If you run Mel on a Light*HP team you lose out on the HP bonus for Mel.

        Hope this makes sense. Thanks for the response!


        1. Right now, the top Light teams often have inflated RCV multipliers (Dark Karin, Tifa) so there is no need to have a healing option like Mel

          In theory, Yusuke is basically a weaker BJ due to lower multipliers as both need two colours


  11. Hey mantastic, what do you think of dmeta right now? is she still a top leader or no longer as viable?

    also do you think all pantheon monsters will eventually get super reincarnations?


    1. In theory, she can clear more content due to her SA compared to debut but the main issue is many other leaders have come out that are easier/more reliable to use. It is also sometimes a pain to manage HP and combos when doing VDP + FUA

      As for pantheon cards, I am quite confident they all will gain super reincarnations one day


  12. what are some game mechanics that you’d want gungho to implement?

    for ex i think it’d be cool to have monster exchange for pantheon monsters during non-event godfests, and an awoken skill that can deal with the casino/rotating things in dungeons


  13. Since it’s been awhile since your last farmable monsters guide do you think you’d be updating it or making one for a player deeper into the game?


  14. Hi Mantastic, Greatly appreciate all of the information you put out. I stopped playing 2 years ago and oddly got back into the game. I have 800k monsterpoints and was wondering if there were any monsters worth getting? Or if there were ones coming up known from JP that I should hold out for. Any advice is appreciated. (I already have Yomi & Odin Dragon)


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