Debut Live Stream at 6pm PST!

The day of reckoning, I mean streaming is upon us! Come watch as I play with myself as a special form of live entertainment. My stream will primarily consist of Mantastic and Fantastic partnering up to tackle the various Mythic Plus coop dungeons along with my Puntastic commentary. I will be talking to myself as I always do, but at least now there will be an audience who can benefit from my ramblings. I hope to be as informative as I am entertaining and looking forward to my debut stream.

I hope to see you all on Twitch tonight (June 14th) at 6pm PST!


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Also, take a guess at what I will be wearing =D

Mantastic Shirt

Happy Puzzling!


6 thoughts on “Debut Live Stream at 6pm PST!”

  1. Well, unfortunately because the time zone I couldn’t watch the full stream, but the channel is bookmarked!!

    Good job & good luck 😀


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