Player’s Choice Godfest Voting December 2019


The Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) will return to North America with voting already underway. Historically, this event was one of the most exciting times for Puzzles and Dragons due to the lower frequency/potency of Collab/Seasonal Rare Egg Machines. As such, players were able to have a line up that featured their favourite cards who represented the majority of strong monsters at the time.

Sadly, the landscape of PAD has dramatically shifted due to the almost mandatory inclusion of Collab/Seasonal cards and this makes rolling that much harder as all your favourite stuff is never in the same machine (possible exception are some Seasonal Godfests).

With that being said, there are still numerous strong cards that can be acquired through a Player’s Choice Godfest along with the voting not requiring Facebook as it now done in-game along with players voting three times in different categories.

This article will share the process for which we can vote along with my predictions/cards I feel are relevant at this point in time.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

New format

In the past, Player’s Choice Godfests had all possible cards lumped into a single pool and players would naturally select the cards they did not own. In this case it was often 6/7* GFE which would inevitably have worse rolling rates to compensate for their power.

As such, older PCGF could result in as a “trapfest” as the rolling rates while never disclosed were poorly skewed towards Pantheons.

During December 2018’s PCGF, we had 25 GFE and 25 Pantheon cards featured that rotated between two line ups due for a Part 1 & 2 style event.

This time, players can directly vote within the game instead of using Facebook along with the votes being split into three distinct categories: 7* GFE, 6* GFE, and Pantheon/God series. These will then be totaled up to create a roster of the top 25 Godfest Exclusives and 40 Pantheon cards.

This should result in a similarly pleasant distribution of rolling a GFE vs rolling a Pantheon (around 1/3 chance), but having 40 Pantheon cards being represented is far less ideal. This is because so few Pantheon cards are actually valuable and it will be that much harder to actually roll the few that are truly wanted.

Who do vote for?

This is an incredibly loaded question and there is no correct answer as everyone has different Monster Boxes, goals, and desires which makes it impossible to create a blanket statement that will make everyone happy.

With this in mind, voting for who you want the most is technically never a wrong answer as that is who you will be happiest with.

On a different note, the concept of strategic voting may be valuable as it will have you voting for cards that are powerful who are less likely to make it in. This is because the truly popular cards are much more likely to be voted in any way which may make your vote “go to waste.”

With that being said, I want to explore cards who are stronger at this point in time who would make fine additions to most Monster Boxes.

God series / Pantheon cards

The 2019 PCGF will feature 40 cards from the God series / Pantheon cards and is a step back overall. This is because last year only featured 25 and even then, I do not foresee 25 cards in this category being truly desired with 40 “winners” clogging up the machine. This will inevitably lead to lower rolling rates among the Pantheon cards and will make it much harder to actually snipe the few you actually want. The following cards may not be an exhaustive list and if I have overlooked anyone, please let me know in the comments down below.

At this point in time, Diaochan is arguably the best Pantheon card to own due to her Super Blind , 2-4 SB Skill Boost, valuable active, and ability to be used on a wide variety of top tier teams. On the other hand, Sun Quan will become significantly more desirable when Draconic Orchestra returns and Minaka becomes available. This is because Sun Quan can also provide Super Blind along with Tape via Super Awakenings. As a result, players can save significant resources for team building as he naturally addresses two types of mechanics on his own.

Moving beyond these two, the rest of the Three Kingdoms 2 Pantheon (same one as Diaochan) has their cards feature either Super Blind , Poison , or Jammer Resist but all feature numerous TPA TPA which are less ideal at this point in time along with a tri elemental board changer. With that being said, being able to fully Resist a dangerous mechanic can be valuable as it is equivalent to 5 awakenings.

Moving beyond the 3K2 series, both Lucifers are valuable to own due to their ability to function as a strong sub or as a Skill Boost Skill Boost / God God Killer Killing option.

If mono Water teams are important to you, I&I can be a valuable asset for Burst and as a way to overwrite RCV debuffs. On the other hand, Mori Motonari 3103 can be used for his bicolour 2 Haste active which has may have applications for future Ranking Dungeons.

Gilgamesh is a Fujin-style active that also produces a column of Fire orbs which can be invaluable for mono Fire teams. On the other hand, Horus 3272 is a popular Ranking Dungeon solution due to their low cooldown, 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and Guard Break . Furthermore, Brigid functions as a strong Machine Killing Machine Killer option. Another card to consider is Amaterasu who in her lower evolved forms provides a 100% heal which can be valuable for Ranking Dungeons with Zeus Verse .

The entire Samurai Series 3 features much newer cards who lack additional evolutions which means they also have the potential to become significantly stronger down the road. With this in mind, it would actually be quite beneficial to have all 5 voted in simply because they are newer and also much less likely players already own them.

Finally, cards with Super Reincarnated evolutions are high investment options but are reasonably strong. For instance, Bastet is a potent Wood leader, Haku  can deal meaningful TPA damage, and Orochi can function as a Delay option and HP stick.

This above options are some of the more valuable Pantheon cards I can think of and it is possible that other exist. With that being said, I only listed 22 cards and a total of 40 will be included which is saddening to say the least. On the bright side, there is a chance Hino 3271 will not be included as he was the default vote in previous years.

6* GFE

The 6-star GFE category has gone down in value over time simply because 7-stars were introduced. As a result, many have lost their edge but with that being said, they can still meaningfully contribute to your Monster Box. Based on the fact that 25 GFE will be included, 12 or 13 from each category should be included.

At this point in time, Fenrir Viz has the most value due to how his 1-turn Skyfall active can overwrite Poison Skyfall debuffs while also providing Cloud Resist . This saves an inherit slot and his short cooldown means he can also inherit something of your choice that you actually want to use.

