Question Time with Mantastic – January 2020


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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91 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – January 2020”

  1. We get to choose between Zeus – Giga, Athena – Non and Valkyrie – Ciel as a new year’s present. I already have one Athena, but I don’t really have any use for any of them now. Obviously I’ll probably save my coin but which of them has the highest value at the moment.


    1. Depending on when you started playing, there is a strong chance you picked one up beforehand so someone different would generally be preferred.

      Right now, Athena and Valkyrie have lower value outside their Weapons as Light is so saturated so you need to think if the Weapons appeal to you.

      Valkyrie has two unique killers which is powerful for some farming build and pretty sure will be relevant for future rankings. Athena gives two Blinds but also a useful active

      Zeus is kinda redundant with Verse but some farming builds will use him, especially his active. His Weapon gives rows and full bind immunity and a long cooldown. So inheriting it on someone like Halloween Cotton (can use Tape SA now) on Tifa teams is pretty valuable

      Either way, their uses are somewhat niche and holding the coin until you can decide may be best


      1. Well I was in a similar boat and burned 2 valk ciels from coins to get minaka.
        Was getting tired of playing tifa, wanted something new.


    1. I have a lot of GFEs and some event cards I don’t mind trading (4 Salines, could trade 2-3 of them). I don’t have either Phenom or Minaka. If I had a choice between the two, which one is objectively better as a leader, assuming one has the subs for both?


      1. In my opinion, Minaka has more staying power due to how most Water leaders want to pair with her.

        On the other hand, Phenom only truly shines with with Ina and means Phenom will be replaced much earlier by comparison


  2. I have the same question about the appreciation medal. Which do you think would be more useful overall for someone with a pretty deep box?


    1. Copying from the other reply since it also applies to you =)

      Depending on when you started playing, there is a strong chance you picked one up beforehand so someone different would generally be preferred.

      Right now, Athena and Valkyrie have lower value outside their Weapons as Light is so saturated so you need to think if the Weapons appeal to you.

      Valkyrie has two unique killers which is powerful for some farming builds and pretty sure will be relevant for future rankings. Athena gives two Blinds but also a useful active

      Zeus is kinda redundant with Verse but some farming builds will use him, especially his active. His Weapon gives rows and full bind immunity and a long cooldown. So inheriting it on someone like Halloween Cotton (can use Tape SA now) on Tifa teams is pretty valuable

      Either way, their uses are somewhat niche and holding the coin until you can decide may be best


  3. I was curious, when evaluating cards, what kind of stat ranges (that is, health, attack, and recovery) are considered low versus average versus high?


    1. This answer will vary over time due to Powercreep but generally speaking, things with 1,400+ weighted stats are considered higher

      These usually come from higher rarity cards or from higher magic stone events

      Weighted stats are calculated based on how many stats are given with plus eggs:
      HP: 10
      ATK: 5
      RCV: 3

      For higher values I would say around:
      HP: 7,000+
      ATK: 3,000+
      RCV: 700+

      These values are before pluses but at level 110

      Thus, evolved Minaka has 8,570 HP and 1,302 RCV at max level which is incredibly high.


  4. I have been on quite a long PAD hiatus (stopped about a month after they released aa2, after which the lack of endgame content pushed me away) but was lured back at the promised of new challenges!

    Anyways, I am a bit confused about the hype behind the autofua pairings. I traded for Phenom during DO and my team is
    Phenom / Evo Veroah / Hiei / Planar / Eir / with trojans on everyone and a fujin on Veroah. It seems to me that there is a weird lack of damage when paired with Ina. While my old Dmeta team (Luci, Planar, Eir, Izanagi) could easily output enough damage to oneshot Yog in aa2, I had to chip it down slowly with Phenom x Ina.

    Maybe I’m not playing the leader correctly? idk, It seems like the only one doing any damage is Hiei.

    The effective health also feels much lower, with a small shield sometimes and only 3x health. I used to be able to stall for Fujin on Machine Athena, but now I just get One shot, even if above 80%.

