[PSA] 80 Free Magic Stones, Pantheon Survey, & Watch Ads for Box Space


Puzzle and Dragons can often be an overwhelming game due to the sheer volume of content that can be found within the game along with continuously rotating events.

In fact, there is a strong likelihood that some aspects of events or updates may be overlooked/forgotten and I would like to take the time to share three notable things that are going on in PAD right now.

In this article you will find out how to acquire 80 Magic Stones, voting within a Pantheon Survey for a special REM, and how to watch Ads for additional Monster Box space.

Video commentary

80 Magic Stones

I love Magic Stones. You probably also love Magic Stones. Getting 80 for free is fantastic but it is hidden away in the Achievements tab:

If you have not clicked on this Achievements tab, it will be flashing “New” and once inside, you will be able to acquire 80 Magic Stones for the Anniversary event.

The vast majority of players will have everything already cleared but all players regardless of past clears will have to play Arena 1 in solo mode one more time to acquire the rest of the Magic Stones.

You have until the end of 2020 to clear Arena 1 and collect all the rewards.

Pantheon Survey

Hidden away in the Others tab is the 8th Anniversary Festival Survey tab:

This Survey will allow players to vote for their favourite Pantheon monster to be featured in a special REM in the future which will be comprised of the top 5 voted cards. Furthermore, all players will receive one roll from this machine for free at that point in time.

While the Samurai 3 cards are absent from this event, many other valuable cards can be voted for.

As a general blanket statement, it is best to vote for what will benefit your Monster Box the most and acquiring a new card is often times more valuable than a dupe.

With that being said, here are several Pantheon cards who I feel are highly relevant at this point in time in no particular order:


Allatu has quickly become one of the most valuable Pantheon cards in the game as she offers 7 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost with her 3 turn Delay, respectable personal damage, Super Poison Resist , 8 Latent slots, and an L awakening. Furthermore, her active also provides a tricolour board changer which will always have value through a given dungeon.


Diaochan has been a tremendously powerful sub for nearly her entire PAD life and her current iteration still stands high. This is because she has a 2 turn cooldown that features a useful active along with the capacity to inherit an active of your choice with ease.

In addition to this, she provides 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, L , Super Blind Resist , and Passive Light Damage Reduction which has merits in Shura Realm for Raphael’s 150% Gravity preemptive.

In fact, I often find myself defaulting to using Diaochan if I am not sure who else to bring as she sheer amount of utility is hard to compete against.


Amaterasu boasts an incredibly high RCV stat along with 3 Enhanced Heart Orb +heart awakenings. This ensures she is able to heal massive amounts with a 4-Heart match and functions best on teams with high HP and no RCV multiplier.

Due to her Fire sub attribute, Amaterasu is able to function on mono Fire teams such as Dante x Remu or Gileon where her Healing potential has tremendous value.


Inahime has become an almost mandatory sub on Gileon teams for Shura Realm due to their high Machine Killer damage in order to overcome floor 1. This is because Gileon will not be able to Transform right away (30 turn CD) and the middle Blue spawn must die within 3 turns.

Furthermore, Machine spawns are the most common and deadly within the dungeon and having another high damage card is meaningful but their main appeal is solving Floor 1.


Indra is able to provide 5 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost which could be arguably 7 as the two turns of 75% Damage Reduction may often be enough to survive the first floor. Furthermore, they are also able to provide Super Poison Resist along with a respectable amount of HP.

While Indra may be older, I still find myself using them for Rainbow teams as they solve several issues at once and never feel like a bad card to include overall.


Tachibana provides 4 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost which can probably be pushed to 5 due to the single turn of 75% Damage Reduction. In addition to this, she also boasts reasonable personal damage along with Super Poison Resist and 20% Jammer Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist. These two 20% Resists can be comboed with Samurai 3 Weapons to provide 100% coverage for either Blind or Jammers.

Another valuable aspect for Tachibana is her 3 different typings which can help her find a place on a wider range of teams.


Nohime follows a similar template to Tachibana but instead offers Super Jammer Resist and Devil instead of Attacker typing.

Watch an ad for Box space

The latest update has given players the opportunity to watch up to 2 ads per day for +1 Monster Box space each time. As a whole, these are non-intrusive and completely voluntary. In fact, one thing that I have praised PAD for is the lack of ads and how it does not play like a typical mobile game.

These ads can be found via Shop -> Increase Capacity:

Just remember, these ads are completely voluntary and technically support GungHo NA with no momentary cost to us.


Puzzle and Dragons will often have several exciting things going on at the same time and it can be difficult to always know needs to be done.

For this latest update, the 80 Magic Stones, Monster Survey, and watching an Ad for Box space are the more noteworthy and possibly harder to find aspects currently available.

Happy Puzzling!

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  1. As someone with a lot of pantheon monsters I wish there were an easy way to figure out the ones I don’t have. Once upon a time padherder was useful for that but it’s been dead for quite a while at this point.


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