Question Time with Mantastic – November 2020


The general gist of Question Time posts are for players to ask various PAD-related questions that do not have a simple/Google-able answer or related article on my website. I do play other games and have often found myself having specific/unique questions about it but have no where to go and can imagine this may hold true for some of my readers.

With that being said, there will be some restrictions on the types of questions I will be answering.

If planning on commenting on a regular basis, it is advantageous to create a WordPress account to both receive notifications as well as giving me a point of reference as to who I am responding to.

Do’s and Don’t

download For the most part, almost any question will be answered, even some non-invasive Off-Topic ones; however, it is best to ask questions that require explanation/why/my personal opinion. The following examples are Fantastic types of questions to ask:

  • Of these options, what is the best Yusuke team I can make for Arena 3?
  • What direction do you think GungHo will take with the 4x HP leads?
  • Can Heart Cross teams be revived and if so, how?

x The following types of questions will not be answered by me either because it has a simple Google-able answer or shows a lack of effort on the reader’s part:

  • Anything that Google/Padx can answer
  • A link to your entire Monster Box and saying “make me a team”


I hope my readers use this opportunity to ask questions that will hopefully improve their overall game play and progression.

Happy Puzzling!

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63 thoughts on “Question Time with Mantastic – November 2020”

      1. What do you think is a good Dyer/Atan team for the “Complete Annihilation Deadly Sin Dragon Rush” I get stuck on the last two bosses.


      2. Is she her best pairing or do people generally pair her with an auto follow up lead? Can you explain why she would be considered the best?


        1. Best is always subjective but what makes her favourable is a strong sub pool (can use Aten), and incredible durability through HP/RCV and Damage Reduction. Furthermore dual leaders provide +4 combos

          Surviving all non-executes is meaningful and can deal tremendous damage

          Asymmetrical pairings give value if you want Auto Follow Up


  1. How are you feeling? A couple years ago, and earlier this year, I think you were describing being in a lot of pain pain. Just wanted to say hope you’re feeling better.


    1. Hey I appreciate your kind words =)

      My pain never goes away but I try my best to manage it. There are better and worse days and I try to avoid movements that cause flare ups. This usually means I don’t leave the house but at the same time, I am okay with this as all my fun and entertainment is here =)


  2. Hey Mantastic,

    What’s your general view of Shelling Ford? Rainbow form the most viable, or is he better used in weapon form?


    1. Weapon Assist all the way

      SB plus other awakenings and various actives is meaningful. Mine is currently in the Light form as the long CD helps prevent accidental charging


  3. Wanted to know what you would play, when you have just 1 Ferule/Euchs (as a leader) as replacement (sub)?
    Idk about Ferule, but for Euchs I use Gendoh Ikari and compensate the time with Zaerog○○.
    Really solid, but…just solid.


      1. For Euchs, I found great success with Arch Angel Lucifer. He has three <50%, movement time awakenings, and an active that cuts your HP and makes dark + hearts

        At least for Shura Realm, he made f1 much easier as he has meaningful damage before Euchs transforms so I can easily kill the blue spawn. This logic can probs be applied to other dungeons


  4. Hey Mantastic,

    I first want to say thank you for all the hard work that you do in these posts. I’ve been reading your blog posts and watching your YouTube videos ever since Setsu’s PAD blog has shut down. Your advice always keeps me well informed of the meta and you are, honestly, one of the main reasons I still play PAD.

    I wanted to ask: What are your thoughts on a Skill Charge Leader Skill (or possibly a latent awoken skill)? I feel like it would really help with the transforming meta, but would be too overpowered and should be under really strict activation requirements.

    And I hope you are doing well and wish you the best.


    1. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement =D

      As for your question, I am not sure how they could balance that as Rainbow teams are the only one who could take advantage of it (assuming you have to hit 5 colours) but at the same time, they may become too strong. Imagine NY Reeche with another Skill Charge…

      I feel if anything, GH may introduce new awakenings that reward different patterns such as forming a column for XYZ benefits


  5. I just pulled Valentine’s Ideal from the super godfest and she is one heck of a leader! I’ve played around with different pairings and have found Aten to be very solid – but lacks auto-follow-up.