    While some resolve spawns were annoying, I could always stall until I gathered 5 hearts for a normal fua with dmeta,whereas now it seems like I need to stall in order to deal any damage.

    as a side note, do you think a No skyfall loop with Orphen and two Cottons is viable?

    Thank you so much!


    1. Main idea with auto follow up is that you can completely ignore Resolve. This opens up team building options as you can inherit different board/orb changers without fear. It also helps preserve combo count when you VDP since you don’t need the column of Hearts now

      As for your lack of damage, you only have one triple 7c card but have quite a bit of VDP damage. At the same time, you lack passive damage (OE/Rows) which you have little of

      Inheriting those passive damage awakenings will greatly bolster your output. Take a look at my first AA3 clear here:

      As for No Skyfall loop, what purpose is that serving?


      1. So like, you never have to worry about accidentally healing? Idk maybe too imaginative.
        Thanks for the reply btw, makes more sense now. Happy New Year!


  5. I just got enough to trade for phenom. However, I need to use three Zelas, zaerog core, and ciel. I personally dont have any application for core and zela, and I dont see any upcoming leaders. I was wondering if getting phenom would be beneficial to my box.
    Here are some subs that I have for phenom/ina
    Valentine Ney
    Souske Sagara
    Mega D Meta
    I also have full hazard resists.

    With this sub layout, would it be worth it for me to trade for a phenom?



    1. This is a steep trade overall as Core and Zela are some of the stronger 7* GFE along with Core being the best 1-turn -50% card available

      You have the capacity to field a strong team but I feel it is less worthwhile overall as stronger things will come out and I feel Phenom will be benched at some point in the modestly near future


  6. Seeing that we are getting more transforming leaders, do you see this sort of teams becoming meta at some point? Are high skill boost monsters getting popular? Are the best leads in the game going to be even more required to be played with specific subs to work rendering proper team building obsolete in front of everyone running exact same teams?


    1. That is a good point and it would not surprise me if it did become more restrictive for solo play. Coop is just having one account being pure SB and disconnecting. You lose the solo badge but your transformation is ready turn 1 and you can use the subs you actually want


  7. Hey Mantastic,

    I still haven’t beat AA2 but have a maxed out AA3 beating (on paper) Tifa x Haohmaru that ironically won’t work on AA2 because it can’t survive the preemptives,

    I have a Phenom X Ina team similar to your AA2 team but without Hiei. I’ve made it to floors 21 and 23 with phenom X ina but the lack of consistent dark orbs from no Hiei means I am running out of actives on the later floors.

    Would you build an AA2 phenomxina team any differently given recent cards or is there something that might replace Hiei such as turning my Orphen into his weapon form?

    Alternatively is there a way to incorporate DKarin (or other cards) for her shield on Tifa x Haoh team to handle large preemptive from fl 2 and (I think) floor 20?


    1. Recently have beaten AA2 with a Tifa x DKarin team, with Yuna as a key sub for shield
      (Ready on start) and time extent (very helpful for 7×6). Don’t forget to trigger for floor 2 and 15.
      Hope it helps


        1. This the team I used if it can help more:
          Dkarin/karin kanzuki ribbon
          Yuna/general tamuramaro
          Bride zela/bride zela hat
          R.diaochan/power sword megazord
          H.cotton/paladin cecil crystal
          Tifa/dark raizer

          SA from top to bottom:
          Void piercer
          Void piercer

          Latents from top to botton:
          Devil killer x3
          RCV+ x3 (not the best but to lazy to change)
          God killer x3
          SDR x6
          Dragon killer x3
          SDR x2 ; devil killer x2


          1. 100% blind resist
            Ribbon resist
            Cloud resist
            No poison resist as the recovery solves the problem
            No jammer resist (don’t think it is useful with a 7×6 board)
            SFUA +
            FUA +
            Diaochan AS solves time debuff and binds


    2. Turning Orphen into his Weapon will grant a large advantage to your Dark teams but who is currently on your Phenom x Ina team? Giving Eir Mitzune Weapon (or any with Enhanced Heart Orb) grants her HUGE healing which makes stalling easier

      That is an older article detailing my though process for AA2 with Phenom x Ina

      For AA2 with Tifa, you can use Tifa’s base active to survive assuming you do not have a key inherit on her


  8. In you recent aa3 run you used Uruka as you absorb nullified. Is She superior to Blugin for AA3. If so can you explain why?


