GungHo Collab NA 7/2021

GungHo Collab is back with an almost a complete renewal. There are as many new cards as there are re-shows. This re-run premiers some powerful subs, usable leaders and cards that fit into tight niches. Analysis is provided by WetTheSystem with some light-hearted commentary for each 7-STAR provided by BattleCorgi. The Score Diamond is generated by 0.0-3.0 scale scoring from select players. Each line on the diamond is equivalent to a 0.5 score. Very few cards will have a full diamond as most cards have certain niches in the game they fit into.

Some notes: Scroll over the images to get directional arrows to view additional evolutions on each card. Naming and spelling may vary due to localization changes when content comes to NA and so there may be some discrepancies in the names shown here. Monster IDs are provided to reduce confusion. This particular article is currently only discussing cards new to the REM. There are some notable buffs especially to Karin’s leader skill as a leader for new players and Elena’s awakenings making her a viable double damage cap sub.

Image cards are generated by Tsubaki bot, which you can find in many PAD community discords including Hyperion’s. You can find their Patreon here:

Summary: GungHo Collab NA Re-run 7/2021 is a strong renewal for a long time machine. Many of the new entries, even some of the gold eggs, are nice catches. However, there are some painfully useless cards on the bottom end which take up 45% of the odds in the REM and even a few diamonds (like Joker) might leave you feeling trolled. More conservative players might choose to just trade for Rudra and buy the Belial orb-skin bundle, especially considering the soon to arrive Faeries event. Don’t forget to farm the event dungeon for gold tickets as its easily the most efficient way to farm Pys.

Almighty Zeus [7283], [7284] & [7285]

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Almighty Zeus lacks a current good home in a team or as a tool in current endgame. Zeus [7283] is a 6 skill boost light blob/row farming sub and leader. His skill is useful in farming applications as it guarantees a row, can provide for SFUA and unlocks the board. His leader skill is good row based leader similar to Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown. [7283] has 20x attack with 6+ combos and a strong AutoFUA (5M) at 6+ light orbs. His leader skill is compatible with the newly buffed Ferule and creates a viable Light-blob Shura2 team. Also notable that this AutoFUA is perfect for tackling the 1% SR first floors of many of the new Extreme Annihilation difficulty descends. Dark Zeus [7284] has a strong cleric active that provides 5 lights, 5 darks and 5 hearts. Unfortunately it only reduces statuses by 7 turns so its not appropriate for the 10 turn status effects in Shura3 and clunky in A.Shura2. His 4 light Takos mostly go to waste due to our lack of Light-combo based leaders. Finally, Zeus Assist [7285] provides an impressive 4 light rows and 1 skill boost and his strong farming active as the active skill. This further cements this card as a great farming tool.

Almighty Zeus is an average card, but has some potential to greatly improve players boxes who lack good light blob farming tools and would like a good leader, SB stick or assist equip. His base form is compatible with Ferule and makes her more endgame viable.

Corgi Rating: Zeus comes off as the type of guy whose idea of a great first date is listening to Nickelback in a WalMart parking lot at 11:50PM. He drives a lifted truck and spits sunflower seeds into an empty Mountain Dew bottle. Sitting next to him means being consumed by a cloud of Axe body spray. 1/5 Corgis

Rudra the Destroyer [7286], [7287] & [7288]

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Rudra the Destroyer Is a very powerful and versatile fire sub. Rudra [7286] can pack an impressive FIVE red Takos providing fire combo teams huge amounts of passive damage. Most notably his awakening set will become useful when NA gets the Faeries event that introduces Rosalyn. Her active scales off red Takos in a way similar to Nautilus and Royal Oak. His active is a 10 turn cooldown 1/2 RCV and Void Damage Void for 2 turns. This is a very low cooldown for this active, and if RCV is adequate this is a good option for overwriting more serious RCV debuffs as well. Dark Rudra [7287] has 5 cross awakenings that give him absoutely insane personal damage on a single cross match. He also has a very powerful 2 turn active that creates 3 Fire and 3 Dark (over non-Heal) making him a potential sub choice for Fire/Dark leaders that need a potential orb system. Finally, Rudra Assist [7288] provides a Cross and Team HP+s. The cross gives other teams access to blind skyfall clear and the active skil provides a low cooldown assist for bypassing damage voids. This is a perfect card for cross teams that want to approach content with Void Damage shields.