    Do you have any other recommended pairings with Valentine’s Ideal?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts : )


    1. Double V Ideal is super tanky and hard to kill with +4 combos

      Dyer can work but be mindful of having God typing plus Dragon or Balanced

      Aljae has no restrictions outside the L

      Basically, experiment and see which combo works best for you based on your subs


        1. Videal still has much more Effective HP assuming mirrored pairs along with a stronger active

          With that being said, Light Menoa does offer more damage and Auto Follow Up.


  6. Is there any way to see if the monster that you are fighting against requires a FUA to kill? Many times I died because of that..catches me off guard.


  7. Hi mantastic, I’m sorry this could become a long post because I’m coming back to pad and I have a ton of questions.

    The first and biggest question I have is who are the best leaders right now? I have been rolling a lot in the egg machine recently and I have gotten some interesting pulls (ilm gremory level) I haven’t pulled any of the big names on your channel like valentine ideal or gileus but I feel like I have no idea who the strong leaders are.

    My two teams I’m running are a barbara and julia team with blue planar (who I get from helpers cuz I don’t have her)
    And an Uruka x fagan team which I’ve been having fun with but I’ve found to be quite inconsistent.
    Just today I tried to build a fun team with dark rehven as a leader and up to three super hakus but I couldn’t figure out who else to put on the team or what leader to pare with.

    Any advice on the meta would be appreciated!
    Cheers, Fantum


    1. If you look at any JP sites or tier lists, they are all based around clearing current end game content which is not relevant to yourself

      B&J + Summar Planar can probably clear the majority of dungeons for you at this point in time and I would only start worrying about top tier stuff once you hit a wall and can no longer progress

      PAD is so old that most of the content can be cleared with a wide variety of cards and there is no need to focus on the meta


  8. Hi,

    I just wanted to hear your opinions on gorkaos. Is he worth the grind? How many do you think is worth getting if so?



      1. I feel he is worth pursuing as he is farmable and can function as a potent sub for mono dark team. If you have a less deep box, his value goes up as you have fewer alternatives


  9. Hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this time! I was just wondering how long it took for Fantastic to catch up to Mantastic. I recently started an alt account that has 2x Norza, 2x Ferule, and GValeria to pair with my main’s GH Tsukuyomi and Norza and 2x Ferule. How long do you think it would take to reach end-game with my alt? I have enough sb on the alt to transform turn 1 on solo so it’s even easier on 2p. Current subs on Norza are sub Norza, 2x Academy Orochi, Allatu, and GValeria if needed.


    1. I am staying safe and healthy =D

      As for my alt account, fantastic is actually nearly 2,500 days old but has half the rank EXP despite being only 34 ranks behind (938 vs 972)

      Reaching end game with an alt is all box dependent but is also a bit easier as you can self coop which makes all transforming cards work better as SB are shared


  10. This is not really a question but I think that the urge to roll in each event is getting lower for me. The power creep is really fast, especially looking at the latest released monsters in JP. There’s no significance in rolling a certain monster now as it will get replaced by the next event so quickly…

    Also, I think that by adding more and more mechanics, the game is getting complicated and less interesting to be completed instead of challenging. It tends to be about how complete your box collection is (weapon equips, specific skills) instead of strategy puzzle stuffs

    Anyway, thank you as always for your great content. Hope you stay healthy!


    1. I agree that the game is becoming more of Box-check as new dungeons just pile on mechanics and being able to clear it comes down to having the right box

      In regards to your first point, this article may provide some insight to my process

      Essentially, I only roll when I will gain big value which is why I often have a large stone stash as I only roll if it will help me clear the newest/hardest content


  11. How viable do you think safi’jiiva is paired with devoted sonia? It gets around 150k hp, 50% dmg reduction, and good rcv from amaterasu. I haven’t seen much outside of double safi leads so I wanted to get your opinion on any asynchronous pairings you could think of.



  12. I just exchanged for Halloween Sonia and I’m really impressed! Just wondering what her best pairing is and what kind of subs I should be looking for


  13. Curious as to why some people do this with Fujin. Why do people inherit Fujin on a sub when they could just use assists that do the same thing but with awakenings? I’m talking about the youtubers with well seasoned boxes loaded with Fujin assists but opt to use Fujin. Am I missing something?


