Player’s Choice Godfest Results & Commentary


The 10-Magic Stone Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) voting has come to a close and the results have been calculated and the event will transpire from December 30 – January 5, 2020.

Depending on your current level of progress and how deep your Monster Box is, this event may have varying degrees of value. This is because Collabs/Seasonal cards have become key to own when pushing through challenging content and many cards from the Rare Egg Machine are starting to fall behind.

With that being said, there are still numerous strong cards to be rolled within Player’s Choice Godfest and this article will highlight my thoughts and opinions as well as providing commentary on the featured roster.

You can find the official GungHo Facebook posting HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

PCGF History & Seasonal Super Godfests

In the past, Player’s Choice Godfests were exciting events as Collabs/Seasonal cards barely existed or if they did, had middling value. As such, the best cards to be had came from the Rare Egg Machine and many of them were actually Pantheon cards. While it is impossible to know the rolling rates of the past, the fact that all of the cards you wanted could be found in a single machine made it worth saving up for.

Unfortunately, this is not the case any more as Collabs/Seasonal egg machines hold most of the powerful cards at this point in time that cannot be replicated otherwise. Furthermore, they are featured in their own events and we no longer are able roll a single machine to get every thing we want.

While Collabs are only available during their respective events due to licensing issues, Seasonal cards are GungHo-created and can potentially be available at any given time. This is important because it is possible to roll cards such as Halloween Cotton outside of the Halloween event. This usually takes place during rarely seen Seasonal Super Godfests and I feel these are much stronger events overall.

This is because you can potentially acquire Seasonal cards from different events at the same time without rolling the numerous trash/filler cards that tend to dominate Seasonal events. Furthermore, there is a strong likelihood NA will receive one soon as JP was blessed with a Seasonal Super Godfest quite recently.

With this in mind, I would be more inclined to save for that event instead of rolling in Player’s Choice Godfest.

Current PCGF

The Current PCGF features a line up of 65 cards with the top 25 6/7* GFE and top 40 Pantheon/God series cards being available. I talked about this in detail in my previous article HERE but in essence, by having 40 Pantheon cards being featured is just inviting sadness as so few are actually viable along with the majority of rolls being comprised of these cards.

If instead they had made it the top 25 Pantheon cards, this would be a stronger event overall.

With that being said, I want to take a look at the top voted cards and see if they lived up to my pseudo predictions/expectations discussed in the previous article.

7* GFE

I presume the ordering listed by GungHo is in descending order and it is not surprising to see Ina being the number one voted card. This is because Ina is able to function as the Enabler for asymmetrical mono Dark teams as she provides 50,000 True Follow Up Damage when matching 6 or more connected Dark orbs. This will execute any Resolve spawn and being able to ignore this mechanic completely is invaluable in all forms of content. Furthermore, if a new and powerful Dark leader were to be released or something akin to Tifa or Minaka , Ina will be the most favourable pairing and will position players well moving forward.

In regards to the other cards, the 7* GFE category features all of the newer Godfest Exclusives with exception of Sericha . This does surprise me as Sericha should be in fewer player’s boxes compared to something like Reeche . As for Reeche, they are the card I am most surprised to see due to their age (one of the first 7* GFE) and lower current value. Their active skill requires 30 turns unless Skill Charge can be utilized and limits the overall inheritance potential if in need for a Fujin 3414 active. Furthermore, her Weapon Assist has become much less unique due to the rising numbers of Full Bind Immunity options that provide stronger additional awakenings.

6* GFE


For the 6-star GFE, the mighty Fenrir Viz rests on top as he is one of the most powerful subs currently available at this point in time. Fenrir Viz is able to provide Cloud Resist via Super Awakenings along with an incredibly valuable 1-turn cooldown. A single turn of Jammer Skyfalls may seem counter intuitive at first, but it is an essential type of active to have in Alt Arena 3.

This is because there is a 50% chance that players will be hit with a lengthy 15 turn Poison Orb Skyfall debuff which essentially proves fatal if not removed. Thus, the 1 turn of Jammer skyfalls will overwrite the Poisons and by being on a 1-turn cooldown, can be used at any given time. Furthermore, the 1 turn cooldown enables players to quickly charge a key active as needed.

With that being said, the only “downside” I can foresee Fenrir Viz facing is he will lose his edge if the next series of difficult content does not feature a heavy Poison Skyfall debuff.

Moving beyond Fenrir Viz, I am somewhat surprised to  see someone like Red Odin (who still gives me nightmares from a 3P Tamadra run where the other player ran his Bindable form) or Morrigu who is incredibly niche. Perhaps it is because there are few cards that can actually grant +3 combos so that could be the voting logic.

One final thing to keep in mind is that the full pool of possible 6* GFE are somewhat limited and not many other spicier options exist.