While she has been outclassed by other leaders, Dark Metatron is still capable of clearing the majority of content. On the other hand, Baldin , Blue Odin , and Red Odin are potent VDP monsters whereas Dark Kali provides 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and triple 7 Combo 45.

I often see Kamisubi as a Ranking Dungeon solution due to 3 Skill Boosts, FUA , and a short base cooldown whereas Scheat brings massive TPA TPA damage along with a reasonable Leader Skill.

Finally, Cotton may still have value for many players and while she has been featured twice in the past for special events, newer players may still be lacking her.

7* GFE

The 7-star Godfest Exclusive category will be where the majority of prize cards can be found which is not surprising due to their rarity. Furthermore, these cards are significantly newer relatively speaking which also lowers the chances of players already owning them.

Presently speaking, Ina is the strongest leader available from this category due to her build in Follow Up Damage and several leader pairings. With that being said, players technically do not need to own one as they can pair with her but at the same time, she will most likely have the most staying power moving forward.

After Ina, Shelling Ford will also be a desirable prize as he has the ability to Void Damage Voids which ignores this mechanic which greatly aids Rainbow teams along with being a newer card fewer players own. On the other hand, Zela is still a strong mono Wood option along with Veroah being a powerful option. With Veroah you can augment your Event Medal farming along with having flexibility as a sub on mono Dark teams.

Saline features the lucrative 1.8x Rank EXP or VDP potential but if you are the market for unique Killer Weapon Assists, you can find three possible options here .

Despite the fact that we have been given three 7-star GFE from event tokens (with a fourth coming soon), there may still be a desire to have more   and each one also features a Weapon Assist.

In essence, I feel there are very few “bad” 7* GFE players can choose from and for myself, just acquiring one I have never got in the past would be a blessing.


The upcoming Player’s Choice Godfest has improved upon the voting process and by separating cards by category helps provide a more fair representation of the most desirable cards.

Unfortunately, including 40 total Pantheon/God cards is distressing as players would be better served with half that number being present as it will be that much harder to actually get a Pantheon card you want.

With that being said, let me know who you voted for along with the rationale behind your decisions.

Happy Puzzling!

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26 thoughts on “Player’s Choice Godfest Voting December 2019”

  1. This is just me complaining but to vote in only 1 card in each category still feels like a limiting format bc players are usually interested in what the lineup is composed of holistically, not whether or not one specific card is in there.

    So like, just bc I voted say, Luna and Viz doesn’t mean I feel like the other 23 GFE in the lineup might as well be whatever, let the other ppl decide. And strategic voting is hard to balance if I have no idea what everyone else’s votes look like. D:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I‘m convinced that Hera Luna is the worst 7* GFE and one of the worst cards in general. Even her weapon assist has niche usage and everyone who votes for her over my girl Scheat shall have an awful day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A. You can’t vote for Luna over Scheat, they’re in different categories
      B. Luna is a pretty good damage stick in her evo form


  3. They may have been overlooked but the celtic series have been given reincarnated version in jp, all of which have full resists to blind, jammer or poison making them very valuable


  4. Thanks Mantastic for providing suggestions! I really want Xiahou Dun as I simply like him as a fan of the Three Kingdoms.

    However, I don’t feel like dumping all my 450+ stones into this SPCGF…As per the Japan server news, there’s a seasonal SGF coming featuring BVeroah, B&J, BZela, Beach Fujin, Bride Eschamali, Bride Rushanna, as well as some great GFEs like Shelling Ford, Akine, and Light Fog. All of which I do not own on my main…I would prefer to roll more on this seasonal SGF…What do you think?


    1. I feel Seasonal SGF are stronger simply because you can acquire one of those rare 8/9* cards while avoiding their usual machine and filly junk

      With that being said, it is best to look at our PCGF and see if the line up/rolling rates are better for your own needs


      1. Thanks Mantastic for replying me!
        The line up for the Japan Server doesn’t look too attractive as I have almos all Pantheon cards that I want (except Xiahou Dun). I would only aim for the ones that I don’t own (as listed in my previous comment), and I don’t mind to get more trading folder ones…
        However, with 25 VS 40, it doesn’t look very attractive, and I’ve watched a few rolling videos — Not exciting at all lol
        I would definitely roll more in the seasonal SGF. Not mentioning there are more collabs coming…


        1. Seasonal Godfests is how I got most of my Collab/Seasonal rare cards (Uruka, beach cards) so I will probably save up for that as I have very few high rarity Seasonal cards still


      2. Different anon here. I also get the feeling that the seasonal Godfest is more… unique bc we don’t have a set schedule for when the next seasonal Godfest will feature cards from the beach and wedding REMs specifically?

        So while the PCGF will feature stuff that we can expect with some frequency from SGFs, outside of this upcoming seasonal GF there will be a 0% chance to obtain say, a BZela or a Blujin for a while. But I’m not sure how accurate this thought process is…


  5. my vote goes to Ina, the rest don’t really matter tbh… feels like GH gave up the pantheon cards long time ago, as we should probably do the same.
    however, the PC collab fest would be the new REM i’m looking forward to.


  6. This may be a dumb question but I can’t re-check for myself now that I’ve already voted. It seems like we can’t vote in any ex-GFE? Which would be too bad bc some of them still have niches.

    I’ve also seen ppl mention that non-pantheons like Avalon Drake would be really desired if only they were allowed in the PCGF.


  7. Now that the lineup has been released, what is your opinion of the voting results?

    I feel like a lot of ppl are upset that we missed the green Dracoblade but got Ney and Morrigu in.


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