Rudra the Destroyer is a powerful and versatile fire sub. He has current usability but will really shine when Rosalyn is released in North America in the near future. Don’t miss this card if you are planning to play Rosalyn.

Corgi Rating: Rudra’s abs hold almost as many secrets as his hair. He has a clearly beloved pet snake and multiple arms, meaning he’s not as emotionally stunted as Zeus and he probably gives great shoulder rubs. Rudra writes really bad poetry that he often shares on Instagram but his laugh is kind of cute. 4/5 Corgis

Tyrant Empress Belial [7289], [7290] & [7291]

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Tyrant Empress Belial, the newly introduced orb-skin, comes packing with 3 very useful forms. Belial [7289] is a critically useful heal-stick and FULL cleric for many teams due to her 5 heart orb enhances, high RCV stat, 100% poison resistance and stacked low-cooldown (5 turn) active. She packs an optional 4 SBs or cloud resist and can be an inherit base for critical early dungeon active skills like Red Shelling Ford. Belial [7290] has a 1 turn suicide that overwrites time debuffs and generates 3 Dark orbs which is a perfect active for archetypes popular in TA2 and TA3 dungeons. Her awakenings and leader skill accentuate her kit and make her a strong <50% sub and leader herself. Finally, her assist equip [7291] provides a diverse awakening set of Cloud, FUA and God Killer and her powerful full cleric active. The low cooldown means this card can be inherited and still have a lower cooldown than many other cleric options. Tyrant Empress Belial gets high marks in as a meta sub/assist and longevity due to her strong active and heal focused awakening set. She’s an important sub for several meta teams and meta teams in future content including Rosalyn. She’s also a notable farming tool.

Corgi Rating: Belial has an enviably adventurous fashion sense and a mysteriously stern expression. Belial will ghost you after the 2nd or 3rd date; however, you’ll always think of her fondly because of her sardonic sense of humor, as well as the impressive speed with which she scarfed down an order of mozzerella sticks when you took her to Chilis. She spends a lot on pedicures and also has a tail. 4/5 Corgis

Lance Princess Berte (Velte) [7292] & [7293]

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Lance Princess Berte (Velte) is a welcome sub expanding the available Nautilus roster. Berte [7292] provides full Blind resist and provides meaninful damage through 3 green rows, 10C and VDP (through SA). She may have a better home on Freyja/Nautilus pairing due to the increased +combo in her leaderskill, but even if not being used as a damage stick she provides so many things Nautilus may want with 4 skill boosts, the already mentioned rows and a rocking Wood/Heart generator with time extend and no skyfall overwrite on a 2 turn cooldown! Not only that this means that every 2 turns you can do very precise damage control setups because of the one turn of no skyfall guaranteeing your damage output or your ability to save orbs. You may find it difficult to fit her on team especially in Shura 3 due the the All Attr Required clause and her shared color set with Nautilus (G/B). Both forms have a good leader skill, but her chibi form will probably be the most useful of the two leader skills. Chibi Berte [7293] ‘s great leader skill is dampened by her mediocre active and low skill boosts. She still synergizes well with Nautilus: 3x eHP, 6x eRCV and 20x Attack.

Berte is a good addition to Nautilus teams. Her low cooldown active and general synergy makes her a great pick. Also a playable leader if you are looking to pair with Nautilus.