    1. Uruka has ~200 more weighted stats along with a good chunk more HP/RCV along with always being Bind Immune with triple 7c

      This means I can run a non-bind immunity Weapon along with her active having a backup use if no appropriate spawn appears (eg. use her on Hamal)


  9. How the heck do you do these Skill Quest Dexterity & Strategy quests?
    I’m stumped on level 7 of both.
    Orb Control 7 is no skyfall with a bunch of spinners, and I have no idea what to do.


    1. There are a lot of clear videos on Youtube for the quests, including on Mantastic’s own YT channel.

      And in general, for example, searching ‘pad dexterity challenge level 7′ on Google yields many good results. I personally heavily rely on other players’ knowledge to clear end game content, so my default response is to search if someone has uploaded a clear on YT or discussed strategies on Reddit.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Hello! Former long time player who took a long break here. Peak playing was probably around Myr and heart cross meta, but I’ve periodically redownloaded just to roll. I’m looking to get back in the game and have really taken a liking to the draconic orchestra units and would like to run either a phenom or minaka team, but would have to trade for them so I have two questions:
    1) Which would be better given my box. My phenom team would look like Phenom/Hiei/Ruddy/Ruddy/DZeta for now as I don’t have Eir who seems to be an optimal sub.
    For Minaka, I’d have subs like Cotton, Karin, Ryune, Summer Yog, Nene, Zeta, BSonia, Andromeda, Sumire, and Mariel. Not exactly sure how to go about teambuilding her yet.
    2) What would be my best options to trade for either? I have a dupe Eva, 2x Marthis, dupe Saline, Athena-non, and Zaerog-core for trade. Between Saline, Marthis, and Zaerog, who would be the best choice to keep?


    1. Welcome back to PAD!

      The main concern I have with trading for Phenom is that she will have less staying power due to Ina being the key card in the pairing. This is not to say she is bad, just has a “shorter shelf life”

      Your team has Hiei and can acquire Eir at some point so you are looking good

      For Minaka, you have more staying power and I would possibly lean more towards her based on your team. Using Base Minaka paired with her evolved form means you need Dragons (you have a good number) but also gives huge movement time which helps on 7×6

      As such, I would trade for Minaka and use dupes if possible. Your question asks for 3 monsters and you are asking which of the three to keep?

      Also, you get another 7* GFE from the monster exchange for ciel/giga/non


  11. I have several great light subs (kisaragi, diaochan, gabriev, Ford) but lack a stand-out leader to make use of them. Would it be worthwhile to trade for Mariel?


    1. Personally, I’d be wary of trading for Mariel, though IDK your situation completely. You haven’t mentioned what trade fodder you have, and how your current teams would compare to her, which factor greatly in the decision.

      The thing is, Mariel is good but not a stand-out leader anymore now that usually any meta light lead at this moment is supposed to pair well with Tifa. And as Mantastic said in his review of DO, Mariel’s LS has anti-synergy with Tifa’s LS. I feel like Mariel’s current situation is that ppl think she has great potential to be buffed in the future, but she is not a chase card by any means right now.

      There have been a good number of leaders who can pair with Tifa bc she’s so versatile, so I don’t think Mariel of all of them is a must have. Granted, a lot of them aren’t coming back for a while or possibly ever, but Gung Ho collab is coming back soon and DKarin is a great pairing with Tifa. Perhaps getting powercrept, but still better than Mariel. Plus, she’d be much cheaper to trade for than Mariel, if you’re just itching to put some good light subs to use.

      So my personal feeling is that light is not short on good leads, and Mariel by comparison is not very special, but also a very expensive trade. She would not be my go-to if I wanted a meta light lead that can make good use of my subs.

