Commenting, Interacting, and Navigating Mantastic PAD


The picture has nothing to do with this post and is merely to showcase my love for Karin along with ensuring the formatting stays intact. The purpose of this posting is to encourage you to comment on the various guides and articles I write along with introducing you to the navigation bar at the top. Some of the most insightful conversations occur in the comment section and is also a way for you to gain clarification or ask for help. I don’t bite (hard) and try my best to reply to every comment or inquiry.

Creating a WordPress Account

I allow you to comment without having a WordPress account, but you will have to wait for moderation (as a countermeasure to spam) and you will show up as Anonymous or Someone and prevents me from putting a figurative face to a name.

As such, I strongly encourage you to create a WordPress account as that will give you a unique name that I can recognize and better interact with. You can follow the prompts HERE to help you create an account. The main benefits of having your own account is your comments do not go through the pending process and should appear after I approve your first posting. This allows for a more seamless conversation and allows others to contribute their thoughts and opinions.

Direct Email

If you wish to reach me through a more private medium, feel free to email me at


I have placed numerous guides and helpful resources at the top of my site to help you access them. There is also a handy search bar that should be able to redirect you to a topic of your choosing as well as drop down menus to further ease navigation and to reduce clutter. There is also a Suggestion Box where you can leave messages at any time as this post will be gradually pushed down. Finally, you could also type any keywords into Google along with Mantastic and that should take you to the appropriate page.

Drop down menus

Other Mediums

Feel free to follow/subscribe etc. My Facebook page will have random posting featuring amusing screenshots that do not warrant a blog post and is a nice way to have a gentle trickle of quick entertainment.

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Leave a comment, tell me your favourite joke, or just say hi so you can bypass future moderation. Join the conversation and contribute your unique perspective on the latest Puzzle and Dragons events.

Happy Puzzling!

12 thoughts on “Commenting, Interacting, and Navigating Mantastic PAD”

  1. i have been reading your awesome posts for a long time and WordPress asking me to make an account kept me from posting comment. It took me a while for me before I caved in, made an account, then start posting comments. I wish WordPress would make it possible for you to sign in with Facebook account or google, and then I bet your comment section would prolly be filled with comments! I think it might be good for you to make an account with YouTube and Twitch where you can get donations too. Would love to see co op between your mom and you on video.


    1. Yeah, there are limitations to what WordPress can do and I can understand the initial hesitation on creating a new account, but once you do, it becomes worthwhile. And I do agree with you about being able to use Facebook or Google Account to create an account as my views are quite high and it is nice to have more people join in on the conversation.

      In regards to your points about YouTube and Twitch, I am still trying to figure our how to stream my content, but I do have a YouTube channel, but it is quite small by comparison: I also added into the original post my various social media platforms you can follow/subscribe =)

      I am going to try and post more videos featuring coop as that is something I have a unique advantage due to two accounts and I do play with myself a lot.

      Lastly, about the donations idea, I am planning on setting up a Patron account (similar to GoFundMe, but for gaming) and hopefully it does help =)


  2. Set up that patreon account, I’ll chip in. I’ve been reading your stuff for only a couple months, but have gained a lot of insight and knowledge. I am able to complete a lot more content and develop teams to play around with. I am even working on a AA Luci team for end game. (no Yomidra nor Loki to copy your team, but I am fiddling with what I’ve got)

    Many thanks, you have made a game that I have enjoyed for a few years even more enjoyable.


  3. Hi there! Like other posters, I’m a longtime reader, first time commenter!

    Just wanted to say that your blog has had no small part in the development of my PAD account- just hit rank 350 on my 120th day!

    Keep up the hard work, it is very much appreciated.


    1. Glad you took the plunge and made an account to comment! I hope you stick around and begin to pitch in your voice =D

      Also, thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I am glad to be of help and hope you continue to enjoy my content and PAD


  4. Might as well huh? Been reading your stuff for some months now, figure it’s about time to start commenting, especially since PCGF blessed me with a Blonia and Orochi, so I’m gearing up for my first Arena run using I2/Ryune.


  5. I’ve commented a few times, but I didn’t have my own WordPress account then. I always appreciate your willingness to interact with your readers. I love reading your posts (and I’ve learned a ton!) but you always take the time to reply and engage. Thank you, as always, for all you bring to the PAD community!


    1. Well I know you have made a modest amount of comments over the course of your WordPress account =)

      Also, thank you for the kind words and encouragement! I hope to live up to those expectations as I continue to write more articles and guides =)


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