    1. Tbh, this is also done just for convenince sake, so you don’t have to juggle equips around if you know the inherit is good enough and the random equip awakening basically superfluous. It keeps you from moving an equip off an optimized team and forgetting to put it back and being vexed later once you’ve already entered a dungeon having forgotten.


  14. I saw your clear of Alt. Shura with Gileon and can largely replicate the team, but I’m curious what your thoughts are on running Duval and a second Gileon. Could any of the subs be swapped out without impacting the team too much overall?


    1. All of my subs need to be there as they all fulfill a specific role:

      Inahime allows me to actually pass Floor 1 due to the Machine Killers and Grandis/Gileon not being transformed

      Amaterasu is healing

      Polowne is Polowne

      Grandis is a better damage solution compared to a dupe Gileon or Duval. He is basically the only VDP card on the team as well

      As such, any changes may possibly rearrange how things are done as you have to be mindful of f1 and VDP damage


      1. Well, I was thinking something like Gileon/Gileon/Polowne/Duval/Grandis/Gileon. Duval provides a few extra turns to take out the Blue Gadget on F1 from his delay, and he provides a super blind resist as well as another attack buff (or he can inherit a useful active due to his short CD if the buff isn’t needed). He also has a couple VDP to help a bit in that department. Sub Gileon would allow his active to be looped to maintain 1.5x RCV and heart generation to help with healing.

        I agree that Polowne and Grandis need to be there for the same reasons, so I think it really boils down to whether Duval can make up for Inahime on F1 with a few extra turns and if a Gileon loop is feasible to attain and can make up for Amaterasu’s healing.


        1. You will have to test to see if the healing is enough but another thing is you won’t have the RCV loop until after you Transform which will probably hinder stalling

          As for Duval over Inahime, their Effective Damage against Machines are not close and your only active at the start is Polowne and Duval to Transform. With Ama you get another inherit and Inahime can use their board too


          1. Yeah, that makes sense. Guess I’ll mess around with it but Inahime to help bolster damage in general and Ama for reliable healing from the start plus the extra inherit may indeed be the way to go. Hopefully we see some kind of assist evolution or something for dupe Gileons (and the rest of the 7-stars) in the future.



            1. Yeah the big issue with Key heroes is their vulnerability and potential lack of actives on f1 and having to kill the Gear right away.

              Another helpful thing I do is use the Fire Cursed Key on Amaterasu for 2 Haste + ATK boost to ensure the Water spawn dies on f1


  15. Hi Mantastic,

    Thanks for providing so much good content and analysis. It’s been very helpful for us that have been taking your advice in the background. I would like to seek your thoughts and advice on starting up a Norza x Tsukuyomi team. I had the fortune to roll both of them so I always have a partner. What are some of the other cards I need to build a system to always have a skill up for the leader skill activation? Currently I’m using Rimururu for the additional orb move time and the short cooldown. I’m also using Reincarnated Aizen, Ult Toki, Ult Seto Kaiba & obelisk. With this team. I only have 16 skill boosts (missing 2) and am not sure it’s enough VDP dmg and also don’t know what would be a good damage absorb sub I could switch in as well.

    Thank you,
    Loyal fan


    1. Hey for Norza v Tsukuyomi teams, you ideally want to use your Tsuku and your Norza as a sub

      This will allow you to use Norza actives every turn (you or friend) once transformed and it now becomes a matter of finding enough Effective SB to transform right away

      Another thing to check is what the floor 1 of the dungeon does and whether or not you can stall a turn or two with a Heart L

      Damage will never be an issue with Norzas once they transform and you need to bring utility you don’t have from your leaders


  16. Hi Mantastic,

    Long-time follower here. In typical PAD fashion, I found something in the game that was new to me with no explanation. Under Others/User Info/Play History there is a tab called PAD player skill quest. It lists three categories and a level in each: Dexterity, Strategy, Fire Power. What is this for? What is the max? Are there any rewards attached to it?


    1. Those belong to an old set of challenges that have no true impact on your game experience except satisfaction

      Those challenges had 10 floors and your score is based on the number you cleared.

      As for rewards, there were some in the past during those events


      1. HaHaHa. Just another old cranny that’s stuck in the game. At what point will PAD clean out some of this stuff? At the end of the day it’s just confusing, especially to newer players. BTW, what is your sense of the rate PAD is adding new players in NA? Is it faster than retirements?