Corgi Rating: Berte is clearly a librarian by day, but slayer of supernatural foes ala Madoka Magicka by night. With her sensible haircut and trusty fenic side-kick, Berte is the ultimate gal-pal. She’ll happily be your confidante–as well as a shoulder to cry on–after a bad date. The easiest way to make her blush is to quote Pride and Prejudice in her presence. She’s also absolutely not interested in you. 5/5 Corgis

Ceressa, the Resonance of Lost Gear [7294] & [7295]

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Ceressa, the Resonance of Lost Gear is a slightly late addition to Royal Oak teams. Ceressa [7294] packs plenty of Ls, 100% poison resist and 4 skill boost and a decently potent active on a 3 turn cooldown, but is out competed by the SamSho orb-skin: Hisame Shizumaru. The active skill overwrites no skyfall debuffs, gives a 2.5 RCV multiplier and creates an L of blue BUT it does not make hearts and can even overwrite existing hearts on the board. This doesn’t make her bad, she’s great, especially with access to Cloud and 10C through her Super Awakenings. However, you may find it difficult to fit her on team especially in Shura 3 due the the All Attr Required clause and her shared color set with Royal Oak (B/D). Chibi Ceressa [7295] is strictly less useful. Her guaranteed 10,10,10 board with 2 turns haste may see some use in farming but her utility focused awakening set does not work well with such a low impact active skill. Unfortunately this active skill (and her low SB) also impacts her usefulness as a leader, because Chibi Ceressa does actually have an excellent leader skill that synergizes with Royal Oak: 3x eHP, 6x eRCV and 20x Attack.

Ceressa is a good addition to Royal Oak teams especially if you are missing some of the other more meta options like Shizumaru, Mega Skuld and Kyori. Also a playable leader if you are looking to pair with Royal Oak. Her base form’s low cooldown active is a systemable water L if you happen to pull 3 of her.

Corgi Rating: Ceressa always makes a great first impression, but her cheery grace obscures a dark inner turmoil. Ceressa peaked in high school and now has a business on Etsy where she sells custom knock-off Starbucks tumblers. She’s in a massive amount of debt because of three failed attempts at profiting from MLM schemes. However, Ceressa does have great hair. 2/5 Corgis

Type 61 Battler: MeiXin [7296], [7297] & [7298]

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The introduction of War Tank Meixin adds another card to the roster that is desperately waiting for Rosalyn to arrive in North America. Both of her forms are useful for red teams in end game, farming and potentially even ranking tournaments. Meixin [7296] packs a ton of passive damage for red combo teams due to her 3 fire Takos. She also provides a bit of bulk with Team HP awakenings. She’s held back however by low skill boosts and bindable without SA. If you do have an equip with Bind Resist she can provide 100% Jammer resistance and overall is very useful. Meixin [7297] packs a 5 skill boosts and 31.25x personal multiplier with 10C+VDP. This multiplier sky rockets to 281.25x against Physical spawns which can be very appealing in certain dungeons (including ranking) that contain lots of Physical type spawns. Her leader skill is serviceable and can pair with the soon to come Rosalyn with 3x eHP, 2x eRCV +3 combo and 1M Auto FUA. Unfortunately she does have a low attack mutliplier at 14x. Finally, both forms of Meixin share the same active: 2 turns of 1.5x orb move, total defense void and a bottom row of fire. This is a greaat active for farming and even potentially ranking. It’s on low enough cooldown (6 turns) that it does not feel like a waste in other content as well. Lastly, chibi Meixin [7298] adds on to the huge amound of red row farming tools. Three chibi Meixins create a systemable red row generator with a total of 12 skill boosts, 9 red rows and 6 red takos. They also have meaninful damage when making a VDP on these farming teams for spawns with void damage shields.

Like Rudra, Meixin is primarily waiting for Rosalyn to hit North America. She has uses in all three forms and has great farming actives. Red row farmers may consider picking up 3 of these for her system.