      That said, if you have loads of fodder and really like Mariel regardless of how optimal she is, I’d say it’s valid to trade for her. That’s just my opinion.

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      1. Well said! I agree that Mariel would not be a worthwhile trade moving forward as there are many stronger options at this point in time and waiting for GH Collab (returns regularly) to acquire Dark Karin would be a much easier to afford trade along with a stronger team overall


  12. Will you be doing a ranking for all cards anytime soon? Since there’s updated cards in sure your rankings from 2018 has changed


    1. edited:
      in 2018 there was a NA Pad Tier list ranking the top cards in PAD (opinionated) i’m just curious what would be your top tier list now that several buffs and new cards have came into play. Thanks


  13. Preliminary thoughts on the Kamen Rider collab? I’m a big fan of the series but the best card that I noticed first was Climax Form Den-O


  14. Hi Im an intermediate player and I just wanted to know why is Eir so important on a DMeta team? I have been using Super reincarnated Venus for some time now due to her high RCV and have only recently got an Eir from the annihilation dungeon. Also is there a better healer than Eir or Venus? Thanks!


    1. At max skill, it’s a convenient heart maker that also clears bind and awoken bind. She also has <50% awokens and heal oe making her the only necessary heal sub and provides tape resist if needed.


    2. Eir provides a conditional but large spike in healing.

      This can allow you to better juggle your HP as you only heal large amounts when you match exactly 4 Hearts

      Eir’s active is also a solid bind/awoken bind clear solution with +6 hearts made


  15. Thank you for all your PAD blogs. I have been playing for years and years now, and you’ve always been my go to reference – and I’ve never really thought to say thanks until now! Do you have a favorite card, either leader or sub, who isn’t necessarily part of the current meta or the strongest? (Maybe from a sentimental collab, one whose art you especially love, etc.)


  16. Hi Mantastic, I used your article in my original build and I can acurately replicate it sans Hiei, which is why I was thinking of inheriting Orphen weapon assist onto another card. Replacements for Hiei that I have (that are also Dark/Red are D/R Gravezord&Ranger Slayer (4961), D/R Planar, Lajoa, Koroyui and Ruo (5688) which is interesting in that it it similar to Hiei but with passive damage and dark and red orbs vs just dark).
    If I ignore trying to cover every color, I have D/D Veroah, Noir and Nergigante. I could inherit Orphen onto a low CD card like Myne, but really losing a strong damage dealer then.

    Maybe Orphen assist onto Gravezord is the answer and I can swap a few assists around to cover blind and poison? Maybe I just need more practice learning the encounter and knowing where I can stall for skills 🙂


  17. I’m surprised you haven’t put up a review of the Kamen Rider collab yet, are you planning to? Also, I want to let you know your collab reviews are very helpful and informative, so thank you for doing them. It would be awesome if you could include any rainbow medal / MP store exchanges, and possibly even the event dungeon boss drops. It’s hard sometimes to know if they are worth pursuing and/or skilling up. Thanks again!


        1. On the bright side, I feel like the consensus on Reddit at least is that Kamen Rider doesn’t really have “must have” meta-busting cards.

          So while certain equips can be very useful depending on your box, I don’t think there will be big regrets to not spending or spending very few stones here.

          Personally, I feel like the best equips here are probably the orb skins or the 6s, with the non-orb skin 5s being kind of average bc they seem more or less replaceable by farmables or stuff from other collabs.

          I’m also waiting for Mantastic’s review though, in case there are some hidden gems I missed while looking over this stuff.


  18. Hi mantastic. Haven’t made it to a stream in a while, but have returned to watching YouTube videos. No pad related question, but I’m wondering how your health has been (if that isn’t too invasive). Been a while since an update on that, which I hope is a good thing. Chronic pain sucks and I hope that your treatment has been helping.


  19. I hope your health has gotten even a little better, and thank you for all posts! When you make the tier charts for the analysis and review (S,A,B,C,D), what is your criteria for each tier?