5* Pantheon / God Series

HIno Kagutsuchi 3271 was not included in this year’s Player’s Choice Godfest which marks a historic moment in our PAD lives as he was the default voting choice in previous years with the old voting system.

On a more series note, the fact that 40 Pantheon/God series cards are included greatly dilutes the pool of more valuable cards. With that being said, Sun Quan is absent from the cards I thought would be voted in along with Mori Motonari 3103.

On the other hand, the entire Samurai Series 3 was voted in which pleases me as they are one of the newer Pantheons that are less likely for players to own and have potential to become stronger when they receive an Awoken evolution.

In regards to the other voted cards, I feel that the fact that we are able to vote in 40 cards means many old/cherished monsters will continue to make an appearance. The Chinese Celestials Awoken Leilan Awoken Karin  are one of the most beloved series (my own personal favourite) and tend to be represented on a regular basis with the exception of Meimei this year. Otherwise, many of the featured cards may simply end up sitting in Monster Boxes as their value may be short lived for more developed accounts.

To roll or not to roll

For myself, I am not excited for this event mostly because it is somewhat similar to a regular Super Godfest in that we can only acquire Rare Egg Machine cards and no Seasonal or Collab cards.

While Collab cards will always come in their own exclusive event, Seasonal cards can show up in Seasonal Super Godfests which gives you a chance to acquire various prized cards in a single event.

This is important because Super Godfests are somewhat used for Trade Fodder hunting which is then Monster Exchanged in Collab/Seasonal events. As such, being able to directly roll the Seasonal card during a Seasonal Super Godfest is more efficient in the long run. Furthermore, many Collabs feature Weapon Assists at the bottom rarities which gives significantly more value compared to Pantheon cards.

While the above paragraphs may apply to more developed Monster Boxes, newer accounts can potentially gain significantly more value as they tend to have numerous “holes” in their Monster Box. As such, the sizable collateral benefits (max level, +297, max skill level) can greatly advance their current progress while still being able to acquire reasonable cards overall.

The main issue with older players is that they tend to own the vast majority of the Pantheon cards which lowers the incentive to roll which is why I plan to not roll when PCGF goes live.


This year’s Player’s Choice Godfest has significantly improved the voting process but it does not correct the fact that Collabs/Seasonals cards tend to hold the most valuable for many players. This is not to say that REM cards are poor, it is just that external events hold more unique/potentially powerful cards.

As such, PCGF may end up being a medium to collect Trade Fodder for future Monster Exchanging along with many older players owning the majority of Pantheon cards.

Essentially, if you are an older player and a strong Collab such as Fantasia returns, rolling the bottom rarity cards in Power Rangers or upcoming Kamen Rider will provide more value on average compared to a Pantheon card in PCGF.

Either way, let me know how you feel about the upcoming Player’s Choice Godfest along with who you voted for and whether or not you plan on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

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51 thoughts on “Player’s Choice Godfest Results & Commentary”

  1. Can I ask what are some uses for Scheat? I’ve used her for the no-skyfall LS for the 10-minute run of A1, but rarely for anything else bc she relies on TPA. But this might be bc I don’t really do farming.

    By comparison, my monster box frequently leaves me feeling short on VDP cards, so ROdin would seem more useful to me.


    1. Scheat is a perfect sub for many blue and red teams as the FUA sub. She’s just ok as a leader at this point, but having a FUA sub that instantly procs a heart column when you are short on hearts is invaluable.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hm, I guess I’ve been undervaluing that aspect since I’ve usually replaced her with RCotton on my B&J team. I kind of saw the TPAs as dead weight compared to double 7c even though yeah, as you said, the active makes an instant FUA plus red and blue orbs, which makes for a better orb generator at least in my case.

        I guess this means I’ll give my Scheat more of a chance then. That Cotton should really be the FUA sub on my Tifa team in her light evo anyway.


  2. I’d just like to comment that the japan players choice had a greater rate of around 43% for gfe. If that’s the case with us, isn’t the PCGF pretty worth it?


    1. exclusives in the JP SPCGF were 37.5.
      its 45 percent if you count samurai series 3, which are fairly tempting for pantheons even if they cant be exchanged.

      The seasonal SGF (about 2 weeks later) was 34% for seasonals and exclusives, though many of the highest voted exclusives in both JP and NA aren’t available in it. and the pantheons are less desirable overall.

      while this is entirely based on JP and our may differ i think our seasonal will probably have the same list. and this means that if your are rolling for specific cards save stones for the appropriate fest for you.

      if you are rolling for trade fodder you’re about sixes on either. the roll rate difference is practically negligible. the real difference is that the seasonal has a higher rate of 7+ but with less of the commonly exchangeable staple exclusives (most collab exchanges will only take 1 or 2 from a seasonal/event that differ on each card). The player choice however has more consistently trades but a higher chance of 6 exclusives (which actually may be more desirable for certain collabs, where the top rarity is 6* base like SamSho was)


      1. One thing I would like to add with Seasonals is that you can directly roll the card you are hunting for (this was how I got my Halloween Cotton) which inevitably saves fodder.


