Upcoming Events in July – P&D Pass Bonus, Heroine, [Fairy] Title Challenge, & Fairies Event


GungHo NA has been releasing News Update videos for the past 2 months which is fantastic as we are better able to plan out our play time and Magic Stone usage. As such, here is a recap of the upcoming North American news for July 2021 along with  screenshots of the notable news points in case watching videos is not ideal.

On a different note, there will be a maintenance on Wednesday evening from 18:00 – 2:00 (UTC-8) which will grant 9 Resets including Rank 150-1000 Memorial pulls, Present, and Best Friend selection. If you wish to read more about Best Friends, check out my other article HERE. I will release an update video after Patch Notes go live.

Mantastic summary

GHNA official video
Notable news moments

More free stuff if subscribed to the P&D monthly Pass when you clear the August 14th dungeon. This also applies to players who wish to use their 1 week free trial during this time.

Heroine was announced after the P&D Pass bonus in the video which leads me to believe this will be the next event instead of Fairies.

A brand new challenging dungeon that awards the [Fairy] cosmetic Title. It also drops the materials needed to evolve REM Albrecht into his new forms:

His Blue form is an amazing Cleric/Cleric Weapon.

The Fairies event will feature a REM like the Mystics/Spectres and Sin Dragon/Key Heroes which means the event cards will be lumped into the vanilla REM. This means rolling will be a painful affair and you cannot Monster Exchange for any of the cards.

Thankfully, we will all be gifted up to 16 free rolls for Logging in throughout the duration of the event along with the top rarity being incredibly strong.

On the other hand, there will be a tremendous amount of Farming one can do to acquire Seeds to Monster Exchange for Watering Cans to then make Assist Evolutions for the Flasks.


I greatly enjoy GHNA posting News updates for upcoming events and hope this recap proves helpful to al my readers.

I hope you all have a truly Fantastic day and Happy Puzzling!

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Images for Monster Information taken from Tsubaki Bot


4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events in July – P&D Pass Bonus, Heroine, [Fairy] Title Challenge, & Fairies Event”

  1. i was soooo close to stardra so im ultra determined to grab the fairy title, im also excited for some new powercreep to come with the fairy rem

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Saved up 250 stonez for Faeries rem, looking forwatd to your review of same even though I know I’m rollong every last one.

    Was wondering though, would you have any advice on which of the 4 phases to roll on for non-Faerie consolation prizes? Likely phase 3 for me as Ive been chasing RValk for about 1200 days…

    Liked by 1 person

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