    1. D = basically unusable/cannot find a place
      C = Some niche value
      B = Has some merits for their respective area but can be outclassed by other options etc
      A = Strong viability for their role and will most likely be used often
      S = best for their area of use


  20. I’ve been trying to beat AA2 lately with my B&J team and I notice that for the radar dragon callers, I tend to feel like I should have a dedicated plus combo active (i.e. with Grato’s 7 combo shield, Ena’s 8 combo or execute) but it feels like a waste of an active/inherit slot.

    How do ppl usually deal with these situations? Is it up to luck, or are there strategies that I’ve been ignoring here?


    1. Making an optimal bicolour board usually nets 7 combos so you either rely on skyfalls or help it along with a skyfall buffer (eg Chun Li weapon)

      Also, BJ should be able to stall it out until actives recharge

      Finally, 7×6 teams tend to not have as much issues but that does not apply here


      1. Thanks for the reply.

        I guess my main problem with the team then is the lack in stalling ability due to not running a heal stick. I’ve been having a hard time trying to fit one in, and doing without forces me to waste board change actives a lot just to get the 4x RCV activation or prematurely try to kill a floor before it kills me.

        My current team is BJ/Uruka/base Suou/evo Suou/base Nakoruru/BJ.

        I know that ppl tend to add Mel, but her lack of bind immunity makes me feel like it could get dicey with say, Rushana. I do have Uruka for soft bind clear and a Reeche hat assist though.

        I also have Cruz and she’s naturally bind immune, though her active isn’t as useful as Mel’s. I also don’t find L-unlock to be that useful for AA2.

        Part of the trouble is also bc I want to keep base Nakoruru on the team, so I worry about having too many utility/cleric slots and a lack of damage output. I feel like replacing base Suou though, bc he’s kind of overkill when I already have Uruka.


        1. If you are comfortable with your damage output, removing one of those subs for utility can be invaluable. Furthermore, you can supplement damage with Enhanced Orbs which is what I do on basically all my teams now once Resists are covered


          1. Thanks! I’m still tweaking it out.

            I’ve swapped base Suou for Mel with a Reeche Hat assist, though I’m strongly considering using Cruz over her bc the Reeche Hat doesn’t do much and is redundant with Uruka. Either way, it seems Uruka on her own can still do decent damage, so that’s very good.

            Overall, I’ve managed to fit Cloud/Tape resist, 80% blind, 60% jammer, and 100% poison resist without taking helper awakenings into account. This is making the dungeon much smoother though I’m still working on getting that first clear.

            I’m still figuring out what assist I would want on a helper BJ, though I think I have to prioritize ones with hazard resists.


              1. I ended up pairing with my own BJ who has a Trojan Horse equip. This gives 100% blind resist as well as 80% jammer resist.

                I couldn’t fit in any enhanced water orb assists bc I noticed that I needed Halloween Pumpkin to override the possible poison skyfall on floor 6. I think it’s fine though as my Uruka is only at level 107, and getting 8c on some of the more troublesome floors is usually enough.


                  1. Update: I finally beat AA2 for the first time!

                    What happened was I turned my Zeta into an equip, that still guaranteed 100% blind resist while giving Uruka some on-colour stat boost. Depending on how well I conserve my actives, I would also have the plus combo component ready for the radar floor.

                    Also, I replaced evo Suou with Baldin, whose killers are very suited for AA2.

                    Now to work towards consistent clears!


  21. Hey Mantastic! Hope you are feeling better these past few days!

    Could you please share what you typically farm? The game’s been out for years and there are tons of end game players, so I’m quite curious how you guys spend your stamina every day. Would also appreciate your view on what are the most efficient places to farm resources (i.e., pys, killers, snowglobes, gems, coins…). Thank you!


    1. I have been making slow progress back to my normal baseline of pain but sadly quite far still

      As for typically farm, it really depends on what I need the most which is not much due to Pal Points.