  3. 6 sentences started with ‘Furthermore’ or ‘With that being said’, and the latter being used in 3 out of 4 sentences in a row. Sorry, that’s just stale to me, but thanks for your opinion. I may pass on this event with my 2nd account that has great rolls, but roll a few with my main as I am lookin for an Ina or some trade ins.


  4. I‘m surprised Haku made it, while Meimei didn‘t. SRevoHaku is such a disappointing monster, I can only see her being voted for waifu points


    1. Her Weapon is actually quite strong for any team that uses <50% as you can easily stack it on a hard hitting card.

      Furthermore, the SB helps in Farming or Ranking Dungeons


      1. Don’t need to trade but have dupe of several cards that I can trade.

        My box is decent but I’m struggling to clear A5 consistently and haven’t tried AA’s yet so I’m trying to keep up with the meta.


    1. There is no need to trade for Phenom if you own Ina as she is the key Enabler for the team. Unless something dramatically changes in the future, Ina will remain relevant for a longer time compared to Phenom due to auto follow up damage


  5. Never have I rolled so well. Zaerog∞ – Core, Fagan – Rai, Zela, and only one dupe Ra. I kept my medal just in case I rolled one and now I don’t know which dupe would be better, another Core or Fagan for his equipt?


  6. Solid advice. I am more inclined to throw stones at the seasonal SGF as well. I however plan to do 2 or 3 roll in the off-chance Ina, Fenrir Viz, or Diao Chan show up


  7. Everything I rolled was mentioned in the article above. Wish you would have talked about Fagan 🙂

    6 rolls in PCGF: DMeta, ROdin, Morrigu (first one), Takeda Shingen (first one), Ea and Haku. Not bad. I’ll stop before going on a pantheon streak.


  8. I did a YOLO roll once and rolled my third Veroah, but I got hooked and rolled my first archdemon Lucifer, a dupe Orochi, my first Acubens, a dupe Karin, and finally an Ina(!!!). I already have a phenom, so all in all a pretty great event for me. Wish I could have rolled a Samurai 3 tho.


  9. I have a pretty good box and still rolled (can’t wait ;D)
    – Ohkami (1st), Acala (dupe), Morrigu (dupe), Fujin (dupe), Nohime (738th), and last roll before stones ran out – Z Core (1st!).

    50% with a first pantheon, so racked up some trade fodder. Gonna stop here and save for future events!


  10. Pretty sick godfest if just consider the rates tbh. Old players might feel wasted because they’ve already owned like near half of the godfest and chances of getting dupes are significantly higher. But new players, this is the best chance to roll your hearts out! Chance for you getting something usable is much higher than in other rolls imo.


    1. One thing to consider with SGF vs Seasonal GF is that in SGF you tend to be trying to roll fodder to trade but in Seasonals, you can directly roll the cards you want while still having a pretty high chance for GFE. That was how I got Halloween Cotton and Beach Fujin for myself =)


  11. What might be the best use for a shelling ford? As a sub or lead? Is he useful? I have decent light and green teams (d. Karin and green ranger) but my red is lacking. Not sure he helps much for that.


    1. His Light evolution plays a major role in Rainbow teams as he can Void Damage Void which means VDP is no longer needed.

      This is important because Rainbow teams often struggle to hit 9 of their specific orb


  12. My luck in seasonal gf has been excellent…I have rolled 3 byogs once in 6 rolls and ryog / 2xmas kalis in 5 rolls. Trade fodder+

    I did one pcsgf roll for “fun” and got bastet #5. At least I can meme.

    My primary goal right now is trade fodder and bzela. So I will save for seasonal gf which should be next month. I am still very sore about not rolling Gourry.


  13. One YOLO roll: Tokugawa Ieyasu.

    This would have been decent luck to me (I don’t have many good VDP cards) except it’s my second one. That 1.50% could have been a GFE… >.>

    On the other hand, I suppose if I ever need different latents on him…?


  14. If you’re wondering why some cards got voted in, like Morrigu and Reeche, it’s because most people don’t vote logically. That’s a nice way of saying it. A misattributed quote by Winston Churchill sums things up quite nicely: “The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter”. Reason being, people don’t vote for their own self-interests. In fact, some will vote AGAINST their own interests. See the last presidential election. There was an excellent book written on this, it’s called “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” The TL;DR is that people are dumb and easily caught up in the cult of personality.


  15. Couple of Great pulls: 5 of them which included Hera-luna, Zaerog-Core, Light Cotton, Dracoblade Light Fog and Sherias Roots. Other 2: Minerva and Venus


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