Type 61 Battler Armor: XiaoXin [7299], [7300] & [7301]

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War Tank Xiaoxin [7299] and [7300] is very similar to her Fire sister Meixin except in her chibi form where she deviates. Please take a look at her synopisis for commentary on her awakenings and how they are used on teams. Xiaoxin’s differences are her killer kit is targeted towards Attacker, she has access to blind resist SA instead of jammer and she provides a different style active. Xiaoxin’s active is very “toolbox” She increases orb move time like her syster but provides a 3 turn 2x spike for blue and 2 turn delay. We used to scoff at these confusing actives saying “Why would you want a delay and spike on the same active?”. That is not the case anymore with the introduction of spawns with Super Resolve and giant HP pools. These kind of actives can now TOTALLY trivialize some content and make sure the active is very useful for the entire dungeon. Xiaoxin is a bit less versatile than her sister due to bad leader skills in both forms, but she is very useable now with leaders such as Hitagi from Monogatari collab. Xiaoxin REALLY stands out in her chibi evolution [7301]. She provides 4 skills boosts, significant healing through heart OEs and notable damage with 2 VDPs and 2 blue Takos. This is not what makes her so unique though as its her active skill that really stands out. On a 5 turn cooldown she fully recovers bind and awoken bind, but at the cost of making heart orbs unmatchable for one turn. This has some notable downsides if you can’t survive the turn on which you use the active skill, but keep in mind that this does overwrite other unmatchable debuffs with this short one turn unmatchable. This is quite excellent as it is, though gimmicky, a FULL CLERIC on a 5 turn cooldown.

Xiaoxin has some strong actives and possible applications as a farming/ranking killer stick. Most notable about her is her strange low cooldown pseudo full cleric active in her chibi evolution.

SO629c-Ballista [7302], [7303] & [7304]

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SO629c-Ballista [7302] and [7303] is very similar to her Fire sister Meixin except in her chibi form where she deviates. Please take a look at her synopsis for commentary on her awakenings and how they are used on teams. Ballista’s differences are her killer kit is targeted towards Healer, she has access to poison resist SA instead of jammer and provides a different style active. Ballista’s active is very “toolbox” providing 5 TURNS of 50% shield, 1.5x orb move time and 1 spinner. The cooldown is a bit long at 14 turns, but it does a lot and is very useful for busy or orb hungry teams as a spinner combined with long move time translates into a perfect board with enough player skill. Her leader skills are totally eclipsed by other cards currently available like Araragi and Mikage for both forms. Ballista’s chibi evolution [7304] is a low cooldown 2 turn “double Fujin” at the cost of 1 turn of voided RCV. This makes the active problematic in endgame, and the low cooldown (12 turns) isn’t especially notable, but it is rare. She is a great pull though if you lack other damage absorb and attribute absorb voids and can even be used as an assist. Notably she could be useful on speed farming teams for AShura1 because the one active is a low enough cooldown to be used on Sopdet, Another Crusader and also be your 2 turn solution for bad Menoas.

Ballista has useful actives and can be valuable to dark teams, especially orb hungry ones. She has possible applications as a Healer killer stick for farming/ranking.

Shakti, Mother of Mercy [7305] & [7306]

[metaslider id=343 cssclass=””]

Shakti [7305] is poor man’s Freyja. This card will only see use in niche situations where you want a similar active on a slightly shorter cooldown. Considering that Nautilus is 25 turns for his first transform this will likely not be a good replacement for Freyja due to one less turn of re-haste to get to form three faster and limitations on equips due to over-hasting. She even covers the same resistance as Freyja (jammer resistance). She has various other downsides as well like lower stats and only access to 6 slots on latents. Shakti’s most likely to be used form then is her card assist [7306]. It provides ribbon resist and a green Tako. Ribbon is not useful in the current meta, but it could be in the future and this equip does technically provide one effective skill boost.

Shakti looks like a bad SR Freyja, but her assist might be useful for newer players with less access to haste/skill boost equips.