      With that being said, A5 is a wonderful place to quickly farm Killers as it gives you two along with not being that difficult due to smaller HP pools and non-threatening preemptives. It also gives a healthy chunk of Rank experience and a Py at the end

      For coins you should have them organically as there is no good place to dump them

      Also, playing the limited time dungeons for pluses may be helpful as they offer more compared to the always available option


  22. Hi Mantastic – thank you again for all the amazing content 🙂

    Got a quick question (related to your other article on the best farmables) – why do people spend so much effort building up high-end farming teams (for example, 4x MGoe plus 2x mgoe, or even the MNoah versions)? These teams cannot be used to farm arenas, and for farming the simple dungeons (i.e., plusses, or even the token dungeons during events) it seems like Dios would be sufficient. So could you explain what MGoe and MNoah farming teams are specifically for? If it’s for the rogue descends, why are people putting so much effort into farming these (is it just for SDR invades)?

    Might be a stupid question but I never quite understood why so figured i’d ask. Thank you!


    1. Farming those cards is to build an efficient farming team that can clear more content or have more flexibility

      For myself, it is primarily for SDR farming but it could also be used to farm a specific boss drop quickly (eg your first Eir)

      For various descends, you can build farming teams with various cards but having the better full board changers just makes it eaiser


  23. What do you think about D/L Orphen vs Diaochan as the 7×6 swap for Zaerog Core? Would you recommend one over the other or do they both have their merits?

    I have both but am also taking into consideration that Sousuke’s weapon assist plus Pumpkin Devil is 80% blind resist and could reach 100% by including HMyne (with a Kuroyuri inherit), which reduces the value of Diaochan’s super blind resist. Alternatively, I could opt to use the second Kuroyuri instead and free up an inherit for something else. Thoughts?


    1. I would say Diaochan is stronger due to a better supportive kit and a strong base active. While the Blinds may become a bit less valuable due to other subs, it is still saving you some awakenings

      Also, with 2 turn CD and 4SB, it is easier to sawp into Core at an earlier time


  24. Should GH introduce multiple weapon assist forms for cards? Like, there are some cards with numerous split evos, but a good number of split assist evos seems like it could exponentially increase the value of dupes.


    1. I do not think cards need multiple Weapon Assists but instead have more cards come with one. Right now, most Pantheon cards are doing quite poorly but can still have useful actives. As such, if they gained a reasonable Weapon Assist, they will see more play time


  25. The highly anticipated seasonal SGF is coming on Monday. Is there anything to watch out for before rolling? I’m thinking this is a great event but also worried that I’m overlooking some things.


      1. Hm… I was thinking that the rates for Yu Gi Oh are so bad that it might not be feasible for me to chase a Yugi team.

        Especially as ideal Yugi teams are moving further away from dupe fortress dragons and more towards having a dupe Yugi, a Bakura, and a Dark Magician.

        So I feel like I won’t be rolling in Yu Gi Oh. Unless this collab is not as unforgiving as I think it would be? I can imagine rolling some of the subs for Yugi, and then hoping for a Nere instead. But it’s still such a specific pool of cards.


  26. A lot of ppl have been hyping up Yu Gi Oh bc of Yugi. But I took a look and it seems that a lot of the equips are quite interesting, even for the lower rarities.

    I do remember thinking there was nothing special in that machine like most ppl before the Yugi buff and Nere’s debut, but maybe I’m actually tempted now bc I’m a newer player who recently realized how good it is to have a variety of weapon assists? I am short on a lot of weapon assists more developed players might see as nothing special (L-unlock, cloud, bind immune equips).


    1. For a newer account/less developed box, finding events with valuable assists at the bottom rarity can help quickly advance since many of those awakenings you mentioned are often locked behind rarer cards

      Interestingly enough, I actually look at the bottom rarity first to see if a collab is worth me rolling in


      1. Thanks! I like your NIAP thinking. It can be hard to find PAD players who are in a similar situation sometimes, mostly bc ppl dedicated enough to write reviews tend to veterans who also spend a lot of money, so they will just value machines very differently.

        I guess I’m going to treat YGO as somewhat like Power Rangers. I’m going to try to get some bottom rarity equips that are similar in function to chase cards in cheaper machines. It will be kind of expensive, but I really just want Kuriboh, Mystic Elf, and Winged Dragon.


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