        1. I feel PAD has gained an influx of players that exceeds retirement this year due to all the big events we have had including all the free rolls

          As for cleaning it up, I doubt it


  17. What easily farmable assists do you suggest everyone should have? How many?

    Easily farmable would be like Gigas, Vampire, Highlander, etc.

    Seasonal or collaborative general advice for assists as well? For example, I ended up with 6 Amazon Kamen Riders. So maybe sell 1, keep 3 in base form and evo 2 to assists? Or my 5 Jubei from Samurai Shodown collab: 3 base form + 2 assists or some other combination?

    Box space isn’t an issue but I have 50+ jewels of creation sitting there. 🤷‍♂️



    1. You should get the Halloween Pumpkin as it is a counter for Jammer/Poison Skyfall debuffs from spawns, especially if you don’t have the Super Latents

      As for easy, none of those level cards are truly meaningful

      As for REM cards who have Weapon Assists, the bottom rarity cards are often better in Weapon forms but I would only make as you need


  18. How do you think gung-ho is going to keep things interesting in regards to power creep on cards? With damage cap becoming increasingly easy to hit (ex. Fenrule/Gileon) I don’t see how they are going to keep making cards stronger when the game literally cannot calculate any higher.


    1. We already see examples in Super Resolve and Damage Reduction like Vidar and Menoa. I think something that could be reused is passive damage reduction from types or attributes. Along with the more innovative ideas I have, bosses could have multiple stages of super resolve where reaching one threshold causes the boss to put up another at a lower hp.


      1. I feel the conscious decision by GH to not raise damage cap is to ensure certain spawns cannot be killed in one turn no matter what

        On the flip side, Super Resolve is another way this can be achieved and does not care for damage cap but as mentioned above, multiple stages of Super Resolve seems like a logical next step


  19. It looks like there’s a discount now on the MP dragons. How much value do you think they have now, and do you feel it is worth picking any of them up while they cost less? Or do you think that other MP cards give much more value right now?


    1. Sorry posting on wordpress is hard. Here is what I meant to post:

      Need some Remu-Dante teambuilding help for AA4.

      I’m trying to choose between Pixel Volcano Dragon and Pixel Kyo 2 as a Grandis replacement. The farthest I’ve gone in AA4 was to Yomidra but couldn’t get enough damage to kill. That was before I got an equip with balance killer onto Remu, which might solve that problem.

      Going with Kyo loses me the 100% poison resist, unmatchable clear, and 100% awoken bind clear, but I get a higher damage sub with 2 potent killers and a bit more frequent orb changing.
      I could give Kyo a sloth egg which would provide unbindable clear and give me 100% poison resist, but I really don’t like the rainbow full board change.

      The other question I have is should I go with the 7c super awakening on Kyo or switch to VDP. VDP will help me with damage vs big spawns, but I’m not sure if losing the 6 orb damage is worth it. Would Dante alone be enough for the 6 orb kills or should I keep the 7c SA?


      1. Going with Kyo’s Pixel will give you that sweet base cooldown which has merits in AA4 due to the frequent TE and RCV debuffs

        Dante should be able to provide the Awoken Bind clears so you are missing the Unable to match orb effect which is primarily for Odin Dragon where Sloth works perfectly well

        Another aspect of Kyo is the Rows which can help everyone hit a bit harder when you only have 6 fire orbs

        As for your SA, 7c will always be helpful and it comes down to what do you find yourself matching more with your team: 6 or 9 fire orbs?
        If matching 6 orbs, layering more Rows can be helpful (eg. using the Fire Cursed key on Polowne or amaterasu for another SB and Rows)


        1. The Kyo Pixel form worked. Now I have to choose between giving the poison surge latent to Polowne or to Duval. Currently I have all SDRs on Polowne and all devil killers on Duval. I don’t think I need killers on Duval, but I also don’t know if there are many dungeons where SDR is important on Polowne. Is one considered better than the other?


          1. For myself, I have Jammer Surge on my Polowne as she is used in Shura Realm

            The SDR are nice but not having them helps ensure the inherit does not accidentally charge up


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