Archangel of Music, Sandalphon [7307] & [7308]

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Not to be confused with the descended farmable, Archangel of Music, Sandalphon [7307] is good, though niche. He provides great personal damage to balanced and devils especially when matching a light cross. Both of his attributes are light which actually makes him a viable candidate for double damage cap awakening for the 8.4B damage hits. With SA’s he can even have 2 7Cs which means he’s still usable even against other spawns. He packs 4 skills boosts as well! His down side is lack of bind resist and awkward, though still usable active. Sandalphon’s active provides a 1 turn 100% shield which is great, but it also forces 99 turns of locked skyfall making him problematic for anyone but light teams. Take note that you cannot L-unlock your own locked skyfall buffs.His assist equip [7308] is quite good and fairly unique as it provides 60% jammer resists, 1 heart OE and the 100% active shield.

Sandalphon is niche, but useful for light based teams, especially if you’re looking for a useful shield active equip. Most likely he’ll be used to double-double damage cap against non-void shield Balanced/Devil spawns.

Blaze Lotus Night Rubel [7309] & [7310]

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Rubel [7309] is a mediocre killer stick with a decent farming active. She provides a column of Fire orbs, +2 combos and a shield on a low 9 turn cooldown. Her chibi evo [7310] is likely much more useful as she has notable personal damage for farming/ranking with her 4-5 >80% awakenings and 2 VDPs. She also provides a potentially useful ally delay + large spike which expands her farming usefulness.

Dark Green Brawler Apis [7311] & [7312]

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Apis [7311] and [7312] is a stinker of a card with almost no use in either form. Her chibi evo does have a 9 heart generator and damage debuff over-write on a 5 turn cooldown which is technically unique. She’ll likely only be useful in very lean monster boxes.

Dark Magician Olkis [7313] & [7314]

[metaslider id=355 cssclass=””]

Olkis [7313] has AMAZING farming and ranking potential. He provides a 500,000 damage laser and 10 orbs in a “big L” formation. This is notable because its a swipe-able COrb (combo orb) for cards with the Combo Orb awakening. This means it is one active that can cover 3-4 functions: laser, swipe-able board with + combo and finally provide combos for the next floor. His chibi evolution [7314] active is less useful but still good as it can overwrite no skyfall debuffs, time debuffs and spinners on a short 6 turn cooldown.

Olkis is a gold egg worth rolling for and a great addition to the monster box for any player that likes to participate in farming and ranking content.

Varuna, Blue Twin Dragon Scale [7315] & [7316]

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Varuna [7315] isn’t great, but he could see applications in descended dungeons where his low cooldown amp and board unlock might be useful. He can provide blind resist as well. but he otherwise is held back by a lot of trashy awakenings. His card assist [7316] has the same active which can be good or problematic because of the 3turn cooldown. It does have some applications in ranking due to it being a viable way to provide TPA style points, but there are likely better options.

Ushas, the Dawn Mother [7317] & [7318]

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Ushas [7317] and her card assist [7318] is painfully useless in a post-Muzan world. Any auto-heal teams now get plenty of healing by just pairing with a Muzan which is ubiquitous among the player base. On top of that you can farm an assist equip, [2105] Himi Udon, that does the job of providing 4 auto heals and 40% resist as well.

Wicked Dragon Asura [7319] & [7320]

[metaslider id=364 cssclass=””]

Asura [7319] is an interesting card. He can provide meaninful damage with his 10c and either the blue Tako or jammer blessing awakeing when activating his board which provides a tri-color blue, red, jammer. Tricolor boards can be a good way to setup other boards or ensure that you will get a decent amount of combos. On top of that the active bypasses damage void shields. This is on a low 10 turn cooldown because jammer creation counts as a “discount”. He also has built in poison resist and 4 skill boost. This card definitely has potential on niche descended content teams. His card assist [7302] provides the same interesting active as well as 40% jammer, 20% blind and 20% poison. This can be quite good and might be that perfect combination of awakenings you need to hit resistance caps.

Asura may have potential uses in both forms. While not good in lots of dupes, having a couple might be nice.

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